Minecraft Story mode season 2 episode 4. Who knew there was a world


  • Quartus Worden 7 months ago

    The Admin would probably know who is dead or alive on their “server” aka world

  • creeperskill11 7 months ago

    jardon you FOOL!!!!!!1

  • FUNTIME ALBA 7 months ago

    I have a toy of you

  • Breakminer Boy 7 months ago

    I HAVE TO BE IN THAT GAME Captainsparklez

  • crux crux 7 months ago

    Romeo and Juliet: The Tale Of 2 Bergs

  • Teddy Brosevelt 7 months ago

    “Little minecraft Easter egg for ya” Jordan..the entire game is Minecraft..

  • DJPLAYERKING 7 months ago

    The ting goes skrrrrra
    Pa pa pa Ka ka
    Skeebi bo ka ka bom pa
    And boom boom
    Brrrr boom
    Skya boom boom boom boom
    Boom boom ya done now big shaq yeah yeah arright
    Fir fir fir in the booth ye get me I said mans not hot

  • iSavaqe2 7 months ago

    i watched the whole episode and the weapon is a word

  • Anonymous Person 7 months ago

    “Now it’s PETRA-fyed cobblestone. Get it? Petra? Fyed?”

    Oh, and how Petra understands what Nurm is saying, it was confirmed by Eric Stirpe that Petra was already learning “Villigarese,” so she can understand Nurm. Not because of what… you… said… dirty minded. Plus, that would be messed up, Petra is clearly a lot younger than Jack, so yeah. Jack would then be a pedophile. Which he is thankfully not.

  • JigsawGaming 7 months ago

    I am so glad Ivor is back.

  • Living Kansur_v2 7 months ago

    The video is out of sync

  • Haidar Rahim 7 months ago


  • Bode Boss 7 months ago

    Sooooo cool

  • Rachel Allen 7 months ago

    Y? Ivor, y?😂😂

  • callHardmoor 7 months ago

    So Romeoburg is unimaginative but Freds keep is ok? I mean Romeoburg just means Romeos castle, but Fred has his own house named Fred’s Keep on a map in said Fred’s Keep. That is weird

  • no no 7 months ago

    Is it just me, or does story mode get more cringy every episode

  • JoeyTheDuck 101 7 months ago


  • Martin T 7 months ago

    That book, the first one, is an actual book and I have it

  • RagingSwordElite 7 months ago

    LoL I just built thr letters F and U

  • Beatrice Palmer 7 months ago

    What if Ivor is the Admin in disguise?

  • A Comment 7 months ago

    Your using get rekt in 2017

  • HG HAZ 7 months ago

    should’ve made a penis as the representation of Fred and seen what happened

  • 8-bitWaffle 7 months ago

    Ivor stod no chance in that battle. Jesse had the high ground.

  • Shaun Rushton 7 months ago

    Woah what hang on wait. How did…. how does, radar know ivor? 😂

  • Nicholas Turbide 7 months ago

    Ivor ex Machina

  • Dreamer Girl 7 months ago

    I bet for the monument building if you placed down one block you would still win, because the game doesn’t know what you’re going to build so it shouldn’t be grading you on anything.

  • Antoine Chaput 7 months ago

    just CHUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!! stop talking during cinematic. just pls

  • BLAKE HANSEN 7 months ago

    I always knew Ivor was Naruto.

  • Frappies 7 months ago

    if you left nurm behind, lluna could smell the armour in the ground. and you couldve got blue&golden armour

  • CaptainGold1 7 months ago

    The book is a reference to an actual minecraft book, the ultimate survival guide.

  • Matthew Tallent 7 months ago

    Be nicer to radar

  • TheUnboundChannel Z 7 months ago

    I M A N I N J A

  • ADAM GROSS 7 months ago

    Who else missed Ivor?

  • Betafoxy 98 7 months ago

    why didn’t you make a dick

  • Philippe Le 7 months ago

    I love how Ivor’s response to most thing were I’m a ninja

  • Night_Watcher 7 months ago

    anyone else remember the scene where the giant gingerbread man in shrek 2 goes underwater?

  • Biodestructible 7 months ago

    The new Dark Souls boss looks hard.

  • SCULLCRUSHER35 7 months ago

    You killed yim, what was your reasoning??


  • Beautiful Face 7 months ago

    Kent is the try hard in every video game

  • Cole Johnson 7 months ago

    Ninja Ivor for life

  • TheReptillionGamer 7 months ago

    Who else chose please don’t hit me

  • wild boy productions 7 months ago

    Ivor is admin

  • Jonny Rosso 7 months ago

    What if you would have build a dick instead of freds face

  • Not Gordon Ramsay 7 months ago

    That fred competition proves how good your stalking ability is…

  • Kaali Jones 7 months ago

    Finally Ivor fixes his hair

  • Kaali Jones 7 months ago

    He chose to fight the “Mighty Army” like I did in Minecraft

  • Andrew Zhi 7 months ago


  • Kaali Jones 7 months ago

    Did u know if u take Luna with u she will sniff gold armor when u chose the armory

  • Lucas Oliva 7 months ago

    Being a ninja makes you know everething

  • Moonlight Storm 7 months ago

    “Elegant dismount!” I dunno y I find that funny but eh

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