• Kehaan 8 months ago

    The parkur maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay have been a little hard xD
    I hope everyone enjoyed this weeks blocks and game 😀 Which theme should we do next?

  • ThE_KiD _PeRfEcT 8 months ago

    hi i am nice

  • Reuben Groot 8 months ago

    yo sundee i like yo wife mo then you make a video and see her reaction shr is so much more entaining and hot post called fan likes my wife?????????????????????????? if your goining to dose this email me and i willright her poemes for the vid i want to do this its going to be hilarious

  • Yolo Matrix 8 months ago

    This new content with his wife makes me want to die

  • LS Zoologist 8 months ago

    When i die i want all of these songs at my funeral

    No not really they are all pretty stupid i just wanted to say that

  • Sarthak Agrawal 8 months ago

    alright it’s confirmed, kehaan watches grandayy

  • TyTy_321 8 months ago

    I like sponge Bob too 🤓

  • Captin Jack Sparrow 8 months ago

    “Brilliant” was from Harry Potter I think

  • John Stringer 8 months ago

    How does he not know any memes that keean plays

  • Eugene Wolffe 8 months ago

    They finally removed regen!

  • Theresa Cervantes 8 months ago

    Keep making more episodes of lucky blocks you’re the best

  • richie segal 8 months ago

    Do the cobblestone challenge

  • Andre Wang 8 months ago


  • Richard Miller 8 months ago

    maddy you just need to really get better

  • J RAYZ 8 months ago

    I love that Madelyn is playing with you ssundee I really love you guys😙😙😗☺

  • Lavaboy2682 8 months ago

    I feel like Ssundee likes cobblestone more than Madelyn

  • HyoJun Chun 8 months ago


  • YuanGaming//YG 8 months ago

    hahahahaha peter parkour

  • Mary JO Behnke 8 months ago

    hehe I love this kind of video say CHIKEN in the comments ☺♡♡☆♢

  • Tsunami Yt 8 months ago

    the funny part is my grandma just died, IM PLAYING ALL OF THESE

  • Edward Cross 8 months ago

    Just a quick question does anybody know why ssundee wears earphones and headphones?

  • Cody Bondhus 8 months ago

    u should start another pixelmon seeies but with maddie

  • Do the flash lucky block

  • James Woods 8 months ago

    hi I’m 1 of ur bigest fan 😍😘😻

  • Jameson Todd 8 months ago

    You should try some ffa or 3v1 and some boy vs girl

  • Pat Lucero 8 months ago

    love you lol

  • Mr. stingray 8 months ago

    did ssundee cuss??? and next u should do csgo if u did make a power ranger then

  • Pat Lucero 8 months ago

    you forgot to show the art of the block lol

  • Hatenate 8 months ago


  • Bigbrother646 8 months ago

    Ssundee’s real name is Ian Stapleton

  • Andrew Martin 8 months ago

    why is this one so cringe gaaa

  • Boi Yeah 8 months ago


  • Batman is life 8 months ago


  • Venom 8 months ago

    how do they make their skype so unstatic because whenever i did it was all static

  • KyverXZ27 8 months ago

    welp maddie sucks

  • Dark Dystroyer 8 months ago

    -75 nether stars

  • Charles Villarin 8 months ago

    Ssunde keeps forgetting to showcase the lucky block

  • theReal Lapras 8 months ago

    be nice

  • foxy_da_pirate fnaf 8 months ago

    Whenever I see soul sand = life I think stop it get some help

  • Honey alvina dela gente 8 months ago


  • Anarchy gaming 8 months ago

    It funeral themed because uncle Ben is dead

  • Max Burdett 8 months ago

    At the start you missed an emerald block

  • Shadow boy209 8 months ago

    Everytime i skip time i always saw ssundee’s smile xD

  • BobbyTheBabyBob YT 8 months ago

    Thinking about it.. I kinda miss Crainer VS Ssundee videos..

  • IFieryMonster 8 months ago

    I have an idea for a very lucky block if you use the emblem the sign should go like this *If soul sand is = life you should take, (any valuable emeralds, diamond , gold or a beacon).*
    btw I’m not getting likes, sooo

    like if you agree 😉

    like if you agree 😉

  • Chlod Aidan Alejandro 8 months ago


    – SSundee 2017

  • lasteniabarsallo 8 months ago

    tbh i liked the parts where they were just ssundee and crainer alone

  • Eric Vo 8 months ago

    i dont like the wives and how they are part of the series

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