SSundee and Crainer take on a crazy strong boss!
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  • SSundum 325 8 months ago

    Make a dimension of infinite octuple compressed cobblestone

  • wahyudin43 8 months ago

    i think its………HEROBRINE?! 🙁

  • Hamzee 8 months ago

    THE COMMENT SECTION IS LAVA!!! Like to be safe! if you like is *Odd* = you DIE! if its *Even* = you SURVIVE! Comment what happens to you! *good luck!*

  • Shawno bot 8 months ago

    ssundee some good armor is the terrasteel armor from botania

  • Fawzi Madanat 8 months ago

    he’s the only child friendly channel left on youtube

  • PyroLetsPlays 8 months ago

    SSundee. information for you. if you are on ritual of gaia II. you are pretty much dead. i have draconic armor and staff of power and the draconic bow and i almost died. GL HF 😀

  • GlitchdayIDC 8 months ago

    behold my iron cleaver ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Michael Pineda 8 months ago

    hey ssundee that boss try to to be there but it’s really strong you have a chance to spawn mobs lot of them

  • Troy Brown 8 months ago

    Ssundee……..,”it is your week, you purple haired freak.” 👏👏👏👏

  • CherryGrl1987 8 months ago

    Ssundee, I have an idea for your next plan when it’s your week

  • CherryGrl1987 8 months ago

    Try to make a ritual that will make you REALLY op!

  • CherryGrl1987 8 months ago

    And I mean OP

  • TacoBro DoesSTUFF 8 months ago

    Sitting in a wheel chair like yaaaasssss

  • CherryGrl1987 8 months ago

    And I’m Ayden

  • CherryGrl1987 8 months ago

    (Ps, put these comments in your video plz)

  • Juuzou Suzuya 8 months ago

    ok boss I have arrived will need something to counter act the wither effect look for any item that negate wither witherless roses will be ok
    2. no matter what the moron behind the mod botania set it so the boss can only take a certain amount of damage even with a 1000000 damage item it will take like 25 damage
    3. do it aways from your base because Gaia guardian 2 summons mobs
    4.draconic armor will help so much at negating damage
    hope I was able to help

  • S. Gonzalez 8 months ago


  • MostSuperior31Gamez _ 8 months ago

    Meat middle meat castle purple winner’s

  • Tony Kap 8 months ago

    So lemme get this straight. Y’all have floors made of diamond, but haven’t gotten a smeltery yet

  • Branden Sportsman 8 months ago

    cobblestone is life

  • Landoncope 901 8 months ago

    Best Sky Factory Ever

  • Rohan Kaghan 8 months ago

    ssundee you really need better armor so you should start draconic evolution soon

  • Terence Shields 8 months ago

    New rule don’t hate on dirt or cobblestone

  • Terence Shields 8 months ago

    Like if agree

  • stevan nicholas eddy 8 months ago

    if yoy happy im happy too ssundee about the ritual…lel

  • Yuuki Asuna-san 8 months ago

    True and genuine fans remember Team Jelq

  • mark17255 8 months ago

    You should play minecraft wif Lancy and also dude because I’m I’ve watched you most reseated video it’s so hard to find a YouTube as awesome as you men and no joke my dream is to play minecraft (sky factory or something like it) wif you and Lancy.

  • Caitlin Briscoe 8 months ago


  • Caitlin Briscoe 8 months ago

    i am a girl

  • SuperIronGolem 8 months ago

    Ssundee i have an idea but i dont think it will work but here it is:
    you know the green power generator?
    i think u can probably make a dimension WITH FULL OF THEM so u will hqve endless amount!
    idk if it will work but plz give it a try!

  • AMRI BINTI ABD. RAHMAN - 8 months ago

    crainer:I want Madelyn

    I laugh so bad

  • Dominic Mendoza 8 months ago

    also i forgot to mention the green ingot terrasteel… make the sword it does 10 dmg but when you try to melee the enemies​ from afar it sends a lazer that does 20 dmg i believe or 10 but it does work because ive completed botania before and it took me a very long time and also you might wanna compare some of the botania armors like the terrasteel and bluesteel something like that or the blue ingot or pink diamonds or pink ingots if so… one of them might turn out to be better than the living armor…

  • moots and moots 8 months ago

    Y is it so big Mr.Crainer 2017

  • Da_epic _ranga 8 months ago

    Did anyone else have a boss baby ad

  • eddie wally 8 months ago

    Who loved the training montage

  • fl111 da Icy Phoenix 8 months ago


    the ritual..
    aura kingdom..
    pink gaia crystals..
    get it?
    okay, goodnight

  • Angelito Icaro 8 months ago

    hey ssundee you can make a orb dimension made out of draconium blocks the red things

  • jane chan 8 months ago

    omg wow

  • jane chan 8 months ago

    crainer said he has long hair

  • Clorox bleach 8 months ago

    80% OFF

  • XxxoverlordxxX 34444 8 months ago

    I wish minecraft is that hard

  • TᕼE ICE ᗪᖇᗩGOᑎᔕ 2 8 months ago


  • NBA ADDICT 8 months ago

    WTF! The song is OP!!!

  • NBA ADDICT 8 months ago

    Sinong gustong manalo sila Ssundee?!
    Comment Na!

  • SteamPunks Yt 8 months ago

    What is SkyFactory Version for MC

  • Justin van Zuilekom 8 months ago

    It’s a good hardrock track. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • 9lumabi 8 months ago

    brown hair brown hair brown hair brown hair brown hair brown hair brown hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Hasty Meerkat67 8 months ago

    Your life for iaer

  • Hasty Meerkat67 8 months ago

    The or is set let racksear comins

  • Hasty Meerkat67 8 months ago

    All star craft refrinsis

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