• Lisa Chew 7 months ago

    😂 😂 😂 😁 😭 LOLOLOL

  • Firejack123 123 7 months ago

    I arrested my friends for dabbing and they want to jion

  • ZuBzGrIbErZ The Gamer 7 months ago

    hope stampy dosent die

  • tinhtoo aung 7 months ago

    Would you rather save Dan when he is about to die or the lama when it is about to die

  • Firejack123 123 7 months ago

    Peac son yaaaaaaaaa

  • Sonic The Dab Police 7 months ago

    Dab Police Doing Well

  • Could the nether network be a possible hint to more portals?

  • JAMIE LYNN SANTIAGO 7 months ago

    lukas was shook
    and a colossal prismarine titan

  • TGreenShadow 7 months ago

    Aaaand now it’s gonna take another month for the next episode to come ^^;

  • J3553Th33vil1 /TheRedstoneEngineer 7 months ago

    Heyyy dan…listen here….the admins not the real creator of the world….notch is….huh….stupid admin thinks he created the world but it was actually notch….NOTCH SHOULD BAN THIS STUPID GUY

  • DFCD VLOGS 7 months ago

    The snow admin reminds me of Bill Cipher…

  • Movie material, Honestly i’ve been waiting a long time to see a minecraft movie

  • Maxdrei Miller 7 months ago

    the admin is so cray-cray

  • Ellie & phoebe Love 7 months ago

    I have made a dab police te shirt

  • J3553Th33vil1 /TheRedstoneEngineer 7 months ago

    Heyyy stupid admin….ur nothing but a dumbass….jesse…dont be dumb…..admins tricking u…..he did not create the world….u god grandpa notch did…..he should be banned….jesse…ur parents r steve n alex….n u have a twin sis….jessie(female jess)

  • jayden soundara 7 months ago

    love just 10/10 and I liked the admin as the snowman

  • Derren WHITAKER 7 months ago

    pixl! hahahaha

  • jebister 7 months ago

    who else thought radar was a woman?

  • Cookiesnjam Tasty 7 months ago

    Actually, we are in rainbow land?!

  • Brix tries not to laugh and top 10 7 months ago

    DAB POLICE🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🛃🛃🛃🐶🐶🐶

  • FaZe Flamez 7 months ago

    TeamTDM evolves into….DAB POLICE 👮

  • Matet Espinosa 7 months ago

    Jack real name is Chuck norris

  • Meme Machine 7 months ago

    Dab bolice

  • Vecture Playz 7 months ago

    Dan is not the dabber we know!! He will kill the peoples who dab!!

  • Vecture Playz 7 months ago

    Lol jk I’m the dab police

  • Caitlin H 7 months ago


  • Maxdrei Miller 7 months ago

    radar will be controlled by the admin

  • Eryn Burke 7 months ago

    Who’s in the dab police squad

  • Adara Chowdhury 7 months ago

    I dabbed every time I said dab
    All the dab lovers

  • Adara Chowdhury 7 months ago

    To stop him call him dab tdm

  • Crazy Dónut 7 months ago

    who looked at dan’s forehead most of the time

  • no no 7 months ago

    One minute ago

  • Zephie Maijor 7 months ago

    Dan , for the last time (probably not) Lluna is female

  • Etab Naeem 7 months ago

    that mob is a creper+enderman+snowman

  • MikiMysteryX89 7 months ago

    I am Commander dabbing banner

  • david byrne 7 months ago

    The best

  • It's your boi Tubs 7 months ago

    Damit now I have to wait

  • Σωτήρης Ξενιτίδης 7 months ago

    Dan play more story mode

  • Albert John Parker 7 months ago

    do ep.3

  • KeniDouble HACKED 7 months ago

    I know something there is a water admin fire admin snow admin and maybe more!!!

  • Clash Playz 7 months ago

    Don’t free Stella

  • Ankush Shenoy 7 months ago

    noooo just when it was getting intresting… why did it end😢😢😭

  • Oliver Emmas 7 months ago

    Deva Joshi 1

  • ExpiredStar DJ Luis 7 months ago

    I’m the dab police Chief, DAB COPS, REALEASE

  • ThunderPlays_MC //TPM 7 months ago

    I prefer batman telltale season 2

  • reynaldo bolang1 7 months ago

    OMG! There is 2 admin there are the evil admin and the good admin Wow

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