The Challenge Games begin and we must fight the Snake Man!


  • PopularMMOs 3 weeks ago

    Woot! She got it right!! Been a long time….

  • Iyah Rico 3 weeks ago

    I got kinda sad when he said it looks like wolverine because if you saw Logan you would know because at the end😥😔

  • Stabby The Unicorn Queen 3 weeks ago


  • Juan Duran 3 weeks ago

    Pat what you said

  • kayla lightbourne 3 weeks ago

    Jen finally got it right

  • Nam Thiet Hung PHAN 3 weeks ago

    Yo mama’s pole dancing

  • Kento10 3 weeks ago

    it was thorns that kill you

  • Angel Lopez 3 weeks ago

    Your cool

  • Nam Thiet Hung PHAN 3 weeks ago

    Why didn’t u keep da milk?! It could cure the poison for a few moments!

  • Mr. GoOgLeYeS25 3 weeks ago

    Funniest episode ever
    1. Jens zombie mother as a stripper on a pole
    2. The snake maid not mace

  • Torrestar 13 3 weeks ago

    Why does pat say so weirdly

  • jordan jackson 3 weeks ago

    No dont give her your blocks!

  • jordan jackson 3 weeks ago

    I like it when u win

  • Juanito Buedad 3 weeks ago

    Pat: seriously i have nothing from this 2 lucky blocks
    Me:😑😑😑(slapped my forehead) look at your inventory!!!😂😂😂

  • sans comic 3 weeks ago

    rip pat

  • Darius Mixon 3 weeks ago

    Why haven’t u added the Emerald for diamonds trade yet , that should be a new trade in case u get to many emeralds u can just get diamonds instead ?

  • Dominator Gaming 3 weeks ago

    ” if wolverine had 2 fingers ” Pat

  • TheRainbowCatsYT 3 weeks ago

    Once I was 11 years old my mama told me to skip these ads or I will be lonely!

  • Elzbieta Cyka 3 weeks ago

    11:13 got me laughing so bad and then Jen falls in the river

  • handynando the builder tutorials 3 weeks ago

    Hhhhhhhhhhhhhh… she got it right!

  • Kawaii Shane Playz 3 weeks ago

    Pat u should have climb the walls since u have that spider pants thingie and since u can kill far away a bit u should have killed the snake man while u were in the wall

  • Adrienne Pompeo 3 weeks ago

    10:29 Yo-Mama pole dancer

  • Dang Pham 3 weeks ago

    Pat a fisher man
    Jen a land shark

  • Luca Goodchild 3 weeks ago

    What does woot mean

  • McpePROS 3 weeks ago

    Jen = Jennyfish

  • Bigdogkel 28 3 weeks ago

    How has your day bin

  • Brian Quill 3 weeks ago


  • Jan Almojallas 3 weeks ago

    a Pat you might wanna know that it was your peter Jen did not get a peter

  • HiccFluffy YT 3 weeks ago

    you are using the wrong and weaker weapon pat. so you lost

  • Weihao GT 3 weeks ago

    Ughhhh Sub to weihaogt NOW

  • Anelda Coetzee 3 weeks ago

    Tell dantdm to play fnaf world
    If you tell him you are the best

  • DB1134 YT 3 weeks ago

    pat stop being so negative to jen that she will lose when she gave you apple
    and when your health got 1/2 a heart your not hitting the enemy because you might lose beacuse of torns

  • Filip Janes 3 weeks ago

    Pat and Jen stalkers of Snakey

  • logistics seenu 3 weeks ago

    Hi I’m following on twitter

  • Adeline West 3 weeks ago

    ughhhhh snakeman🐍👨🏻 lol

  • Teontae Johnson 3 weeks ago

    Like how they tried to play off the stripper zombie😂 acting like they didint know what that zombie was doing

  • san ju 3 weeks ago

    You give Jen way too many advantages. Im gonna stop watching this series cuz the winner can already be seen at the start because of the advantage.

  • Sief Aljaaf 3 weeks ago

    helloooooooooooo 😘

  • Kaedyn Smith 3 weeks ago

    Love your videos I’ve been subscribed for 2 years now and play more fortnite everyone loves fortnite


  • Sub Gaming 3 weeks ago

    lol the one time jen gets it right is when pat places a bet jen has been waiting

  • Alan gamer 3 weeks ago

    I think Pat should win if Pat didn’t do that deal Jen lose

  • Natalie Mcmurray 3 weeks ago

    Embrace the snake,
    Become the snake,

  • Hafiz Ianlubiz 3 weeks ago

    Where is crafting dead

  • Banapples for the win! 3 weeks ago

    Stop making great deals with jen like giving her 3 plus 80 lucky blocks, she has 8 super lucky blocks and you have only two. You do that and it gives her a huge advantage, just in the start i already know who’s gonna win. Im not hating, im giving my opinion. I know she barely wins, *but* this is *Challenge Games*

  • Kev Mal 3 weeks ago

    Im watching u naked

  • Banana Playz 3 weeks ago

    Pat, The Snakey Set prevented you from getting poisoned.

  • Wong Yong Joshua 3 weeks ago

    Did Jen know that the Snakey’s armor is Anti-Poison????

  • Stef Randy 3 weeks ago

    12:20 pat called Jen the b word

  • Hosea Shinana 3 weeks ago

    plz play human fall flat🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😎😎😎😎😪😪

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