Today we are heading to the HeroFair Theme Park!
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  • Bluswinger - Minecraft and More 3 days ago


  • supergirly puglover 3 days ago


  • Harry Potter 3 days ago


    Good job pat 👍

    So proud

    Good english btw

  • xiaoyu wei 3 days ago

    Your thumbnail says jack-S-ot but I think that you are awesome

  • Bernario 3 days ago

    Paintball was like splatoon then LOLOL

  • dolph1nch1ca 3 days ago

    If you take the bumper cars out of the area they fly

  • Spare Time 3 days ago


  • Sam MORTON 3 days ago

    On the bumper cars when Pat and Jen bumped into each other my toaster went off at the exact same time ●▽●

  • ernie gale 3 days ago


  • GamingX Xnemesis 3 days ago

    That’s not how you play paint ball

  • Cats 123 3 days ago

    Is says jacksot instead of jackpot. A u t o c o r r e c t, DAMN YOU

  • Heriberto Mendez 3 days ago

    what is 9+10=21

  • Kelly Giles 3 days ago

    Doooooooo moorree

  • Jenifer Calvillo 3 days ago

    you thing it acually took 10 hours to get 10000

  • Tiger 4 3 days ago

    Cool vid guys

  • STORMICIUS 490 3 days ago

    ha thumbnail #typo

  • Fury cat & Rainbow star cat Ziedan 3 days ago

    9:06 splatoon!

  • Lily Watson 3 days ago

    do the maze. it gives you 500 credits if you win

  • Emilee G 3 days ago

    Aug 23 is my friends brithday

  • Darren Hawks 3 days ago

    hahaha is it just me or did it say jacksot.

  • AngryCrocodile -GameZ 3 days ago

    I can be your friends 🙂

  • Hailey Adele 3 days ago

    pat: whats up dudes its papa welcome back to hero fa- COME ON
    jen:thats not how you say it its hero faired OH SHOOT

  • Joshua Chan 3 days ago

    pat gets a toaster, i yell “olay!”

  • Pat and Jen Fan 3 days ago

    Cool slots bro

  • Morris Raffoul 3 days ago


  • YANA BANANA 3 days ago

    It says

  • CLUBDONKEY 3 days ago


  • SuperMage 3 days ago


  • Christopher Ludlow 3 days ago


  • Owen Hao 3 days ago

    he look at the area

  • Owen Hao 3 days ago


  • MarshmallowsWithSuccession 3 days ago

    I love “Jacksots”, lol.

  • Starla Colorado 3 days ago


  • Tracey Mayede-Lok 3 days ago

    Wait the title says jacksot

  • christ gloalf 3 days ago


  • Julie Lauritzen 3 days ago

    In the thumbnail it says Jacksot

  • Wizardly 9 2 days ago

    In the thumbnail it said Jacksot not jackpot lol 😂

  • Tess Dota-Clemens 2 days ago


  • Death Boy123 2 days ago

    Bring back epic proportion season10 plzzzz

  • Burps Away 2 days ago


  • naufal zanes 2 days ago

    Hey pat why don’t you try to collaborate with other youtubers like ssundee he already knows you

  • ENA Noreen 2 days ago

    10 000 its not worth it in real life like u need 28 000 like that

  • anak mit 2 days ago

    Sooo fun!!

  • Kaotic Kingdom - Minecraft, Roblox, & More 2 days ago

    Spelling error confirmed

  • Maria Garcia 2 days ago

    Jen:im leaving. Jen again:wait the command! Jen you forget things like me

  • Laura Wesley AlWir 2 days ago

    Pat you got so lucky

  • Michael Short 2 days ago

    U no English bro

  • zechdium resora 2 days ago

    how can 99.9% people saying about jacksot because typo and .91% people saying about nothing!!:)

  • Jenny Overington 2 days ago


  • Jenny Overington 2 days ago

    hi pat

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