• thunder claw 44 1 month ago

    Hay barny

  • foxy gaming 1 month ago

    leve him in there

  • Jakeonstixx234 1 month ago

    Sky factory 5?

  • Kool Ben 1 month ago

    craner looks like barny

  • Daniel Neilson 1 month ago

    i love that new pixelmon series that my favorite series

  • Gobbles the Gengar 1 month ago

    Ok one, you were in the End, not the Nether so srsly?

  • Klaudio Gjura 1 month ago

    Make dragons

  • DTi56 1 month ago

    and welcome to jacka-

  • Gaming With Ryan 1 month ago

    The Reviving Ender dragon Thing Is Vanilla Minecraft

  • Logan Petri 1 month ago

    but jack but tho

  • VortexPhoenix72 1 month ago

    Use your clock wand

  • simon roberts 1 month ago

    When I heard syringe , I went full Ana and went :YOUR POWERED UP, GET IN DERE

  • The Tablet Gamer 1 month ago

    That was the end… not the nether😑

  • Pete Magan 1 month ago


  • Ye ern tick Benjamin 1 month ago

    Sundee Why dO We nEed aLl ThIS fOrrRRrr?

  • Skylar 22045 1 month ago

    Ssundee,lancy,and crainer all in one series now that wood be something like if you agree

  • Robin Clooney 1 month ago

    ender dragons destroy blocks

  • Nora Zepeda 1 month ago


  • Diamond Ssword13 1 month ago

    It’s not part of Sky Factory, respawning the Ender Dragon is Vanilla

  • Justin boucher 1 month ago

    Make a vanilla you crainer maddie thea

  • Jack Far 1 month ago

    # Crainer is a Barney

  • Jack Far 1 month ago


  • Madhu Premkumar 1 month ago

    cobble is better than sand like if u agree dislike if u disagree

  • Hunter zolomon 1 month ago

    Can you make a orb world with gold so you can have infinite gapples

  • Qui Nguyen 1 month ago


  • SootiestJarl519 1 month ago

    lol jack butt

  • SootiestJarl519 1 month ago

    that “ritual” is in vanilla 1.9

  • Qui Nguyen 1 month ago


  • Klyed Klyed 1 month ago

    Is that Barney with Ssundee’s where is MrCrainer

  • DesmondPlayz 1 month ago

    where is derpssundee

  • Elyfly 1 month ago


  • SuperToto777 1 month ago

    Summon a dragon is not a ritual (im not english?)

  • Nuclear Blaze 1 month ago

    i know what i would beat with something….
    i would beat the shit out of thea with my dick .!.

  • Phenx 1 month ago

    Use the dice of fate right click it

  • Hallowizer 1 month ago

    The Enders dragon can destroy cobblestone, sorry 🙁

  • Kali Keliihoomalu 1 month ago

    jordan and xeen would be so jealous

  • Chitra Jagadeesan 1 month ago

    Ssunde Do not know when you summon Ender Dragon every in end, but not world you can the wing from.

  • Mr Yazzer 1 month ago

    Guess Crainer hit that bell

  • noah Fields 1 month ago


  • Ken MCRP 1 month ago


  • Jane the killer 1 month ago

    Ssunde: we need to beat some thing whit some thing
    crainer: is this some resit to reel?
    me: wtf?

  • Galaxy Plays HD 1 month ago

    Why doesnt he open the dice

  • Jorgen Jacobson 1 month ago

    WHERES EP 26

  • Jorgen Jacobson 1 month ago


  • Myles Moore 1 month ago

    Shame it’s a shame how these needs do not know that this rituals actually in vanilla Minecraft that’s complete shame

  • CloudV YT 1 month ago

    Crainer rip hahah

  • Js MoDDeRs 1 month ago

    Actually its not only modded you can also do the same thing with vannila minecraft

  • Asger Kristensen 1 month ago

    Anyone else realized it said travel to the bottom of the NETHER and not end?

  • Alyssa Maynard 1 month ago

    if u end the series make the last video with keehan

  • Frostbytes Frost 1 month ago

    First day as God ssundee I don’t think I wanna absorb a river or savanah

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