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  • Crazy Dave 6 months ago

    The first one is a Kamehameha. The new one is a X100 Big Bang Kamehameha.

    Me:CRAINER that’s orange

    Almost infinite
    Tell that to ssundee’s ram

  • Taylor Jenkins 6 months ago


  • Elliot Clancy 6 months ago


  • Christian Perez 6 months ago

    8 ms in my bank account

  • Gordon Lou 6 months ago

    Don’t you just hate it when ssundee and Crainer misuse dragonball/ dragonball z references

  • Gordon Lou 6 months ago

    It’s not a kamehameha

  • Gordon Lou 6 months ago

    You add a lens of death or whatever it’s called to the atomic reconstructer so that you can kill Crainer

  • Dexter I. 6 months ago

    Ian you are a freaking ginus I think it’s going to be full by next episode try & get one trillion rf a tick

  • prs TDM 6 months ago

    Fight that op boss that plays rock music when you spawn

  • Poorest GT 6 months ago

    Those Balls Are Huge!

  • GaMzEe MaKaRa 6 months ago

    Don’t forget to chuck on all your upgrades for the armor and weapons

  • OpinionNation z 6 months ago

    It is actually quintillion.

  • Awesomepupers Gaming 6 months ago

    Dirt + dirt equals life

  • James Doherty 6 months ago

    The next sky factory 4 is the last epoisode

  • VINCENT #352 6 months ago

    I saw an ad about battery’s in this video

  • Soyboy Sauce 6 months ago

    Btw that number is 9.223 quintillion

  • FIREBONE45 ps4 and irl 6 months ago


  • Vanncio Lumins 6 months ago

    There’s no such thing as Quintrillion

  • 1-UP Gaming 6 months ago

    Quintillion, quinTILLION Ssundee. Not quintrillion, QUIN T I L L I O N.

  • Axyl Brown 6 months ago

    you are the best youtuber ever

  • Legedary Alexx 6 months ago

    Thanks for the ep 35 on sky factory Ssundee.

  • Galaxy Games 6 months ago

    boi the number is 9.2 quintillion not quintrillion

  • Geometry Dash Derpenator 6 months ago

    quintillion, not quintrilion

  • Fire Elemental Nation 6 months ago

    Ssundee make some vlogs!! Like if you agree

  • Goiman 6 months ago

    his episode is the episode number for the season finale for season 2 and NOW your getting to this

  • Dylan Underwood 6 months ago

    It’s actually 9.2 septillion, get it right ssundee

  • Logan MacRae 6 months ago

    18 likes! He got just that much and no more!

  • Jacob Lubis 6 months ago

    Stop saying wierlessly. So complicated

  • Minh Nguyen 6 months ago

    Please maKe 10more video ssundee / |

  • Poseidon Gaming 6 months ago

    Make a ultimate furnace

  • Paul Cook 6 months ago

    Make your week it where you generate 3 whole biomes with mr. Crainer why you are waiting go to the bneth and get cobblestone
    because ‘cobblestone = life!!!’

  • Day of the Doughnuts 6 months ago


  • Joey Dela Cruz 6 months ago

    Getting a new series of skyfactory that has the magic man from golden cobblestone

  • The Toxic Emerald TTE 6 months ago

    Fico officialdom oxidising oxidising judicial oxidising o’clock o’clock postalveolar official p isogon Jodi l oxblood

  • Joey Dela Cruz 6 months ago

    From the magic mug from golden cobblestone put in the new Sky factory

  • Joey Dela Cruz 6 months ago

    I meant the magic
    from Golden compass all on the new series of sky factory and all of your series forever

  • Joey Dela Cruz 6 months ago

    I med the magic mod from golden cobblestone to
    all of your series

  • Craxy- Gamer 6 months ago


  • Epic Sprinkles 6 months ago

    They should check their achievement book more often
    Like if you agree

  • Dude Half-Decent 6 months ago

    Ssundee’s laugh sounds like elmo’s laugh

  • unboned imokinng 6 months ago


  • unboned imokinng 6 months ago


  • aye lmao 6 months ago

    9 thousand 2 hundred and 23 quadrillion 3 hundred 72 trillion 26 billion 8 hundred and 54 million 7 hundred and 75 thousand and 8 hundred and 7 rf

  • THEPIXELMON 2017 6 months ago

    pretty sure thats gonna crash the server sundee, suggest u make it crash FASTER!!!!
    (more of the phantom engery faces to make 1 trillion rf/t

  • aye lmao 6 months ago

    Technically phantom faces does stuff differently
    Ssundee is only using an exploit to bug out the whole code transfering 7 times the original power it only is suppose the generate

  • SYEDA SUMONA 6 months ago

    Go ssundee

  • Chronus 6 months ago

    quintillion not quintrillion

  • Sunna Angelika Stefaniudottir 6 months ago


  • MrFlopperHD 6 months ago

    Who’s been here since FTB??

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