• Nathan Lopez 2 weeks ago

    The day he uploaded this video it was my birthday no kidding can I get 12 likes please I beg you

  • Rohan Kansal 2 weeks ago

    I do dearly hope that Uranus, and everybody else’s too, WON’T explode

    -me 2017

  • Hassam Nawaz 2 weeks ago

    Ssundee, you need to change the games way more. This is getting too boring. Why do you think your losing subs.

  • HewoTisDarth 2 weeks ago

    SNAD is a plastic adhesive snap component.

  • rony mahmud 2 weeks ago

    If skyfactory season 5 starts just kill me

  • The ShiningDiamond 2 weeks ago

    Simple math:


  • Angela Tristan 2 weeks ago

    Russell is such a good editor

  • William Nelson 2 weeks ago

    oh hey , the fusion crafting? the redstone clock can activate the fusion core; and it is compatible with transfer nodes and pipes in and out of the fusion core of the fusion crafting machine.

  • Hosah Niebauer 2 weeks ago

    Yay there has been no meat poles in season four

  • Arceaus98 2 weeks ago

    So if Snad is better than dirt, is Soul Snad better than dirt?

  • Ram Patel 2 weeks ago

    LOL Uranus

  • Terri N 2 weeks ago

    77k people think sand better then dirt

  • Brandy Hansen 2 weeks ago

    Lel Uranus

  • Bruh itz Kezi 2 weeks ago

    can u play overwatch again or maybe even rainbow six siege 🙂 btw happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Sappercon 75 2 weeks ago


  • Muhf Ashraf 2 weeks ago

    Ssundee you should play roblox

  • Jun Ragay 2 weeks ago

    Cobble 1,Sand 2,dirt 1,000,000,000,000,000.

  • [RR] RROCKY 2 weeks ago

    Ssundee’ dirty mind…

  • MJ gaming 2 weeks ago

    Yeah he probably will

  • Joshua Salas 2 weeks ago

    Snad better than dirt

  • y12333 gaming 2 weeks ago

    ssundee cobblestone = sand = soulsand which means you and keien are better then crainer

  • fliping art films channel & more 2 weeks ago

    I’ve not watched this guy for so long…

  • maddy ray 2 weeks ago

    But chaos dragon’s aren’t humans

  • J-sim:2000 2 weeks ago

    Get rid of the pork chopps (or use a DSU) They take a lot of storage!

  • Lord Fluffles The Tyrannical 2 weeks ago

    Ssundee:hey guys
    *does literally one thing*
    K see you guys in the next episode

  • Bdubs 765 2 weeks ago

    Bad idea crunddee

  • Anne Moore 2 weeks ago

    After this series is over I want to see them play project ozone 2

  • Brad Adult 2 weeks ago

    Why does he always laugh at everything, and gad damn quit the music

  • Mad- Aidan 2 2 weeks ago

    Crainer! What did your mother say about touching Uranus

  • xCoRruptx Vortexx 2 weeks ago

    Ian I don’t think chaos dragons are human…

  • Cesar Grimaldo 2 weeks ago

    I think his episode is going to be the “bomb”

  • PrabeshPlayz//SoulTheif 2 weeks ago

    If “Snad” is life, then what’s cobblestone?

  • charina wang 2 weeks ago

    Sand is lofe

  • Swayze Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Doors 🚪 = life

  • Goof Tunes 2 weeks ago

    “Chaos Dragons are terrible human beings!😣”
    Ssundee, 2017

    *sigh* Why Ssundee, why? Why do you make me cry?

  • Brendan Bean 2 weeks ago

    did anyone see that poor squid fall

  • RED plays 2 weeks ago

    isnt it actually part of minecrafts programming the sugar cane grows fate on sand then dirt?

  • jesus benitez 2 weeks ago

    i watched this dude sice prison break or something like that now hes boring but I still watch him cuz hes like a memory to me

  • Hallowizer 2 weeks ago

    Chaos dragons are not terrible human beings, they are literally dragons

  • JamSoyMilkWhales 2 weeks ago

    Snad > Dirt

  • Fabian Moreno 2 weeks ago

    This is how u blew up the world on season 3 finale, get rid of it

  • TwistedSage 2 weeks ago

    In this episode, Ssundee injects uranus and tells Crainer to pee on it.

  • Lightning Boss 2 weeks ago

    Wait doesn’t that mean the tickspeed on the generators increased?????

  • megadon2 2 weeks ago


  • DeathMaster 1523 2 weeks ago

    Human beings?… I don’t think so…

  • Xpert Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Subs me I also upload mc videos

  • Grand 1234 Hane09 2 weeks ago

    Crainer keeps on saying “Why did you give me this pickaxe?” When he was the one that made it

  • Nguyễn Linh 2 weeks ago

    Um… is this fin?

  • Owl Fred Hoo 2 weeks ago

    I died when he said Uranus XD and that part where everything they love goes Boom XD

  • phrobss V4 2 weeks ago

    Craners darker past that sundee put an nuke reactor

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