Today we learn that the admin is still 12 years old and mad at the


  • Patrick Not-Star 2 months ago

    Ded fred

  • CorelastraTube XYZ 2 months ago

    the amulet was glowing?

  • Ephraim Timmerman 2 months ago

    Y can’t u just break the TNT

  • Abd elilah Last gamer 2 months ago

    Faster episode 4

  • jonnyx749 2 months ago

    dang you’re right Jardan! it’s Boba Fett!!!

  • Jack Bessant 2 months ago

    What happens if when they try to deop Romeo, Xara ops herself instead…

  • garrett starks 2 months ago

    Is the voice of the dude Patton Oswalt?

  • VoltZ 2 months ago

    You could build under bedrock when you’re in the nether

  • JL YT's Custom Lego Creations 2 months ago

    I’d love it when says: You will remember that

  • ItsDannyz 2 months ago

    /kill Romeo

  • Crispy Chippy 2 months ago

    “Well now everyone’s gonna hate me”

    Yep I definitely am gonna be angry, it’s a treasure sniffing llllllamma

  • The Awesome Tag 2 months ago

    GOD DANGIT WHY WHY!!!!!!???

  • The Awesome Tag 2 months ago

    Why did you need to leave the pet 🙁

  • Water Boy 2 months ago

    that guy you keep calling the devil is a skin for Hellboy, from the 2 movies he has, and the comic series.

  • Energy Synchronized 2 months ago

    The guy who voices Jack also voices Soldier 76 from Overwatch

  • Lilbigbomb 2 months ago

    -Xara 2017

  • Moduile 2 months ago

    Calling it now, it’s going to copy a noobs guide to Minecraft and that would have a hacker assassin

  • Hyper Sonic 2 months ago

    I choose Luna cause it reminded me of Ruben.

  • Anthony Schweizer 2 months ago

    I think you are above the nether that’s why there is stuff below the bedrock

  • 420 Dog it 2 months ago

    i was crying when he was making the desizion who to take, i legit cried

  • ShawnTheSeal99 2 months ago

    *Lluna Despawned*

  • Ben Jackson 2 months ago

    could try doing this episode again, but be as much a dooch as you can be

  • Harley Askew-Gibson 2 months ago

    They could get s guard or something to stay!! XD

  • Ammonite The SeaWing 2 months ago

    How could you? Lluna is basically a llama version of Reuben! You wouldn’t have left Reuben behind in exchange for a person, now would you?

  • ThrallXGaming& More 2 months ago

    “I’m slightly triggered when you didn’t choose Luna over nerm……

  • Coco10203 Gaming 2 months ago

    If you didn’t get how you can build under bedrock the prison is on top of the nether

  • Ethan Mounsey 2 months ago

    Nope ur not

  • Killertree123 Gaming 2 months ago

    I bet the ninja is fred

  • KayMae05 2 months ago

    Im crying

  • Connor Nelson 2 months ago

    Noooo lluna 😥

  • GoldenHaxor HD 2 months ago

    The choices you sometimes make don’t flow well with the choices I would’ve made but whatever, your let’s play.

  • Lupo Reed 1 month ago

    Nurm did tell you he wanted to stay…It’s just that, well you know he’s a villager so he kinda just pointed to himself.

  • Daniel Hu 1 month ago

    You know what the admins remind me of? The Mianite gods, I mean Xara is like Ianite and Romeo is like Dianite, now all we need is for Fred to look like Mianite.

  • PixelBoyZ 1 month ago

    *Today we learned that The Admin is 12 Years Old*

    Since he has a Flyhack? Of course yes

  • Xness 1 month ago

    All they had to do was put a item on a pressure plate

  • Ezra Messelink 1 month ago

    dude nurm whas the rigth one to choose i would have don the same

  • Jason Jëager 1 month ago

    Now that Bounty Hunter got the Amulet. In the Next Episode Jesse will Collapse because He gonna Track Down.

  • Christopher Harris 1 month ago

    I just completely slipped through the part where Jardon almost broke down

  • Aron108 1 month ago

    Heh. Stripped

  • pokemon fan 1 month ago


  • Isaac Cheah 1 month ago

    That last part sounded like : Run Barry Run.

  • Chris B 1 month ago

    bro im crying

  • Noah McBride 1 month ago

    Do the next episode or I will eat you

  • Noah McBride 1 month ago

    It can’t end like that

  • MrLittleBill Gaming 1 month ago

    See if it was Ruben then he would’ve brought him in an instant

  • Scott Allen 1 month ago

    ironic part vbout the swords: it was a trick question. Sharpness 1 brings it par with diamond sword

  • Scott Allen 1 month ago

    Lets put it in skyrim perspective:
    Romeo = Sanguine
    Xara = Mara
    Fred = Mehrunes Dagon

  • chil3nopulento 1 month ago


  • TheUndeadBrave 1 month ago

    How did he get Boba Fett out of a ninja?

  • That Annoying Red Kid 1 month ago

    Interesting things in this season:
    1. Morgan Freeman and Bob Ross were in prison
    2. Big B was in this episode and Jordan didn’t even realize it was him
    3. Xara hasn’t been seen in previous episodes. I expected Cassie Rose or some female YouTuber to be Prisoner X tbh.


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