• death slinger 8 months ago

    this is awesome

  • KillianPlays 8 months ago

    Petra named her sword miss butter lol

  • Cockburn Pubes 8 months ago

    cool voice cast!

  • Tiny Tom 8 months ago

    Yay before 500 views congrats if u did it 🙂

  • Armor Vlogs 8 months ago

    miss butter is petra’s sword

  • Daniel Parton 8 months ago

    how do i get this for free on ps4

  • drtrongamers team 8 months ago

    Wow stella is so a fangirl

  • MesouricPhantom976 8 months ago

    Good video atleast you showed the after effects on the choices. Unlike some YouTubers

  • Clementine 8 months ago


  • Blue Y 8 months ago

    Eh 0:59 copying spider-man say like sticky idiots or something

  • luis nigenda 8 months ago

    I definitely would have saved Petra because she already lost Mrs.Butter once I won’t let her lose her again

  • Zane The titanium ninja 8 months ago

    Miss butter **says butter like skydoesminecraft**

  • Bohan009 8 months ago

    I would rather save jack and his friends.

  • pizza Man 8 months ago

    Poor Jesse lost most of his friends

  • ShadowFox2015 8 months ago

    9:54 My favorite part. xD

  • Preston Ray 8 months ago

    Ik it’s not a major choice but I’d love to hear the dialogue for all the armor

  • Serena-Leo Harper 8 months ago

    I’m starting to think that male Jesse is the best voice actor than female Jesse

  • duchoo The Duck 8 months ago

    is Jack jacksepticeye. he only has one eye

  • IFamton 8 months ago

    Its cool to see how each choice you nake REALLY effects your story.

  • Peashooter 803 8 months ago


  • Sauce 8 months ago

    Daddy-o? someone’s crushing on jack.


  • Miniera 8 months ago

    When is it going to be released? (if you know it please add the time zone)

  • Jean Dacanay 8 months ago


  • Eli Hill 8 months ago

    Million Eli 7oo exe 4

  • Tony Vo 8 months ago

    The part where they battle the big guys Jesse said
    what did you say hahahahhaha

  • channing robinson l 8 months ago

    Wat da

  • channing robinson l 8 months ago

    Firkin stupid name of sword

  • Carter Warren 8 months ago

    It’s sounds more like sky does minecraft sword more like ha ha ha 😂😂😂

  • Oliver Simpson 8 months ago

    (stella) this is an important day of a our rival–
    (jesse) STILL NOT MY RIVAL

  • Kelly Rodriguez 8 months ago

    ikr XD

  • LegionFunGamerWorks2 8 months ago

    ;;;;;; … o boi…here we go again ……….mojang making a game for children __-

  • toon link 8 months ago

    minecraft story mode is cool

  • firecreeperFuN FC 8 months ago


  • Leigh Kuykendal 8 months ago

    when jesse gets the gauntlet i was like *GASP* BEN 10 REFRENCE!

  • UndeadDragon 8 months ago

    anyone else have a soft spot for petra

  • Involved NicZ 8 months ago

    rip Lucas

  • Skull Bones 8 months ago

    Stella’s treasure room has some bad stuff LOL

  • KentStopMe 8 months ago

    2:18 How did the Llama Past the Parkour One whattttt!

    The Llama Really is Mysterious!

  • Oscar Chan 8 months ago

    In the Champion City, Jesse is the savage guy. Thug life

  • Aidenx 8 months ago

    11:02 for some reason I feel like I’ve seen that on season 1 xD

  • DogeTube YT 8 months ago

    all i see in the comment section is just kids and pedophiles

  • loreniki _animaciones y mucho mas 8 months ago

    26:00 friendzone

  • Ishmam Sabab 8 months ago

    Looks like they focused on Minecraft story mode a hell of a lot more than TWD S3! TWD didn’t appeal much to me except for the last 2 episodes. But this season of Minecraft looks amazing!

  • AnarkeyTrollzXD Champions Science!! 8 months ago

    You know, i was thinking jack to be chuck norris

  • Waddles The Pig 8 months ago

    Petra: Yeah! Be straight with us, uh, daddy-o
    Me: **Chokes on air**

  • JumpingRegent Minecraft And more 8 months ago

    In the Thumbnail that’s my Jesse and his armour

  • Jaha Ergashev 8 months ago

    thanks for going through this all for us to see the choices! love it

  • [Kenny] TheOshJosh 8 months ago

    In my opinion saving jack is probably the better choice because on jacks side there were more people in danger and Petra only lost a gold sword which can be gained back than let’s say jacks bad eye. Petra may be disappointed but knowing telltale, either she’ll completely forgot about it or Jesse will make up for it.

  • MomentousMaster 8 months ago

    Jesse killed a witherstorm and the bodyguards think they can beat him?

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