• TheNeymar Sheep 7 months ago

    ‘Can we get 8 likes’
    Gets 50k likes

  • Lopo The 7 months ago


  • Lopo The 7 months ago

    Subscribe to my channel please

  • Nikita P 7 months ago

    Do a reacting vid on fall of the Jake paul

  • What the saxophone music the really good one called?

  • oO-_Dreamzz_-oO Dreamzz 7 months ago

    The intro I’m sleep

  • Chris Yoon 7 months ago

    Hit that like button

  • xXTboyXx Sol 7 months ago

    Luv u

  • Emerald Miner 7 months ago


  • Plasmaguy 7 months ago


  • CamGaming 7 months ago


  • Kermit the f Frog 7 months ago

    Not gonna even lie. Sonic fine asf

  • Elijah Quicho 7 months ago

    I love russel

  • Ghetto Boyz 7 months ago

    I know who said it’s muffin time I sall it in smg4 ceack him out

  • Ralph Moore 7 months ago

    The cow thing is from asdf movies

  • Skystalker 007 7 months ago

    Jake Paul sucks. Filthy Frank is better.

  • NVITUS Gaming & more 7 months ago

    sound corny

  • Hayden Lomeli 7 months ago

    memes were from asdf movie

  • marco far 7 months ago

    LoL Maddie Does Not Know Who Jake Paul Is

  • My name Is jeff 7 months ago


  • Samantha Playz 7 months ago

    ssundee do a goku lucky block challenge like if you agree

  • Dead Pool 7 months ago

    why dosnt maddie have a YT

  • Matt Bartrom 7 months ago

    craner and TIER ARE POOO

  • REALISTIC_GAMING 7 months ago

    Sundee make a disstrack

  • Village Emerald 7 months ago

    Spoiler Warning

    Ssundee is the purrtiesd

  • lukalad ioblox 7 months ago

    I hate to say it but I kinda wish they would go back to just ssundee vs crainer I don’t know there was just something about last series I’m not hating or anything please don’t comment to me that I’m hating I love ssundee I just wish he would go back to normal where it’s just him and crainer

  • Blue RIm Coral 7 months ago

    Maddie: ohhh
    Ian: EWWWW
    Maddie: Our eyes don’t really match um but-

    The More You Know

  • Watercybrid Master 7 months ago

    Thea pleas go to the BATH and chance you close why ssunndee beat the crap out of you

  • PT clan 7 months ago

    The cow pretending to be a man is from this thing called asdf movie

  • mr.pikachu and sidekick squirtle 7 months ago

    say in normal voice

    its every day bro

  • JACK NETWORK 7 months ago

    I love sonic

  • Dave Pot 7 months ago

    He was about to say dildo

  • pug playz 7 months ago

    THE COW PRETENDING TO BE A MAN I adsf movie series (not kid friendly by TomSka)

  • Galaxy Girl 7 months ago

    He got nothing for Barney!! lol

  • the diamond life 7 months ago

    ssundee the muffin wanting to die is from asdf movies there funny

  • Harry Clarke 7 months ago

    The Alan are you a cow is from asdf movie 1-10

  • Harry Clarke 7 months ago

    Who the **** is jake Paul

  • Phil Benavides 7 months ago

    Why u hating on jake paul

  • Luan Loud Fan 7 months ago

    Can you do tmnt challange please

  • Alfred Rushaj 7 months ago

    On the pretty off it was actually a tie if u do the maths

  • Dirt Scammer 7 months ago

    welp atleast kehaan knows growtopia

  • Reuben Lowry 7 months ago

    When Ssundee asks kehaan “where do you find these things” I just scream “How do YOU not know about these memes and vids!!!”

  • Sharkzilla Gaming 7 months ago

    Who remembers Jones barbeque foot massage.

  • MINERVA KAREN GUZMAN 7 months ago

    they suckered.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ChilledFire456 7 months ago


  • ubaldo silva 7 months ago


  • 49ers Fan52 7 months ago

    ssundees last words will be “enough sell out”

  • Gaming Scott 7 months ago

    How does SSundee not know the asdf movie…

  • MicoIsAwesome Srsly 7 months ago


  • Wither warrior 7 months ago

    Ssundee that’s the muffin song look it up

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