• Invincible Bros 1 month ago

    Please bring back stardew Valley it was my favorite series like if you agree(I’m not asking for likes for people to see just ssundee)

  • Wensday 4 youtubes Diaz 1 month ago

    i let my heart decide when i was not near you

  • Ian Smith 1 month ago

    i subbed like 4 years ago

  • beat it up 1 month ago

    sub for a sub ? who’s in

  • Airaker 1 month ago

    Barney Reply To My Comment! I Subbed.

  • ChrisPlayzMC 1 month ago

    When I’m watching this video it has 69k likes


  • Noah Cove 1 month ago

    New meet casual

  • Cristal Schroeder 1 month ago

    U sound do TNT wars with Thea and Madeline

  • Jack H 1 month ago

    Crainers intro imitation was so funny

  • Navid Gholizadeh 1 month ago

    i subed 2 years ago and liked over 200 vids

  • Volha Uvarava 1 month ago

    its 69k likes

  • Tyree Velox 1 month ago

    Member when you made the disstrack and you said crainers videos are only good cause your the entertainer

  • OfficialRice Cooker 1 month ago

    I cook rice with rice cooker!

  • Sangeetha Hanlon 1 month ago


  • Christy Steelman 1 month ago

    I have a dirty mind.. the beginning…”Dt close your eyes”🤣

  • Dallinz 1 month ago

    Barney reply to me

  • Caleb Arseneau 1 month ago

    Russle why are you so good luv u and Ssundeeeeeeee I can’t wait for the next vid.

  • Kevin Matthews 1 month ago


  • RileyPlaysEverthing Depew 1 month ago

    I luv u sundde u the best u tuber ever pls do fnaf and hello neighbor it comes out in december the 8th

  • Eris Hawkins 1 month ago

    Derpaladan is so good at singing

  • Romeo Argueta 1 month ago

    And i thought emeralds was expensive

  • Abbie Dorobek 1 month ago

    Crainer is Barney and that is never going to stop and tell him never to change his head his hair too Brown again

  • Dilen Gaouette 1 month ago

    Welp I got aids by a Pepsi product


  • Joywin Dcosta 1 month ago

    Weekly sky factory tuesday i had to wantch crainer because of you no hate but i still love your channel

  • TrillCornel 1 month ago

    Boot SSundee is back!!! BTW thank you for your service.

  • Cristal Schroeder 1 month ago

    # blame crainer

  • Shadow Nightcore Gaming 1 month ago

    YOUR ARE GOD!!??!,!?.!

  • Owen Haney 1 month ago

    Is Craner Barney or elmo

  • Sparklepuff101 MC 1 month ago

    Derp is good singer xD

  • Sarah Beber 1 month ago

    I honestly love derp ssundee…..is there something wrong with me?😂😂

  • h34dsh0t_3xp3rt 1 month ago

    We are only 1 M away from 1.7 mil

  • Showbrow 1 month ago

    Just make draconium armor it’s way better

  • I remember it takes more dragon eggs to make the better solar panels, you should upgrade your panels for even more energy 🙂

  • Ironwolf9864 1 month ago

    Russel I loved how you flipped to like edit it forward that was awesome

  • JohnGaming Lunatic 1 month ago

    I subbed

  • Max De León 1 month ago

    Blame Barney

  • Sonic On Fleek 1 month ago

    I cried through his singing

  • kevin bernardez 1 month ago

    Ssundee pls. make more videos of skyfactory4…..!!

  • UnViral me 1 month ago


    when u have no life

  • Sonic On Fleek 1 month ago

    When the season end recrate a full Minecraft seed

  • codplayzzgg 1 month ago

    when u end the series use nukes XD

  • samir hakim 1 month ago

    can u please play the forest its a horror survival plz

  • BalkanGames Croatia 1 month ago

    @ssundee vanimy has more likes than you

  • Trigger Bigblade 1 month ago


  • Nerdd Nation 1 month ago

    Everyone who’s with me…


  • Aldrine and Aron 1 month ago

    U guys heard the man give him 1.7m likes

  • GamerBro 1 month ago

    The best YouTubers in the world✌

  • Divik Prasad 1 month ago

    haters gonna hate hate hate

  • WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB 1 month ago

    He sounds like Rick from Rick and Morty in the intro

  • Tjalfe Nygaard Grønhøj 1 month ago

    why dont you make a new dimension and then play around with the machine , that would be much more safe 🙂

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