• TheAtlanticCraft | Minecraft 3 weeks ago

    Hey Atlanteans so I am very sick and not able to record videos. Kraken recorded this for me 🙂 I hope to be able to record videos soon

  • Adan O 3 weeks ago

    Please make more base defending video and who’s your vids. to daddy please ? :)or:( ?

  • Sam Orrego 3 weeks ago

    I make 30 dislikes

  • Josh Olson 3 weeks ago

    Cody if you have a snapchat what is it?

  • 青木貞康 3 weeks ago

    cody play battlefield 1 please

  • Gabriel Ralph 3 weeks ago

    Are you guy going to make a new Jurassic craft season?!?!?!

  • noobo vs craft 3 weeks ago

    انته فاشل

  • James Mullihan 3 weeks ago

    Tell Cody about Atlantic adventures series you stopped and need to keep going

  • music master 3 weeks ago

    get well

  • Tim Stinebaugh 3 weeks ago

    To day is my sister’s birthday

  • Renier Wiese 3 weeks ago

    guys cody is sick he cannot record so krakin is recording for him

  • Swagg EX 3 weeks ago


  • Sci ender 3 weeks ago

    can you update voids wrath

  • Dark Life 3 weeks ago

    im a 5 year vertan of roblox

  • Паша Заплавный 3 weeks ago

    Превет губка бою предурок вот осминог горм

  • E.J GAMER 3 weeks ago

    Hi Cody!

  • SuperComradePlayz 3 weeks ago

    I am the 1000th like 🙂

  • Alex Cojocaru 3 weeks ago

    get better soon

  • Owen Wilding 3 weeks ago


  • Lucy Michie 3 weeks ago


  • Aaron Jung 3 weeks ago

    That looks fun

  • CJC Gaming 3 weeks ago

    I hope you feel better Cody! Sorry to hear that your sick.

  • Yan Pacheco 3 weeks ago

    We’re is captain bedlok

  • Emily Shaver 3 weeks ago

    I like Kraken Kid’s outro!

  • Cosmic Creator 3 weeks ago

    Do another Zombie defense, #NewMap

  • Emily Shaver 3 weeks ago

    Happy New Year everyone!!

  • dr.crazy gecko 3 weeks ago

    Kraken kid? It needs to be Cody

  • Lighterfluid 061 3 weeks ago

    I hated this video Cody come back

  • Raygunrazor games 3 weeks ago

    Play ark ark survival please or i will cry

  • The Only Luis 3 weeks ago

    LMAOO.. Kraken Really nuked them

  • Abdurahman Rahman 3 weeks ago

    Cody happy new year!

  • Brayden Maraljo 3 weeks ago

    Get better soon cody

  • puppetgamerz k 3 weeks ago

    Can you sub to my channel

  • puppetgamerz k 3 weeks ago

    And can you also give me a shoutout

  • Victor Lozoya 3 weeks ago

    I like the ending kraken kid I like were you shot them with the nuclear missle launcher

  • jeramiaha deboest 3 weeks ago

    thank you for being the first youtube channel i ever watched and hope you get better

  • Sky pug Atlantean 3 weeks ago

    yes i did see

  • Kenneth Archie 3 weeks ago

    Tell Cody I love his video

  • Kenneth Archie 3 weeks ago

    My name is key’shawn

  • My singing Monsters 3 weeks ago

    That was so funny at the end

  • Mystery Man 3 weeks ago

    hey cody do a minecraft high school roleplay plz plz plz plz plz plz i love high school roleplays

  • That One Pixel Studios 3 weeks ago

    O I hope you get better soon Cody! At first I thought you mixed up footage or something, lol

  • Ethan Southeron 2 weeks ago

    Happy new year

  • Diamond Minecrafter 2 weeks ago


  • Elderfire Lee 2 weeks ago


  • Michael Daugherty 2 weeks ago

    it new year when i wached this 2018

  • Alicia Blanco 2 weeks ago

    I love your videos and they’re so cool

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