MINECRAFT STORY MODE SEASON 2 BOYZZZZ. Telltale was kind enough to


  • Stephen Chung 8 months ago

    You died.

  • Vortex Venna 8 months ago

    I built the scales of justice lol

  • CosmicShift47 8 months ago

    wow, I thought the same thing about radar as Jordan just before he said that

  • Tephlin 8 months ago

    Those “creative mode” types of towns somehow get me nostalgic of joining old Minecraft servers.
    Now, Multiplayer’s all about PvP, rather than building.

  • Tephlin 8 months ago

    > Mourns over Rueben
    > Didn’t remember the event of their own death

    Jardon Maran

  • The Batman 8 months ago

    Sir Reubenalot, the Bravest Pig of them all. Just like Sir Lancelot, the Bravest Knight of them all. And ahahahahahahaa both of his friends just decided not to go. I am getting a hint that Petra told those two she likes Jesse. It seemed suspicious that Radar was the ONLY one that knew Petra was at the mines. That makes Radar a suspect of being responsible of kidnapping Petra. I think I also know why. Radar feels jealous because he is only the mere assistant and not part of the adventure. If this is true than I shall add my own lines of what the ending will be like with Radar as the captured villain….
    Radar: That’s right, I did it, I kidnapped Petra!
    Jesse: But why?
    Radar: Because of the way I am treated.The way I am always seen as only the assistant!
    Axel: Well it seems you just did it because you were evil.
    Petra: ‘Shakes her head’
    Radar: I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling kids of the Order of the Stone!

  • Andor Kovacs 8 months ago


  • Brian Tucker 8 months ago

    likewise @GlytchTech

  • Random Gaming 8 months ago

    9:25 Jordan he said “craving seafood?” not “creating seafood” are your ears working?

  • Quinn Reynolds 8 months ago

    Radar is the Villan, calling it now.

  • craving seafood

  • The traveler awx 8 months ago

    I hope I’m not the only one who gets the reference if radar from an old old series called m.a.s.h

  • George Davis 8 months ago

    10 MILLION SUBS LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • billy dude banana 8 months ago

    I cried to… (;_;)

  • Jenna Potter 8 months ago

    You died last season so you are not going to appear.

  • TheBlacksmith219 8 months ago

    jardon you fool your dead

  • GoldPlaysYT 8 months ago

    Anyone else realized jardons red zit on his forehead xD

  • DerpyCookiey 8 months ago

    15:10 F

  • Secoscious 8 months ago

    Jerry > Reuben.

  • Justin Willard 8 months ago

    ☺this is bob
    👕he is 0 years old
    👖1 like=1 year of age
    👟edit- im baiting for likes

  • RommeR 8 months ago


  • iksjxktxjzjec kxnzhcndjxnkd 8 months ago

    hey sparkles your missing alot of things.

  • Gemma Cuadro 8 months ago

    don’t  remember pink wool is reuben’s chosen block for ep1  so its like ur playing with reuben

  • Justin Willard 8 months ago

    grafitti isnt vandalism its a form of art on someones property

  • Some _random _guy 8 months ago

    “I like that you question me radar
    “Don’t question me radar”

  • Justin Willard 8 months ago

    Me or does radar look like a rapist of age on the property is bob years old and I just want to my channel part for the culture is awesome years 👴 and the just is to years channel and for just culture to awesome channel part for the culture is awesome years part and I have you have a form to 👌 the property of art and for the just want the just of age of art and the just of age on art on art on for the property want the culture want 👌 just of age

  • mythologynut 8 months ago

    OMG! I’ll bet Radar was a reference to MASH! Love it!

  • Nirvyx 8 months ago

    *11:00** she does the floss*

  • Gamesome Dude 8 months ago


    oh yeah he died

  • Creeper Nation 8 months ago

    I think Sparklez forgot. He kept saying “where am I? I know I’m not in there because I didn’t record lines”. Even if you did record lines, you wouldn’t be in your game because you… you know, died?

  • PewDieSky 8 months ago

    Epic loafage.

  • Breadcrum11 8 months ago

    I legit started crying at 15:02

  • Derek dope 8 months ago

    lol hes making a dick statue

  • Alex Mei 8 months ago

    Okay guys, the next time we see captainsparklez in public, we have to address him as “sir master Jordan”

  • SpoopyMayo 8 months ago


  • Logan Allaire 8 months ago

    Duplication glitches

  • Deacon Ho 8 months ago

    Why not Deacon town D:

  • Ricardo Suganda 8 months ago

    hey captainspaeklez,dont forget to add the subtitels

  • Abbigail Hawkes 8 months ago

    Story mode 2 $5.00

  • fokin syndicate

  • RediFreddy gaming 8 months ago

    Petra: i love u Jesse
    Jesse: i love u too…
    Petra and Jesse: goes into bed room

  • RayTheEpic 8 months ago

    I don’t think captain sparkles remembers that he died in Minecraft story mode

  • Chengdong Ma 8 months ago

    U died in that ep

  • RedSpark 8 months ago


  • starring lunar 8 months ago

    CaptainSparklez : I wonder if i’m in this town
    Me : …um..yeah about that…you died remember?

  • Donavin Bothel 8 months ago

    (minor complaint) game is too quiet and your too loud.
    Can you please adjust your audio levels?

  • Overlord_Ashalon 8 months ago

    11:52 Spent like 15 min on this ended up with a short palm tree.

  • Overlord_Ashalon 8 months ago

    14:00 Um Sparklez you died remember.

  • LEGENDR McpeRedstoner 8 months ago

    jordan dont know dragonball super yet?

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