Minecraft Story Mode Gameplay. Season 2 Episode 1. Enjoy!
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  • The man on the street 8 months ago


  • Ben George 8 months ago

    Wait vikk I thought this was a family friendly channel 1:12:42

  • Ben Green 8 months ago

    Someone shod make a pack saris where the pack are a group and there’s a new person and that’s u

  • hawkV2dragonjab 8 months ago


  • eV Voltz 8 months ago

    Who else thinks that vikk in this video is less kid friendly.I like this kind of vikk😂😂

  • counter strike 1.6 8 months ago

    if im jesse im gonna surrender to admin theres no way you can win to admin

  • I love you!!!

  • Luckylaksh11 8 months ago

    He’s not jacksepticeye he’s jacklazyeye

  • XxSNIPER GANGxX 8 months ago

    use crowd play nxt ep

  • _ snstrHackiing05 8 months ago


  • Bongiwe Bongwe 8 months ago

    vikk I like this more than season 1

  • Phat_ Stackz 8 months ago

    Why does jack sound like overwatch soldier 76 with a weird tone. And soldier 76’s name is jack Morrison so this is a bit weird

  • Abiel Torres 8 months ago

    the bird exists in Minecraft in 1.12

  • Brian Escamilla 8 months ago

    Can you not put a million ads on your vids?

  • Solo Player 8 months ago

    Can’t wait for episode two guys! 😀

  • Charl5000 Pixilised 8 months ago

    Champion is like a Pokemon city 😂😂😂

  • NavidGames 8 months ago

    structure blocks are actually are going to be in minecraft soon..

  • Jake Birtwhistle 8 months ago

    Vik there are parrots in the new update btw

  • Ruben Yella 8 months ago

    Rubén is my name!!!!

  • Frogie Plays 8 months ago

    good thing the admin isn’t mitch they would be stuck in the temple cause of mitch time

  • Stef Coenen 8 months ago

    that bird does excist in minecraft vikk

  • Kim Jackie 8 months ago

    miss the pack!!!!!!!!

  • Noemi Ruiz 8 months ago


  • kirito gaming 8 months ago

    feel like the fight between the admin and jessie is gonna be like god of war

  • 2HOT2SPICY _ 8 months ago

    Jack sounds like soldier 76

  • Nicetae24 8 months ago

    Lol Vikk they added stuff from minecraft 1.12

  • Trickster 831 8 months ago

    didnt you go to the farlands so isnt that further than where the map went

  • Ken Bone 8 months ago

    vik looks like he wants to kill himself

  • oGs_Slush 8 months ago

    Parrots are new mobs they do exist in 1.12

  • Harun Senturk 8 months ago

    Lukas is the best

  • SugarCubeZ - Minecraft 8 months ago

    tbh I forgot about storymode XD

  • Celestial God 8 months ago

    Vikk can u play more helpful nice and or kind trust it will help u

  • alex247123 8 months ago

    Is this doomfists origin story?

  • Cody Evans 8 months ago

    I played 45:10 it is hek afunny

  • Brandon Boss 8 months ago

    Is the main character the voice actor of the rat, n rattotuie.

  • sam barclay 8 months ago

    I see petra i hear Ellie’s voice i click like ❤️😂

  • AnonymousGamer786 8 months ago

    am i the only one who screams jesses lingard

  • KyrieTheGamer 8 months ago

    parrots and llamas are both in minecraft 1.12 get with the program vikk

  • Player4dayz 8 months ago

    the bird exists on console

  • Gaming_with_kris 8 months ago

    Your such a savage vikk

  • AnonymousGamer786 8 months ago


  • Harry Moore 8 months ago

    Parrots are in minecraft u noob vik😂

  • IceDesire - Pokemon Go, Overwatch and more 8 months ago

    lol i watched the whole thing I was to in to it

  • Swaglord 123 8 months ago

    vikk you shoud of picked obsidian

  • ian worsham 8 months ago

    i bet the monsters a lamma

  • ian worsham 8 months ago

    yes i knew it

  • Revaxx 8 months ago

    Oh Damn it’s Timstar123

  • Someone Else 8 months ago

    Like if Vikk should’ve built his logo

  • Tamby Plays 8 months ago

    Theory Admins control the world and its all just a server

  • MiDDleDill 8 months ago

    That was not Petra

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