That colossal ender titan is really screwing everything up for


  • Typical Sniper 4 months ago

    First 3 minutes is basically my life

  • scorpio Gamer 4 months ago

    Who remembers ivor

  • Tan T. Dark XxBushtailxX 4 months ago

    I think jesee will get admin powers and some cliche thing will happen

  • FiberTronix Gaming 4 months ago

    Who hates Romeo cuz He destroys alive people “Stupids Admin” 😡?

  • Hemal Bhakta 4 months ago

    Attack on Titan squad where you at?

  • Joshsicle 4 months ago

    What if Jesse and his friends and everyone there in his world is in a banned world for hackers which is why they can do so many more things with movement and what not

  • marksgv 4 months ago

    Bacontown sounds like the best place of all. The game episode was a little uneven, but the end brought it to a good place as a whole. We further built up the background of Romeo through his friends. I assume to make the ultimate decision difficult. Two friends, two perspectives. The action was fine. I always like an everyone joins into the fight, kinda deal.

    I love and hate those kinds of decisions so much. The game was really sneaky in how it made you actually care a little about Fred’s folk. So, then, you had that, with Radar wanting to be a hero after being the scared character all the way through. I was also leaning to him being the secret villain at first. But, that changed long ago. I know what kind of character he is, seen that in many movies and such. I always feel for them. It was satisfying to see him rise up to the challenge in a mature way, rather than the rush in unprepared way from earlier.

    I did think that Petra might have been Romeo in disguise for a moment. The overly emotional and sentimental reaction in the cabin would have fit to that. Stab, the end. If only… I know the lesson should be friends change, things change, you have accept that. As it played, what happened did make sense. Emotional stuff doesn’t work easily in this kind of game. Jack showing up, and the reunion with Nurm seemed better suited to that. But, you also had the Fred/Romeo/Xara story, Radar and Xara’s bed, plus the earlier loss of Jack. That’s a lot of things that are supposed to pull the heartstrings. I guess that emotional pie was split into too many pieces by the end for me. It still did the job well enough to work. The decision wouldn’t have been tough for Jordan if it hadn’t.

    Overall, the episode was still well made and entertaining, but, could have been tightened up. We are asked to care deeply about so many things, over and over. A few running threads have been resolved to a certain extent, like Petra/Jesse. Radar, we’ll see, but his personal arc is largely done. We know a lot more about Romeo. We are set up for the end. I look forward to that.

    By his password, sounds like Romeo eats too many carbs. Maybe that is what’s making him crazy. Not the fears of abandonment and loneliness or anything deep and psychological, but, the scourge of diabetes. Get him some insulin and a doctor’s consultation, he’ll be alright.

  • SkyLiesStill 4 months ago

    The SHIP has left the dock.

  • SkyLiesStill 4 months ago

    Think what will happen if the admin decides to shut the server down.

  • thespeedyyoshi 4 months ago

    Please tell me you play as Lucas in the next episode!!!

  • Pyrrhic Victory 4 months ago

    Captain watches AOT?? My new fave tuber right here

  • Maximous Prime 4 months ago

    The potato thing is his real MC username (Romeo would be a nickname). It’s not a password of some sorts… They’re going to use it in a command block to take away his admin powers. So they can do /op [username]. How can he not see that?

  • SulkyPanther3 4 months ago

    Jordan is a weeb

  • Mr. Difsh 4 months ago


  • When does episode 5 come out?

  • DM Gamer 4 months ago

    I think Xara is going to get radar back

  • iPizza 4 months ago

    Petra and Jesse can’t be together… because theres an option to be a girl… right?…

  • FishyLipz 4 months ago


  • Raido Radin 4 months ago

    this story mode has really fallen off

  • ylad modsMC 4 months ago

    Anyone else thinking about the book Fahrenheit 451 when looking at the password?

  • Ianhalocraft Games 4 months ago

    punisher yes we will shoot romeo not break his neck

  • Parker Smith 4 months ago

    The portal looks a lot like the end of 2001

  • Grepid 4 months ago

    It is as if Romeo is the Owner and Xara and Fred were his friends who were allowed to be admin and Romeo went power crazy with the admin commands and console xD

  • ice cream 4 months ago

    Why do I feel like Ivor is an admin undercover…

  • RaiderRust 4 months ago

    Romeo is a 12 year old kid that abuses his powers and thinks its funny.
    Fred is a 36 year old that still plays minecraft and was super nice
    Xara is a 14 year old girl that’s all about serious RolePlaying

  • FN_ AL7RBI 4 months ago

    Jordan how could you you’ve been always a batman to me 😢

  • MagnaMan20 4 months ago

    why Petra hatin’ on potatoes?

  • GDSlimed 4 months ago


    I guess i have a new username

  • GDSlimed 4 months ago

    So she got mad because his password was “Potato451”

  • Dettol, no lifebuoy 4 months ago

    The fu***** cliff hanger

  • Mr Saturn 4 months ago


  • Miguel Areas 4 months ago

    Lol, In the game they talk about the story and all, but Jordan keeps saying they did a /ban on admins

  • Snugs 4 months ago

    Thank you for using our song at the end!!! <3

  • JustCaelan 4 months ago

    Tha potato 🥔 graphics doe

  • Captain Faptin 4 months ago

    If you choose Luna you could have gotten golden armor for the Challenger room

  • Patrick Not-Star 4 months ago

    and this kids is why we dont put things we find on the ground on our hands

  • SvenZol 4 months ago

    *Rader on the back of the enderman* “Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me !!”

  • Ahndru Games & More 4 months ago

    No!!! Its not petra she did not hang out in the tree house she dint even got there before..

  • Sherk The ogre 4 months ago

    get outta mah swamp

  • Ahmad Muhammad \ Horses, Games, and more 4 months ago

    I literally screamed FUCK YOU when he chose Fred’s FUCKING people over Radar. Is everyone on weed????

  • Noah Wattel 4 months ago

    Ya know if you would have left nurm behind you could have Lluna snif up some dope golden armor

  • CapLightning 75 4 months ago

    “Words of Passage” Soren….?

  • Lassigamer 4 months ago

    P U P P I E S

  • Jonny Rosso 4 months ago

    When you hear the new order of the stone after you played wolfenstein The new order

  • SpeedySloth 2048 4 months ago


  • Evan Guthrie 4 months ago

    Why does he say ‘hashtag’ if there’s no social media?

  • Mccree_ Lambeth 4 months ago


  • Mccree_ Lambeth 4 months ago

    Give me 14

  • Mccree_ Lambeth 4 months ago

    Today is the day

  • JAB CAB 4 months ago

    Identity theft is a crime

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