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    Wow your skin looks cool in this video is that a mod it reminds me of something from the Nintendo 64 you know what would be the perfect music for that place the under water level music from super mario 64 game and for kraken kid’s evil lair perfect music is the music from bowers castle from super mario RPG I don’t know I’m just thinking out of the top of my head and thinking out of the box

    Edit: you finally killed Cody you can finally rule the sea as a kraken would and I can rule the galaxy as a space pirate *starts laughing like flowey from undertale*

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    Okay, so this is possibly one of the longest comments that I’ve ever written, but maybe I can still make this work, as I’m using it to clear up the confusion as to who’s good or evil in the Realm of Atlantis. BTW, I’m going to post this comment multiple times, so I apologise, if you start seeing this everywhere and it starts getting annoying. Let’s start with all of the evil things that Kraken Kid has done.
    Poisoning the Atlantis nexus, releasing corrupted water into the open, using Cody as a slave, robbing a bank and a hospital, hacking TheAtlanticCraft and threatening to delete it, letting cannibal crab build an army of zombies, stealing Cody’s hatchimal egg, unleashing a virus into all of Atlantis, teaching kids at school how to be evil villains, tried to drain the water out of Atlantis, tried to either destroy or take over Atlantis, worked with criminals and monsters, killing people whether they be Atlantean, Tide Changer or neither, showed signs of cruelty and anger, well maybe not realy an evil, thing more of a personality thing, but it still happens from time to time.
    Now for all of the good things that Cody has done.
    Working as a doctor at two hospitals, helping the people of Atlantis in times of need, holding funerals for good people, working as a lawyer at one point, trying to negotiate with other people, only to be interrupted, trying to apologize to Kraken Kid about killing him, treating his hatchimal egg, which just so happened to be a shark dog, like his own child, teaching kids at school the right lessons, helping an innocent person in the overworld, trying to bring Christmas to Atlantis.
    Before you make an argument that Kraken Kid also did good stuff and that Cody has done some evil things in the Atlantis series, or would even be evil in Dream Craft and Fellowship, it’s true, Kraken Kid does do good things and does seem kind, but, like I said, he has shown signs of cruelty and anger,AND, a little something to point out, Cody did NOT kidnap Baby Blooper, during the attack on the conch command, professor Pikalus is the one responsible and he did it despite being told not to, Another thing, when Cody killed Kraken Kid, he didn’t mean to be a murderer, he got angry after seeing Joe’s sword, also, Dream Craft and Fellowship are not canon, or at least I don’t think they are canon, despite the Atlantis Star Wars videos that Cody and Kraken Kid made, but other than that, there’s never been any real connection between either of the two modded survival series or the Atlantis roleplays, not only that, but Dream Craft and Fellowship are older than Atlantis Adventures and were never actually confirmed as part of the same continuity as the Atlantis roleplays. Next , I want to talk about names, I know names aren’t important, but trust me, the tide changer leaders are named KRAKEN Kid and CANNIBAL Crab, not only that but their names describe what they are. Krakens, according to ancient mythology, are giant squids that are known to tear apart ships and pull them into the ocean. A cannibal is a person who eats other people, or with this guy, he eats other crabs, and that’s all I’ve got. By the way, does anyone else notice that Kraken Kid’s name sounds kind of like the Infamous American outlaw named Billy the Kid? If so that would explain why he was a cowboy in Kings of Atlantis, which, probably isn’t canon either, unfortunately. Anyways, One last thing that I want to point out, If Kraken Kid, Cannibal Crab, and Baby blooper are heroes, then why is it that Kraken Kid and Cannibal Crab have their video series entitled by the same name, Minecraft Villains, and Blooper’s is called Baby Villains? Is it a joke or do they even know what the term “villain” actually means? Maybe Blooper doesn’t know, but with Kraken Kid and Cannibal Crab, maybe not so much.
    And that’s all that I’ve got for what I can say to clear up the confusion. Like this comment if you agree, want to spread the word, or just think it’s a good comment, whichever way it is, I want this comment to be seen by everyone who thinks Cody being the good guy and Kraken Kid being the bad guy is the other way around, so that they know why they are wrong.

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    Im sad pikales stoped the minecraft atlantis series );

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