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  • Trash Panda Oli 6 months ago


  • ETHAN KUNST 6 months ago

    When I played through the story, I knew we’d see Olivia and Axel again. I expected them to show up on Episode 5 and they did, and BTW, I DID trust Radar throughout all of the story. I never suspected that Radar would become evil. I even expected Nurm to show up again, (at the end of the story not the near beginning for Nurm)

  • Rafa Seanan 6 months ago


  • Charlie Roff 6 months ago

    Yes the house changed more my story mode house

  • Jacob Moore 6 months ago

    That plan scene though.

  • The super Plushie bros 6 months ago

    Just talk through when they are talking

  • cheesyanton 6 months ago

    I hope we see can Steve or Alex in future episodes

  • minnette arcilla 6 months ago

    Stampy in season 2 episode 4 if you saved the people at Freds keep at the end of season 2 episode 5 Romeo dont have to die at the end becaus of the culosus caus Xara will help Radar to get back at beacon town and Radar will make his way to the primary terminal space and with the giant enderman s Romeo dont have to die just to save you and at te end the giant enderman will fight the cullosus at the and by Tyrone.

  • abranca38 6 months ago

    Be shore you click the right options in the future stampy, you don’t want to have the radar incident again

  • Masihi Rain 6 months ago

    Too bad that this game is ending☹️

    Love these series

  • Caleb Piontek 6 months ago

    Ah well he can’t save romeo

  • Failing pepper11 6 months ago

    Thry should be a minecraft disk where you can play regular minecraft but under play game it said story mode and then you can play every episode S1 and S2 and the price is between $50.00 and $100

  • Jeps Animation 6 months ago

    Poor love garden. It was so young after 7 years of watching stampys lovely world

  • RobloxLover9XD 6 months ago

    Yeyeyeyege tree dis is great lololol

  • Shaun Nolledo 6 months ago

    Saving radar doomed romeo’s fate just saying
    -Romeo is your new friend-

  • Matthew Rivera 6 months ago

    Realistic ending: Admin digs three block hole and puts jessi in there and takes away privilegs

  • Juana BV 6 months ago

    MC SM in a nutshell With the press of a button….

    You change the entire game

  • Juana BV 6 months ago

    5:08 So you don’t trust yourself???

  • NerdyGirl Gamer10 6 months ago

    Stampy… as Dan would say, YOU ARE THE PARROT LORD!!!!!!

  • Amera Ayman 6 months ago

    That’s right it’s a lava garden not a love garden

  • ItzUndernet 6 months ago

    I was about to watch DanTDM’s video on this game but then i noticed you uploaded one so i immediately clicked on this video

  • mozzarella cat 6 months ago

    cat all

  • Danny redninja 6 months ago


  • ArcherMylin // MylinEle201 6 months ago

    Stampy is the Parrot Lord

  • Shweta Alag 6 months ago

    at the end the admin or Romeo actually go friendly!

  • Azzy 2.0 6 months ago


  • Michelle Doege 6 months ago

    Radar is so annoying

  • Michelle Doege 6 months ago

    Minecraft hugs are so awkward

  • dark lordguy2007 6 months ago

    who is here before stampy died

  • Hunter Miller 6 months ago

    Stampy is it true that you swear in 1 video you sayed f***ing hell???

  • djodjo pastor 6 months ago

    Jeka (jessie and petra)

  • Marijane Javier 6 months ago

    sorry stamps I did’t watch your mine craft story mode episode 2-5

  • rango nyiringango 6 months ago

    Ok. The mission part is AMAZING!!!!!!!11!!!!

  • Callum Margerson 6 months ago

    Dantdm do a 21 episode of minecraft story mode season 2 please

  • Minecrafter With the crew 6 months ago
  • Wendy Manos 6 months ago

    Cannot wait to see what happens

  • M1stero6awsome 6 months ago

    Beacon town looks better

  • Top Secret Snowan 6 months ago


  • Iballisticdubhcat 6 months ago

    I never knew how depressing and sad Minecraft Story Mode could be. I mean he just killed an entire city of people!

  • Unicorn Rockets 6 months ago

    Olivia sounds diffrent…… its a more… other voice actor playong her.

  • Sophia J 6 months ago

    I finished season 1 episode 1

  • Devin Playz 6 months ago

    He doesn’t react to the pigs geting killed but he reacts to the love garden being destroyed

  • Creepykid And Infinite Dreams 6 months ago


    that just ripped my heart out and burned it

  • Prakshab Adhikari 6 months ago

    That voice crack tho 7:17

  • Fatcatarmy Apple 6 months ago

    Stamps: “Champion City! He killed a whole city worth of people!”

    Me: “The puppy pen!!!”

  • Anna Grace Gainey 6 months ago

    Season 3 is coming!!!

  • KassieThe Tiger 6 months ago

    #POTATO451 I just thought I would do that…

    Ok.. no? I’ll go now…

  • Jewl Yap 6 months ago

    Jack Saided Mentos

  • Tick.Tick. BOOM! 6 months ago

    The >>>>>>lav(a)<<<<<<<<<<<<] garden (get it)

  • redundant ClanMaster 6 months ago

    Isn’t the admin just a player on creative

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