• Lightningspirit 3 weeks ago

    Was the wither storm your deadly crafting time or now?

  • Joseph Mc 3 weeks ago

    Should of left beacon town

  • Yonael Yonas 3 weeks ago

    #POTATO451 Telltale never fails to amuse me…

  • Dora Tyler 3 weeks ago

    R u gonna play pokemon ultra moon

  • You missed the cool armour ):

  • Funny Happy Studios 3 weeks ago


    If you want to learn how click “Read More.” If you don’t want spoilers then don’t click it.

    You have to click Luna. Then dig up the berried armor.

  • Michi Ryo 3 weeks ago

    I feel so sorry for Jesse and Petra

  • Golden Bon Bon 3 weeks ago

    Lluna will let you find a secret armor if you talk to her

  • Bailey Scannell 3 weeks ago

    Imagine If Your Oreo Build Turned Into An U.F.O And You Flew Across The Land To Stop The Romeo

  • MsRawstar 3 weeks ago


  • Danny Godfrey 3 weeks ago

    You could of got diamond armour if you talked to Luna

  • Crazy fox ! 3 weeks ago

    😱😱😱😱😱 SCARY OREO

  • DrewPlayz 3 weeks ago

    do you have a facecam or something?

  • Hyper Shadow Sniper 176 3 weeks ago


  • Stampy theres a scrt armor if u talk to lluna

  • Haley Fellows 3 weeks ago

    Well, that’s no ordinary Oreo. That’s the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered cookie you’ve ever set eyes on!

  • Saleh alhayek 3 weeks ago

    Play sonic forces

  • Krystal Cheetah 3 weeks ago

    Stampy you are the best an inspiration to my youtube channel dreams. CrystalCheetah

  • DaCrazyLlama Finley 3 weeks ago

    Oh crap that Oreo

  • Shadow Gamer 3 weeks ago

    Stampy gave me nightmares of empty inside oreos lol

  • Mihaela Onaca 3 weeks ago

    stampy plz play cuphead

  • Hanelim 3 weeks ago

    An Oreo I think you mean a star destroyer from star wars @squiddy

  • bigdlitzcrafter h 3 weeks ago

    My dogs name is oreo

  • Joshua Cowan 3 weeks ago

    Never clicked so fast

  • Christos Georgiou 3 weeks ago

    I now wats the word to dafiat romeo its # jimy is steel home eating icecream am just tring to sound funny

  • Christos Georgiou 3 weeks ago

    They need to ad those mobs to normal minecraft they are so cool i wold love ckicking there golem but

  • lisa condren 3 weeks ago

    I FAINTED when I saw the oreo😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨read more

  • Amy Langston 3 weeks ago

    I love Oreo

  • Holly Heenan 3 weeks ago

    Hmm stampy your being a bit quiet

  • BlackSkullGaming 101 3 weeks ago

    Do it

  • Karla Mino 3 weeks ago


  • Anita Beckett 3 weeks ago


  • Karron Butcher 3 weeks ago

    No plz

  • Vale Viau 3 weeks ago


  • Cat man Mitsiaris 3 weeks ago

    I love you so much

  • Dreamy Diamond 3 weeks ago

    Stampy next time give a girl a warning, i nearly had a great attack with that horror

  • Bobbie Amore 3 weeks ago

    Oreo with out filling?!


  • Bobbie Amore 3 weeks ago


  • BlueBell 123 3 weeks ago

    I READ ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BlueBell 123 3 weeks ago

    The ending is SOOOOO sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a live story!!!

  • Richard1 Picle1 3 weeks ago


  • The Fantastic Five 3 weeks ago

    #potatoe451 lol😀

  • Ray Ray 123 Crusher 3 weeks ago

    No this is even scarier when your in a room by your self and you smell a fart 💨 that you didn’t make. Lol 😂 super scary!😂😆

  • Dragon Killer 3 weeks ago


  • maskerization 3 weeks ago

    A no filling OREO????!!!!!! I’m going to have nightmares!

  • The Awsomeness Of Jp4 3 weeks ago

    Make more minecraft story mode

  • LonelyCreap 3 weeks ago

    I *LOVE* Oreos and Stampy… YOU ARE EVIL!!! HOW COULD YOU!?!? still love your vids tho… >:[

  • SLEATH GUY 3 weeks ago

    if you look at the armor from the left to right lunar will find golden armour

  • JamieGamerTV 3 weeks ago

    there’s a secret in this episode if you choose Luna and you are choosing armours you can talk to Luna.luna will smell some treasure and you can get some golden armours.anthony made a video of it

  • Masterpug 7643 3 weeks ago

    My maths teacher is called miss Pendergast

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