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  • Distase 1 week ago


  • GrandMaster-Carlo 1 week ago

    One day he is gonna learn that there are barrier blocks on that pickaxe

  • Tesco Propaganda Ministry 1 week ago

    Subnautica please Jardon! It’s the best series since Mianite and it’s getting even better recently! ^-^

  • HannaTheUnicornPotato 1 week ago

    Early woooo! Great video

  • Seedturd 1 week ago


  • Andrew Macdonald 1 week ago

    I didn’t know he was a master baiter 😉

  • xxMcHatinxx 1 week ago

    Subnautica please

  • Siobhan Moncrief 1 week ago

    Normally I’d watch your edited stuff, but something about this seems kinda satisfying.

  • Robert Boko 1 week ago

    Stop moaning about cobblestone cause cobblestone=life dude!!!

  • ben mcmann 1 week ago


  • Jose Flores 1 week ago

    You guys played civ?? Where can I watch

  • not a dragon 1 week ago

    tidal wave of. . . human body parts? not people, just parts of people?

  • Ava Cosmic 1 week ago

    Where be the subnautica jardon

  • Adelin Zegstroo 1 week ago

    I wouldn’t “watch” and 8-hour​ episode, but I do listen to these as a podcast of sorts while I do homework.

  • GoldenWolv 1 week ago

    Please don’t nick in the combat world if bej adds it, it’s way more entertaining with the entourage

  • jeremiah krahn 1 week ago

    is anyone else REALLY ANOID that he doesn’t see any other lava rocks, he is the most blind person ever!!

  • KOALA MAN 1 week ago

    How do you join skybounds

  • Julian Heuermann 1 week ago

    ha ha grown up jokes

  • samtherat6 1 week ago

    lol Jordan is like Gary with his entourage, and X33N is Ash with only a couple of friends.

  • FirebirdKitsune 1 week ago

    The Entourage is pretty lit! 😀

  • shane daley 1 week ago

    I got hiccups because of laughing so much

  • The Fallen King of Gaming 1 week ago

    The is no such thing as playing too videogames

  • Just AlBal 1 week ago

    Well I certainly want a stream doesn’t have to be 8 hours.

  • Pamela Hills 1 week ago

    I would LOVE an 8 hour skybounds uncut episode

  • Ethan Pohl 1 week ago

    The mines of Moria

  • clockoff94 1 week ago

    Was the 8 hour stream the mindcrack one?

  • Logan Ochoa 1 week ago

    Why does he do uncut vids of the normal ones

  • the fire 226 1 week ago

    i would like to let you know xeen that it is not smooth stone its just stone.

  • SuperBlair 1 week ago

    X33N got my derpy head lol i love making slight appearances in skybounds now ! -almondmilkqueen

  • Zachery Blackburn 1 week ago

    Subnautica!!!! Big hit. Also you should just go out and kill people

  • Marissa Bodart 1 week ago

    I would watch an 8 hour stream

  • KamiyaK 1 week ago

    Jordan’s small and squishy? First hand experience I guess.

  • Unkindstatistic 1 week ago

    I want that 8hr long uncut video…

  • Indigo T 1 week ago

    The fans just fighting over who gets to protect them is giving me life I love this

  • Scrub_Farquad 1 week ago

    You can set the speed of the vid to 1.5 and it sounds perfectly fine, I actually recommend it

  • anegolaughlove 1 week ago

    Chikko!!! <3

  • sairam ravi 1 week ago

    need an 8 hour stream ples🤣🤣🤣 jk, enjoying the uncut vids!

  • Benjamin Dover 1 week ago

    x33n saying “I am your intuition!” brings back good memories

  • marksgv 1 week ago

    This was highly entertaining, with the spectacular and, deafening, Fourth of July extravaganza opening by Jordan, and that trip to the Combat World. Impressive build with that Combat World. Skybounds upped their game quite nicely, visually at least. We’ll see how it goes. That was just fun. Thanks be, to the Entourage.

    The whole entourage thing really was funny. I”m sure they all loved the chance to actually play along with Jordan and X33N. And X33N with his “He’s here” and “No one cares about little X33Nie” or the question about attacking Jordan. Why do I think Jordan is actually going to set off some kind of battle at some point in the future? He’s got ideas. Maybe sometime down the road long after they get to nick themselves. It’s going to be interesting when they don’t go in as themselves and have to navigate like everyone else.

    That start at home island was pretty good too. When he said it was going to be quite something, he wasn’t lying. Explosions and noise everywhere. Sure was a mighty tower of chests, to much is too much. Of course adding in all the skeletons and using the special pick axe much to a certain someone’s chagrin was the extra silly shenanigans to set the tone. I don’t know, both Jordan and X33N were just on point or pushing further than usual. I mean in the Mining World, there was the whole rekt and ore thing. Maybe Jordan thought it was a joke, but, we all know by now how hard this was for X33N to hold back. Oh and I think there was an HKE in here. When not even Jordan could stop from laughing, you know things are going well.

    8 hour stream, maybe not. You see them and check in from time to time, and it’s rough. Unless they are bouncing off of people and have lots of things to do the steam is lost by the last few hours.

  • Mr. Dope 1 week ago

    yess i want thAt 8 HOURS !!!! DUCK YEAH DUDE

  • Gold Deadpool 1 week ago

    Yes 8 hour episode goooo xD

  • Bryce Hammer 1 week ago

    I want a X33N and CaptainSparklez podcast

  • RareBlooded 1 week ago

    32:15 “Yes I want that!” And I do too.

  • Gr4nd Mast3r 1 week ago



  • Lindsey Pratt 1 week ago

    Does anybody know what Xeen’s real name is then? I just thought it was Xeen.

  • RyanWake bradtelle 1 week ago

    Jumping on that pickaxe is like me when I was trying to flip the pain twice before I got it to fall down a pipe that was behind my hand. I did it took me 160 tries give or take a few.

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