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  • Bridget Hurley 5 months ago

    Petra I death

  • Dogboy 5 months ago


  • Ronaldo Ayran 5 months ago

    Wut happen to Lucas?

  • Snowblade Gaming 5 months ago

    Prisoner X Is Xara You Would Have To Face Petra First

  • PMB Bowden 5 months ago

    They will never see the light of day again hahahahahaahahhahahah

  • Pastel Unicorn Yeyapo 5 months ago

    V stickbot friends any ways if you be jesse f theres a portal reference

  • Patricio Dulnuan 5 months ago

    Who Else watched Dantdms video First and then watches stampys to see the choice difference

  • Jonah Allison 5 months ago

    this reminds anyone of maze Runner?

  • enlay the lightning king 5 months ago



  • Celia Lozano 5 months ago

    Is big B

  • Lava Bobcat 5 months ago

    The guy with the eye patch might be magmas

  • AngelplayzzDoesThings 5 months ago

    Me too

  • bhavanmathew 5 months ago

    Cool birthday

  • PNB LOL 5 months ago

    What if herobrine joined in mcsm?

  • Reigndevi Brizuela 5 months ago

    Please stampy quite

  • Reigndevi Brizuela 5 months ago

    Because I don’t hear th story

  • Fmttsam Tony 5 months ago

    Mr stampy 🐱, I saw a mistake in your playlist. You skiped 5 in your playlist.

  • Fmttsam Tony 5 months ago

    if you don’t know how it is, hint: his yt channel starts with b

  • Fmttsam Tony 5 months ago

    she has the gauntlet because she tecknecly is the winner.

  • Matefegy BD 5 months ago


  • HomeMadeBass Cannon 5 months ago

    Um is that supposed to be HellBoy at 5:28 ?

  • Cool cat45 5 months ago


  • Pixlclaw AJ 5 months ago

    Jailhouse Rock…?

  • TheNiceOctoling 5 months ago

    I was thinking of spider guards before you even said it

  • Jeff Schmid 5 months ago

    Speaking about Stella yesterday I was sharing headphones with a kindergartener named Stella

  • ghastly the ghast 5 months ago

    I watch BigB’s channel sometimes

  • Pug Hermit 5 months ago

    Escapist for Minecraft & have heard any Kpop music?

  • Terrarian 21 5 months ago

    why didn’t I get this notification? I got all of them other than this series.

  • Flamingo Sundew 5 months ago

    Stampy:Maybe I can talk to him and get him to say… bigbstatz

  • Alfie Finnie 5 months ago

    5:30 that guy is helboy I think

  • Zeljko Gadze 5 months ago


  • Scarlett45 5 months ago

    Omg it boom boom guy he’s alive!!!!!!!!😮😮😮😮😮

  • Maan Singh Bansal 5 months ago


  • Maan Singh Bansal 5 months ago

    Stamps make it fast vid

  • avaan vardhan 5 months ago


  • darren lewis 5 months ago

    I bet its pama from epsode 7 accsess denied

  • darren lewis 5 months ago

    Stampy in roblox add me has a friend my name is troy_cat200

  • Kidz Bop Rocks 5 months ago

    Stampy you are sooooooooooo funny​ 🤣

  • Lol this season of the game is ruining the reputation of an admin.

  • EmraldCraft 5 months ago

    Maybe Big B stats is getting the cookies from Ellie the elephant from you lovely world!!

  • 《Charliethefox》 Is Not Good. 5 months ago

    U made this on my birthday!! ❤❤❤

  • xXPug__PlayzXx 5 months ago

    I Love the new Episode And Stamps episodes! Keep it up Stampy

  • Super Squid08 5 months ago

    The warden reminds me of Kammandant Klink from hogans heroes

  • Sal Lee 5 months ago

    ha ha mush room

  • maria rodriguez 5 months ago

    hi stampy when is The new episode 4

  • Michael Moonan 5 months ago

    Waiting for this since episode two

  • Kawaii Angie 5 months ago

    Haiiiiii stampyyyy I have a question, will you ever bring back stampy’ s lovely world? I remember you did videos on it every day.

  • iiTaffie Cat 5 months ago

    The start
    Me:Sees spider*Uhoh I think there is gonna be spiders

  • iiTaffie Cat 5 months ago

    From now on Nerm is my favourite character HEH


  • iiTaffie Cat 5 months ago

    Btw I hate spiders There just ewwww

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