SSundee makes something never seen before?!
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  • Exitactic- 1225 10 months ago

    Next generation fidget spinners

  • jayman1467 10 months ago

    ssundee just so you know, the Ender Dragon is a girl, ot lays eggs and in the coding it also has a female name. i cant remember what the name is though

  • Emily Garrett 10 months ago

    SSundee I LOVE Your Videos And Im Sure Millions Of Others do to , So Keep Do’n What You’re Do’n .. 😀

  • Monkeybrain32 10 months ago

    “Hey what’s going on guys, Ssundee and welcome to Crainer” -Ssundee 2017

  • snivy22321 10 months ago

    I like it

  • Electroboy 8787 10 months ago

    The world of giant diamond circles the ender dragon heart blocks instead so giant ender dragon heart block circles

  • Parker Stokes 10 months ago

    does any1 know what gun mod they used in Family Fued

  • Parker Stokes 10 months ago


  • Culture Bomb 10 months ago

    Top 10 most epic anime moments

  • barneys toe 10 months ago

    Drainer I challenge u to a duel there can only b one weapon of ur choice like so he can see

  • meep meep 10 months ago

    you should make a gold block dimes on for enchanted golden apples

  • 500K SUBS Without any vids 10 months ago

    I am the 1mil view

  • w-w-w-Kien -minecraft 10 months ago

    You should make a dimension out of dragon heart blocks

  • Jaden Cromer 10 months ago

    SSundee you op

  • Derek Wawrykowych 10 months ago


  • Hearts And Kittys 10 months ago

    I need a heart monitor

  • Theory Biscuit 10 months ago

    Auto-Click to the max

  • The Mincraft Geek 10 months ago

    Bruh Ssundee the elder dragon is a she cause notch named the dragon Jean

  • irongaurd offlame 10 months ago

    hey its Nightcasterxx25 i had to make a new acount it go deleted

  • Superwolfeygamer 10 months ago

    Ssundee is there a chance i could ever play with you????

  • Levi Brechbiel 10 months ago

    I always thought that Barney looked pink

  • Carrot Kid15 10 months ago

    Im telling Hiccup about SSundee killing dragons

  • MonkeyMan Gaming 10 months ago

    hey ssundee what would happen if you shoot more surikens at the ender dragon wouldnt it be faster?

  • KING LOL 10 months ago

    # KingLOL

  • BlackTheDarkOne Blaydoe 10 months ago


  • Brandon Wane 10 months ago


  • Paul Patel 10 months ago

    i thought that u were gonna make fun of HTTYD and i was soooooo mad but u dident

  • The only way to make this any better is to make something to auto destroy the healers

  • Aycro Plays 10 months ago


  • Captain Rex 10 months ago

    Ssundee you should do a survival series like Blood And Bones or Gold cobblestone with MrCrainer

  • V's Jiminie Suga Kookie 10 months ago

    Poor ender dragon

  • Blue Lagua 10 months ago

    I feel so bad for the Ender Dragon…

  • Elativgaming dude bruhh 10 months ago

    I’m going to like comment
    because know one will:-(

  • Adventurekid 10 months ago

    whos russel?

  • Melissa McPhie 10 months ago

    crainer = barney

  • Melissa McPhie 10 months ago


  • creiepee craller 10 months ago

    Eventually he could make a dimension out of the strongest blocks made from the dragon hearts, idk if it’s possible, but if it were, Ssundee could do it like he did the diamond dimension.

  • Trent Burks 10 months ago

    Captain sparkelz sucks

  • sheaka 10 months ago

    ssundee u know what it looks like but i guess u gotta keep it pg

  • jacob fowler 10 months ago

    😀 gold noob

  • Gaming universe and electronic reviews 10 months ago

    put a dropper with regular bow or put that mechanical player about 15 blocks above the towers and put a arrow and bow in it

  • Rafael Hoekman 10 months ago

    Can you upload skyFactory 2 times in the week

    Like if you want that too

  • luke danc 10 months ago

    cant stand the cringy editing with the barny head and the yay sound, sorry I just cant stand it

  • Murad Ahmed Ali Muthanna 10 months ago

    Ssundee you should do season 5 sky factory with CaptainSparkle Maddie Thea and Crainer and you should ad the space mod so you can go to space and tell Russel to keep up the good work love you guys……Bye.

  • The Anonymous Gamer 10 months ago

    Sundee u should do meat castle 2 with lanscy

  • The Sanchez's 10 months ago

    Ssundee are you gonna show us rustles face yes or no?

  • vexze semilla 10 months ago

    ssundee do another pixelmon series with Mr thea vs mmandee couple vs couple

  • Star Slayer 10 months ago

    i <3 russel

  • badlarry2000 PlaysMc 10 months ago

    SSundee to make it even better add another machine to shoot even more shurikens at the ender dragon

  • yashar & sali saliev 10 months ago

    is it the END of skyFactory4

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