SSundee tries to be the best superhero murderer EVER!!
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  • Zenon Productions 1 week ago

    U Derp SSundee bcuz Joker is a Kreeep😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brady Spahr 1 week ago

    Is literally no one else triggered by the fact that Ian completely missed Kehaan’s explanation of how the Voodoo stick worked, and went on to say later that it was terrible because he didn’t know how to use it?

  • Hippo888 Likes Game 1 week ago

    You guy both get 1 extra stack instead of one person getting 2 extra ones

  • Zhunter Dab 1 week ago

    Man I can’t believe that ssundee won I thot mady would win

  • king panda 1 week ago

    Why would they put one Marvel character and then the other DC characters

  • Rylan Miller 1 week ago

    joker looks better in purple

  • EeveeLove 1 week ago

    Plz do Harry Potter next ( Harry,Hermione,Ron,and Ginny)

  • francy tayco 1 week ago

    transformer murder run

  • Milan dinh 1 week ago

    Why is the episode called Spiderman murder when you included batman ,wayne mansion and superman?

  • Angelo Agustin 1 week ago

    You guys should nerf the killer’s weapon to were it only hits for 1-2 dmg and make some animations for the killer such as an execution;killer hols the hider and then slowly slides the knife on thier throat or something

    Sorry if this idea is not that child friendly but thats all I can say…..

  • Dillon Thall 1 week ago

    Whos rember cobblestone = life

  • Pao 91 1 week ago

    I wan to be the next episode will be pokemon

  • Sayem Rahman 1 week ago

    Ssundee u did my fav super hero but creepy

  • Jackson Hunter 1 week ago

    It’s the heath ledger joker

  • Emerald_Plays 1 week ago

    I love this series so much it’s so exciting

  • Mr destructor loop 1 week ago

    Baby shark!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack Woodsford 1 week ago

    Kill the jocker

  • Lynken Starkey 1 week ago

    Is anyone Else bothered by the fact that for the other super heroes besides spider man still have the meet up version of the spider man song.Blame Kean and Neo

  • Just Kyuss 1 week ago

    I love this series

  • By_Grace 1 week ago


  • DissNuts 1 week ago

    x ray vishion trap murderer trap plez ssundee

  • mister gamer627 1 week ago

    This has ruined kids childhood

  • Jonah Black 1 week ago

    Do a Mario murder run

  • IICrazyBunnyII 1 week ago

    wow a tiebreaker

  • Henz Nicolas Alba 1 week ago

    Poision the survivers

  • liliani alim 1 week ago

    add a timer that will kill the murderer when the timer exppired and ad a for the murderer to disable the timer

  • Gary Traynor 1 week ago

    SHE LOST BY 125

  • Luka Zirdum 1 week ago

    But spiderman is marvel and superman is dc

  • Swingull 1 week ago

    Do a Simpsons or family guy murder

  • IceTooBig 1 week ago

    Baby Shark Murder!!

  • raizen random Acabado 1 week ago

    Do hatchet murder

  • imthehellhound 1 week ago

    How about a nudge/catapult trap?It would be for both teams this time,and nudge would come in a pack of 5 but catapult is in a pack of 1.The nudge has no cooldown.Basicly the nudge shifts you 3 blocks in the direction your moving.The catapult is basicly a catapult,you get launched!I would say its a stack of stars,but thats up to you.

  • DUNGEON BO55 1 week ago

    Guys when your done do a montach of the best kills and do the kill where ssundde jumped out the window

  • raizen random Acabado 1 week ago

    I got an idea first you will got 8 stacks of nether stars get the corruption trap and the thing that teleports you to a player then the other player will be a murderer use the warp thingy so the other murderer will kill it like if you agree

  • Tristan Plays 1 week ago

    Joker Or Derp Ssundee *Joker*

  • the pug master 1 week ago

    I like how everyone is DC. oh whats that maddie oh your the only one from marvel.

  • Big Mac10028 Big Mac10028 1 week ago

    Madly should start her own channel

  • Daniel Goedhuis 1 week ago

    This is DC and Marvel whyyyyyyyy :*(

  • Rowena Pacleb 1 week ago

    make ian and madulin channel

  • Christine Celedonio 1 week ago

    Please do pacman next

  • Giselle Vigan 1 week ago

    This guy

  • Krytz 1 week ago

    Hallwoeen Theme!

  • Isagani Jaena 1 week ago

    make a trap that make the killer where he came from if you agree

  • A Random User 1 week ago

    My goodness…

  • Tipawan Ganton 1 week ago


  • Iustin G 1 week ago

    Hider Trap Idea:
    The Gonna go fast Trap
    If the killer is near,gives the hider a speed 4 effect for 10 seconds,to outrun the killer also the gonna go fast song plays
    it should cost a stack of nether stars
    if you wanna add this kehaan or neo,please use a lapis block as the item

  • Angel Lozado 1 week ago

    Do a clash royal

  • trca LLC 1 week ago

    You Derp SSundee are beutiful. have a good day :]

  • Excelsis Deo Baldonado 1 week ago

    Do my little pony

  • Inspectre 1 week ago

    Do overwatch theme

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