A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… The epic adventure


  • Ezekiel Tijerina 3 weeks ago

    Make a red sword in minecraft please I beg you and make space and make other planets and another portal please! it will be called the space update

  • danilo games 3 weeks ago

    mojang o MINECRAFT esta dando pedido de licença e é pq ta em beta pq eu comprei ele pela loja play store

  • Republic Yeilder Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Where’s the Star Wars Texture Pack at, I would definitely buy it if you guys made it

  • EzerKyle 295 3 weeks ago


  • YouTUBE NOOB 3 weeks ago

    RIP Admiral Ackbar

  • RED FIVE 3 weeks ago


  • ᴜᴢᴜᴍᴀᴋɪ sᴜʟᴛᴀɴ ʀɪᴢᴋʏ 3 weeks ago

    Mojang kapan aquatic update nya gua dislike

  • That guy 3 weeks ago

    Make a cape skin pack for bedrock pls

  • Caleb Curry 3 weeks ago

    If you bought the star wars bundle will you get this skin pack

  • denise allaire 3 weeks ago


  • the squidking 3 weeks ago


  • hj mahesa 3 weeks ago


  • Buruki Kerman 3 weeks ago

    Another fine addition too my collection

  • BatGaming _ 3 weeks ago

    Soooooooooooooooo Ugly goodbye.

  • MineBLOX Channel 3 weeks ago

    Only android and pc and others have the aquatic update can you add the aquatic update on iOS please please

  • stop motion evreni 3 weeks ago

    Bb8 plz

  • xXYouTubeFor LifeXx 3 weeks ago

    You should make a new minigame like a hide and seek or tag game also there should be a boat race game like the elytra race

  • MemesForLife 83 3 weeks ago


  • Wolfy 1103 3 weeks ago

    Please remove the cool down bar in 1.13 or I’ll sue you

  • Ryavonne Dalton 3 weeks ago

    I’ve been waiting for that! Since I played it!

    For no reasons

  • CHALA POWER 3 weeks ago

    Scooby doopy dooo i want aqua update nooowe

  • r125 game 3 weeks ago


  • Dr. Danwallance 3 weeks ago

    “I am your father.”

  • gto 87 3 weeks ago

    Yes it in ps4 I just buy it 😀

  • TheDCLogical :. 3 weeks ago

    Please give us a DC Comics Minecraft Skin Pack or Marvel Skin Pack:.

  • TheDCLogical :. 3 weeks ago

    Wait is there also a Mash Up in this skin Pack:.

  • Marcin Kibis 3 weeks ago


  • •ReNiX• 3 weeks ago

    Сука, просто лайк и топ

  • Salvo - 3 weeks ago

    When exit minecraft 1.13

  • Retrix Pl 3 weeks ago

    Cool, but why there’s no shirtless kylo ren?

  • Luke Skywalker 3 weeks ago


  • Super seth 3 weeks ago

    Do spongbob skins please

  • Keankent Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Yay rhanks i havve already buyed it!

  • Krystian Orłowski 3 weeks ago

    Czy mogli byście mnie wysłuchać i dodać podwodny uptade na ps4

  • MineValubleOres 6000 3 weeks ago

    I Love Star Wars!! 😆 Finally thanks Mojang!

  • Zidan Al Farisi 3 weeks ago

    It’s A Trap

  • spirit m 3 weeks ago

    Um hey can you please do fairies and deers elves PLSSSSSSS 12 Dragons

  • WasabiXD 3 weeks ago

    Wow WoW Wow MINECRAFT PROO Mojang when will Minecraft 1.13 ?

  • DEI 999 3 weeks ago

    role playing youtubers: *heavy breathing*


  • Kristian Davelaar Hansen 3 weeks ago

    Kristian Davelaar Hansen Dear Mojang, in previous Minecraft updates, there were a glitch/bug that made you able to, if you pushed a TnT, Glowstone or some other blocks into your head/field of view, have an overview of the cave systems underground, kinda like spectator-mode today, but as many players consider changing gamemodes to be cheating, it is not used that commonly. My request is if you can add a feature that made you able to do this “X-Ray” like thing again, it would make it alot easier to make mobfarms more effecient, cause of either cave being lit up by lightsources or being slabbed. So yeah to make it easier to do this without having to run through all caves in the entire area, and then still not be sure if you got it all. I know that this ability has to be very end-game and very hard and tough to achieve, but it still would make creating farms and what not easier to make without changing gamemodes. I also have some suggestions: 1) This is not able to view ores. 2) This is not able to view player created structures. 3) This not able to view strongholds. 4) This is not able to view chests. Okay so the reason it can’t view strongholds, is that it can be found in another way (eye of ender). Although it can view dungeons because these you are not able to find, in any other way than searcing through caves. It will also be able to view Abonded mineshafts. It can’t view player created structures because that would destroy things like factions. And if it could show ores and chests, it would be a kind of x-ray. And now to my last suggestion: This thing could maybe be a thing to find in the end (because it already having eyes attached to its theme), like the second or third thing to find in end cities. -Kristian D. Hansen

  • Наталия Васильева-Петрова 3 weeks ago

    I love your game❤❤❤❤❤

  • FURIOS WOLF YT 3 weeks ago

    MOJANG pls help me my mcpe is not working im stuck in the minecraft logo loading screen!!

  • Keandra Alfarisi 3 weeks ago

    Minecraft pe 1.3 why not release yet

  • De Bruyne Z dogefuta 3 weeks ago

    Please new minigame for xbox360 bed wars egg wars master buliders PLEASE!!!!!

  • Rumpel Rumbles McCentral 3 weeks ago

    No way they did it XD

  • kelvin THEcreepe 3 weeks ago

    Hi mojang plss give Minecraft free to play plssss 😖😖

  • Richard De Maria 3 weeks ago

    Nice I love the skins I want the royal gaurd one!

  • AtomShot 3 weeks ago

    I can’t see a Ben Swolo skin…

  • Dark Miku123 3 weeks ago


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