SSundee watches as Crainer make Pokemon?!
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  • Tanner Rockey 4 days ago

    Peeta Mellark from hunger games

  • Anthony B 4 days ago

    Pokemob’s gotta catch em all

  • doc of derp 4 days ago


  • Skip Weinkauf 4 days ago

    Do a skylanders lucky block challenge

  • Keian Ellard 4 days ago

    Play slime rancher

  • Cher Xiong 4 days ago

    I don’t know if this is possible but they should of made a bedrock Dragon because bedrock can’t break.

  • StrafeTheory 4 days ago

    You should make shurikens that spam the end crystals so you can kill ended dragons faster

  • jesse schechtel 4 days ago

    No he does not look like naruto

  • Elijah Dorsey 4 days ago

    Bring back factions SSundee please we miss the faction series with the sexy face faction!!!! :””'(((((

  • MLGnoobr3ker 4 days ago

    put all of the eggs down in the cages and lets them hatch

  • Animal RAS 4 days ago

    WE ALL or some of us that don’t MISS DERP SSUNDEE TOO

  • Chase Fletcher 4 days ago

    The name was chwnged

  • Frank Hinshale 4 days ago

    Elsa calls the ice dragon

  • TheSaladMan 4 days ago

    Bring back skyrealms pls

  • Maura Macdonald 4 days ago


  • AKJRICK 40 4 days ago

    Ssundee watch’s Naruto 😱

  • The LilMan Show 4 days ago

    HI Ssundee

  • abheesh Neupane 4 days ago

    Sundee do murder twice in week

  • Kyle Cardenas Perez 4 days ago

    me tooo

  • Najib Annas 4 days ago

    The aether dragon looks ancient

  • Lasha Maghradze 4 days ago

    Sande you are ameizing

  • sk20 orbeta 4 days ago

    Ssundee do the next episode now pls

  • Jackson Riedy 4 days ago

    Ice ice baby. I am so sorry for everyone.😐😶

  • DragonZ641 4 days ago

    R.I.P. Derp ssundee

  • Gamings Nest 4 days ago

    I will miss durp ssundee

  • Thomas Pearson 4 days ago

    Ssundee can you bring back terra tech

  • Seth Reubel 4 days ago

    Build more wither killers and if you do give me shout out

  • Nixon336 4 days ago

    Can you PLEASE do more? PLS?

  • SPIDERMAN PLAYS 26 4 days ago

    Do a naruto seires

  • MA.Banan 4 days ago

    WTF how.. do u think that looks like naruto

  • JOHN MACK 4 days ago

    Ssundee: *dont sacrafice your kidneys* me: *walks to hospital “is like to donate my kidney please*

  • Budi Prabawa 4 days ago

    Is Gertrude the Dragon and Gerblub back

  • Vincent Cyrus Montemayor 3 days ago

    Say to crainer his barney

  • TacoGamer1000 3 days ago


  • CaM BOmb 3 days ago

    They are grown men

  • Agus Puspo 3 days ago

    Element dragon

  • sudheer mandadi 3 days ago

    On your next episode

  • SUPERNINJA 1 3 days ago

    Ice ice baybe

  • AbdulGhani Mc-arab 3 days ago


  • Giannis Antetokounmpo 3 days ago

    I like russel but the time he came here in the channel derp ssundee is gone 😢😢😢🍆🍑

  • Stampy The Toon 3 days ago


  • Ron W 3 days ago

    Barbaric lesser no authority to anything your not targeting other children or away from direct first line relations of importance beside as kingdoms allow certain respect is knowledge as per the real history and world around us ? Blah ! This frog is called a green tree frog though never in trees its scientific name is littoral fall ax maybe though some scientists like con tiki or something . Anyhow I shall say they invented them or something right? Like you minecraft maybe?

  • Taxi.Man981 3 days ago

    Loved the background music Russel! Keep up the good work

  • WAR SPIDER GAMING 3 days ago

    hey ssundee i dont now of this work or not but in your killer server try the to buy the resurect stown (i dont now if it is right od not but sorry for rong spelling ok) whail the killer is chasing you frow the resuret stown on the air and you are dead rigth when the stwon ting hit your dead body i think you will be back to life agen o one ting tell keaaaaaaan to add a self rivaiv ok ot cool for self rivaiv and a smok bomb to ok ( sorry for rong spelling ssundee or who is reading this ok)

  • xXBluntMacheteXx 3 days ago

    Nether dragon is by far the best looking

  • huy 070 3 days ago

    Play sever

  • nexpiece 3 days ago

    Make more episodes under plzzzzz

  • jojo n n n n n n n n n n n 3 days ago

    im a catch???

  • axeie guy 3 days ago


  • AwesomeAR A 3 days ago


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