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  • Joyful Rainbow 2 weeks ago

    I thought there was going to be a jumpscare at the intro. Thank God there’s none.

  • Sammy Monzon 2 weeks ago

    Do fall out 4

  • FlameDragon OG 2 weeks ago

    Next one should be Adventure Time themed

  • Jaynin Barrows 2 weeks ago

    Nice editing russel

  • Liana Bonilla 2 weeks ago

    Don’t watch at night lol

  • Liana Bonilla 2 weeks ago

    I 👂 a rumor that ssundee doesn’t pin comments

  • IcarusX 2 weeks ago

    There should be a barney one of these

  • Tremayne Mahoney 2 weeks ago

    devistaded spongebob

  • blazearrow petersen 2 weeks ago

    Ssundee cool but hes so dumb​ at Minecraft surviveal

  • Adam Hancock 2 weeks ago

    SSundee would’ve been finished in 60 seconds or so if it weren’t for Maddie

  • Johnathan Jones 2 weeks ago

    he just did sonic lucky block so sonic next week?

  • gaming with cj 2 weeks ago

    check out my chanel ssundee gaming with cj

  • James Conley 2 weeks ago

    Creepy Barney next game

  • natefun 200 2 weeks ago

    Rustle you need to hustle to my channel and edit

  • Ty Steinhauser 2 weeks ago

    Welcome back thea

  • Jacob_Gaming 2 weeks ago

    This video literally made me not watch sponge bob anymore 😿😿😰😰😿😿😭😭

  • Stephen Cronin 2 weeks ago

    I like the new “round one” screen

  • Abdul Saidmumtaz 2 weeks ago

    CLASH ROYALE THEMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Manuel Munoz 2 weeks ago

    Russel is a great editor, I didn’t like him at first since it was a change, but honestly he’s great

  • Mr YouTube 2 weeks ago

    Shout out to rustle the editor cool editing

  • h34dsh0t_3xp3rt 2 weeks ago

    I LOVE the new editor, best editing I’ve ever seen!

  • Simon Susko 2 weeks ago

    do barney murder

  • wbahsbsshshjskshsis dhsisjss 2 weeks ago

    O H ! Y E A H
    M R K R A B S !

  • wyvern sketches 2 weeks ago

    we’re half way there~
    squidward on a chair!~

  • Hanz Llenard 2 weeks ago

    Call it murder run

  • Michelle Ojukwu 2 weeks ago

    In the intro i was singing oh hells nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh idk if hell is a bad word here xD

  • Vigilant Vil 2 weeks ago

    Next theme should be dead memes

  • Christian Regalado 2 weeks ago

    the new trap is so good but ssundee knows to counter

  • kate guerrero 2 weeks ago


  • Max Corbishley 2 weeks ago

    They should do a five nights at freddys edition

  • MGAbulai LelGetREKTED 2 weeks ago

    Youtube’s new update is so cool

  • Dillon Bagby 2 weeks ago

    Make a particle trap

  • TheZooCrew123 2 weeks ago

    Do a Barney murderer

  • Việt Hà 2 weeks ago

    hey ssunde make the youtuber murder

  • Scribby Bungus 2 weeks ago

    How is this on trending

  • Zereath 2 weeks ago

    why are you so bad at hiding ?

  • Nikolai Belinski 2 weeks ago

    russel knows whats up

  • Kirillscool Videos 2 weeks ago

    Ssundee is always last.

  • Alma Dayot 2 weeks ago

    Ssunde ur editor is the best

  • Yp Janssen 2 weeks ago

    You should make a download of all the maps

  • Craft Girl HD 2 weeks ago

    Can you do oggy if you don’t him search him up

  • RagdollSuperstar 2 weeks ago

    this new editor is amazing way better than Ian

  • Jakub Greba 2 weeks ago

    I thought this was a pg channel

  • 3ctopaz3m iquit 2 weeks ago

    Stap plz

  • Sam So9ggGamer122 2 weeks ago


  • DONT READ THIS 2 weeks ago

    I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ the editing!!!!

  • B Awesome B Best 2 weeks ago

    Ssundee I think it would be a good idea to do a Barney killer run then crainer can live up to his name (heh Barney )

  • PenguinGaming 2 weeks ago

    You should do a Barney murder challenge

  • Tristen Ayotte 2 weeks ago


  • Kadence Crochet 2 weeks ago

    Mario or my little pony themed next

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