• Abdullah AR 1 week ago


  • SONNYGAMERBOY 1 week ago

    Hello I love your channel sadly I lost all my mods 😭

  • רועי אהרון חדיף 1 week ago

    Npc mod

  • KJ Red Devil 1 week ago

    3 comment & 2 Like 😀

  • HAIKAL PGM 1 week ago


  • ranko gamer 1 week ago

    Waw cool mod but why it isnt work for 1.2

  • Franky The Survivor 1 week ago

    You are best!!!
    Ты ЛУЧШИЙ,мать твою…

  • jordon OMG 1 week ago


  • Angela Addington 1 week ago

    Woah so cool I loved the vid!

  • best reverse magic omar 1 week ago

    nice video I liked it

  • SayGaming -Void 1 week ago


  • yasar khan 1 week ago

    fight again next episode please

  • vanessa williams 1 week ago


  • HydraTNTBOOM TeamBoom 1 week ago

    i would fight u both

  • Oneida Clarke 1 week ago

    I know Mark would win!!!

  • GreenEnderman BG 1 week ago

    Ooohhh Mark is a jerk

  • Jay Jeff 1 week ago

    You can do dragon ballz mod plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Unicorn zuzi 1 week ago

    Yuo ar best

  • Joseph Gamer 1 week ago

    Make another vid about the blender

  • Nateal Jacobs 1 week ago

    love your videos I’m a big friend

  • Kevin Roman 1 week ago

    Why didn’t you get more soldiers?

  • David Marmer 1 week ago


  • TeaHouse Director 1 week ago

    I think you should fight unspeakable

  • sis and bro 1 week ago

    Mark is the best

  • sis and bro 1 week ago

    And u

  • Elizabeth Kaylor 1 week ago


  • Julian Films 1 week ago

    Can you fight dantdm with populermmos

  • mittali mittal 1 week ago


  • Mark Joseph Dimaculangan 1 week ago

    Fihte me i am a youtuber

  • Stanley Drawing 1 week ago

    MC Naveed – Minecraft & Roblox and MORE BUT YOU NOT PLAYING Roblox.!!!!!!

  • Ace Caroc 1 week ago

    i got clkickbaited

  • Mr.bushido Fish 1 week ago

    Hello naveed, i love every single of your video and they are so awesome please make it more

  • Kunghoihlun Khuptong 1 week ago

    Wow buddy

  • Kunghoihlun Khuptong 1 week ago

    Wow buddy 100

  • Flavia M 1 week ago


  • Shehzad Mahmood 1 week ago

    how do you get that mode naveed i wish i could

  • DarthJyziah 1 week ago

    I realized what I did was was wrong, and acted before thinking. You just wanted a good thumbnail for your viewers not clickbait. I hope you forgive me but please don’t say it’s ok.

  • Denahnhkhhjmm Shadytoutityry 1 week ago


  • The Top Ten 1 week ago

    This was a super cool vid Naveed! I think you should fight against Grian.

  • خالد سالم 1 week ago

    fight over dantdm

  • Jacqueline Clermont 1 week ago

    keep the moves dude

  • Sam Isaiah Padilla 1 week ago

    Great fight you too mc naved your so cool and mark too

  • Shady Thank you 1 week ago

    Can’t you downloading videos mark the jerk his face is noob zombie you gonna win you pro

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