We are playing Morph Hide and Seek as Snow Golems!
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  • Music Headset 3 months ago

    Do u no de whey?

  • Zotel 3 months ago

    Uhh hate to break it to you pat but I do use some of your vids as go to sleep / background sounds 😀

  • Mystery For Now 3 months ago

    I noticed that jen always kills all the mobs and When She has to hide pat doesnt place more, and When it was pats turn to hide he placed more mobs :/

  • jemma thompson 3 months ago

    we all LOVE YOU GUYS AND but-face

  • ido kaminsky 3 months ago

    1:14 it’s almost 40 do you even know witch year are we?

  • Riley Pierce 3 months ago

    Play gta5

  • Thegamingdeadpool 3 months ago

    You guys the best

  • Kel E 3 months ago

    I love you Jen and Pat your the best YouTubers ever. I’ve been watching your videos for 3 years. Plz answer my comment

  • Alex Matthews 3 months ago

    looopks like amr

  • Riley Pierce 3 months ago

    Love u guys

  • Phuc Ho 3 months ago

    Play cuphead here a tip the fish woman hit the head the robot the lazer

  • Mr Liu 3 months ago

    Pat is a butt_face

  • wafa al mazrooei 3 months ago

    Hi pat! Ur so amazing I love ur videos! They make me feel better thank you for saving the sad children’s

  • Marysia Marszalek 3 months ago

    Pat I am sad because my mum died today ): but you made my day better than ever (: but I’m still a little sad that my mum died

  • Buttsagonton 3 months ago

    comeback of pat

  • kayley vlogz 3 months ago

    Hey pat and Jen I love you guys Jen your laugh inspires me I don’t no how pat your videos inspire me keep up the good work I love you❤

  • JJ and Dino 3 months ago

    They look like bees

  • Ethan Roche 3 months ago

    20 years ago would have been 1998 that’s not the 80’s 😂

  • zoe lewis 3 months ago

    Pat can u wish me happy birthday because my birthday is tomorrow the 5th of Feb

  • Millie Owens 3 months ago

    It’s my birthday today and it would mean the world to me if you gave me a shoutout. That would be an amazing birthday present.

  • XxJodie BorthwickxX 3 months ago

    You should play hide and seek with ldshadow lady

  • XDevil 999GodX 3 months ago

    At 19:50 I saw Jen walk over and I couldn’t stop laughing

  • Parker Chinen 3 months ago

    rip jen

  • Endoverload 3 months ago

    I thougt this was a burning map

  • L B TV 3 months ago

    Naruto staff please please

  • N Shoge 3 months ago

    No roblox 😃😒

  • Alexaaa Donayre 3 months ago

    You should take a way the name tags of the player so the person hidden won’t know were the seeker is, because pat is ninja dodging jen

  • Little Puffin 3 months ago

    Do the lion king hide and seek

  • GRANT COLLYER 3 months ago

    Jen always makes me laf

  • AprilTheFool GT 3 months ago


  • Ksenya Khodjakhanova 3 months ago

    Love u

  • Minecraft tutorials on Planes,Trains and more 0 3 months ago

    Remember what happend before when she read the rules

  • LJMS 165 3 months ago

    Poor jen

  • Boss Chicken 3 months ago


  • edible banana 3 months ago

    Play Bendy and the ink machine

  • Da Otter Otter 3 months ago


  • Marilou B G 3 months ago

    Butt face LOL haha butt face

  • The best guy ever 3 months ago

    But face is weird lol 😂

  • Draconite Dragon 3 months ago

    The Snow Golem Looks Like a SnowMan That Is Doing PushUps!!..

  • BEYBLADE BURST Master 3 months ago

    jen should have 13 million subs now

  • James Bowes 3 months ago

    Roblocks is rubbish dont bother with it

  • Dennis Fuster 3 months ago

    Can u guys play league of legends like if agree =)

  • DEATH ALL 3 months ago


  • Helän 3 months ago

    Map download?

  • Ava_gamer 2018 3 months ago

    De ending though when jen us getting hit by beetles XD

  • Lexi Wood 3 months ago

    *Hi Pat and Jen!!!You make me laugh soooooo much!!!!*

  • Lilia Połeć 3 months ago

    I LoVe YOUU l-o-v-e

  • Antonio Kim 3 months ago

    they’re recording are kinda laggy today though.

  • XxDragon _GamerxX 3 months ago

    when ma friend is mad at me she calls me a butt face,I call here a brainless giraffe cuz she’s the tall one

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