• Vmingo-games 5 months ago

    pleas invite vmingo_YT Because he has a cow and skelly spawner

  • Joey Power 5 months ago

    Come to Philadelphia

  • DurpyPony 5 months ago


  • Jacob H 5 months ago

    I don’t even like Skyblock I’m just here cuz it’s Landon playing Minecraft 😀

  • iMax 7 5 months ago

    why does landon upload more skyblock because he wants more Land on his is GET IT LANDON LAND ON IGN:ZayGamerPlayz

  • Christopher Kennedy 5 months ago

    I knew he was a bear santa

  • Christopher Kennedy 5 months ago

  • Melchizedek Jairaj 5 months ago

    *jumps off building, 360 no scope

  • FANS TUBE 5 months ago

    Yo landon

  • Richard Dennis 5 months ago

    Yah verb

  • Audiovideo Scholten 5 months ago

    Hi landon i always love your vids and you are awsome

  • The Godly Player 5 months ago

    Add me!!

  • Kevin Mc Elligott 5 months ago


  • I like triggered people TRIGGERED 5 months ago

    Uhhh #DUCKQUAD??

  • Cj Derps 5 months ago


  • JoshPlaysRoblox 5 months ago

    I could tell he almost said “Roblox” in the intro instead of “Minecraft” XD

  • Minicraft2021 5 months ago

    LandonMC FOLOW me on insta! BIGEST fan and I don’t spam and DAB

  • Minicraft2021 5 months ago

    My insta is a.m.l136

  • Minicraft2021 5 months ago

    Ik you read all comments so please omg Would make my life

  • malakiplays roper 5 months ago


  • Tanmaye Goel 5 months ago

    Landon ur cactus farm is a massive waste of hoppers. What u need to do is instead of just having that one water stream, u need to have another water stream at the end of the first one pushing all the items into one single hopper by having the 2nd stream go perpendicular to the first. Like so Landon can see and so he doesn’t waste hoppers!

  • Jon Tran 5 months ago

    312th yay

  • Amber sweet 5 months ago

    You should do a video with your cousin Preston it has been a while since that last one

  • brotato chip gaming 5 months ago

    Landon you are the best YouTuber ever but pls play skywars like if you agree

  • Patty Allwood 5 months ago

    Make more videos

  • Head Shot 5 months ago


  • Head Shot 5 months ago

    I Wachovia all your vids

  • Vysiper 5 months ago

    Landonmc merry Christmas have a wonderful day love all your vids

  • Blaine Williams 5 months ago

    Add in optical to the team

  • Preston Playz 5 months ago

    Invite optifineSale to your is 😀

  • KineAC - Minecraft 5 months ago

    He plays roblox ALL THE TIME and he was going to say Roblox but it’s a minecraft intro lol

  • Muddy Gaming 5 months ago

    1st 😀

    Of january happy new year 🎆🎆🎆😂

  • WonderfulDGlorious -Minecraft, and other 5 months ago


  • J44KYT 5 months ago

    London plissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss play a bed wars on this serverhttp://unitycrafters.net/index.php

  • marc tnt minecraft and more 5 months ago

    finaly dab

  • marc tnt minecraft and more 5 months ago

    can i join please i got scammed on ice and kicked from my island on diamond and i love the series and both your channel and wildx

  • Evan 9677 5 months ago

  • GRcrafter 5 months ago

    <ο/ DAB

  • I subscribed to both channels.

  • batm9000 87 5 months ago

  • PlayNight 5 months ago

    Passem no meu canal <3

  • Pretty Damn Shocking 5 months ago

    Can i has robux landon.. I dont celebrate chrisrmas. I really want some. Username: Shakur0009

  • Teresita Lopez 5 months ago

    How do you join

  • Javier Rodriguez 5 months ago

    Do bedwars and skywars

  • Javier Rodriguez 5 months ago

    play.skybounds.net has better sky block than this. It is kinda kewl tho.

  • Mr.BucketHead 5 months ago

  • seif matter 5 months ago

    wait u are still playing minecraft i thought u stopped and going into roblox

  • Mika Wang Granér 5 months ago

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