• Josh Yt 3 weeks ago

    Thea has a green screan

  • MoonlightHowler 5 3 weeks ago

    sometimes I cant stand how stupid Thea acts. She went past SOOOOO much iron and then wasted the diamond by breaking it with her stone pickaxe…. LIKE WTH

  • Stacy Harlow 3 weeks ago

    Ad bei miner

  • 2GoodForU 3 weeks ago

    Do more plz

  • Mackenzie Kosarovich 3 weeks ago

    John city

  • the cool kids 3 weeks ago

    I love you guys I watch you every day

  • MAtin Arabzadeh 3 weeks ago

    Thea why do you mine a dimond with a stone pick why?

  • MAtin Arabzadeh 3 weeks ago


  • MAtin Arabzadeh 3 weeks ago

    Now i see what happened 😂

  • Anton Animations 3 weeks ago

    I started today and I all ready have all 5 Apricorns

  • Daim Apple 3 weeks ago

    i don’t think you guys are gonna read this but. Why do you guys play on this (remake) pixelmon server when you cann just doawnload pixelmon on Teckit Launcer??????

  • Galaxy_ jannah!! 3 weeks ago

    Thea and crainer visit the philiphines and go to sugartowne please like if you agree

  • ShootinDemon13 3 weeks ago

    u can

  • Cannon Powers 3 weeks ago

    thea made a noob mistake but they still good youtubers

  • Fam Galeno 3 weeks ago

    Thea is so realy a noob

  • PurplePie922 3 weeks ago

    What happened to Savage Craft??

  • Yasmin Tough 3 weeks ago

    Lol I love how crainer didn’t witness it

  • Colleen Piccolotto 3 weeks ago


  • Emerald Plain 3 weeks ago

    Don’t bye anything I swear

  • Mad Abir 3 weeks ago

    Thea got a green screen

  • Julia Tjahjana 3 weeks ago

    I cringe when i saw Thea break diamond with stone pickaxe

  • Vincent Speck 3 weeks ago

    THEA KILLED DIMOND she is the savage queen

  • farfar firfir 3 weeks ago

    where is you troll us?

  • Mic Callaghan 3 weeks ago


  • Red Pickle x x a 3 weeks ago

    Dude I’m so sorry I’ve not been watching u for a while I have been in trouble with my ex and she wanted my phone

  • Dragon Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Why just.. why

  • thetomchannel 3 weeks ago

    why !!!!!! i am sooooo angry beacause of the stone tool and the diamond i have a bad english!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Acu Budi 3 weeks ago

    make strip mine to get much ore

  • Jacob Esguerra 3 weeks ago

    Crainer, why would you break the spawner, you could have made an xp farm

  • Golden Berry 3 weeks ago

    Last time I watched this I slept over half of it. I was looking at the screen and i saw 5 minutes *blink* 12 minutes *blink* 15 minutes *blink* Bye guys love you!
    Welp ain’t that great.
    So I’m back to watch it again 😛

  • Fish Boy Dorian 3 weeks ago

    A tower a thea tower

  • Lyria Songs 3 weeks ago

    thea and crainer, i hope you know that both of your pokemon are girls

  • Joshua LP 3 weeks ago

    Thea is realy realy realy a Savage

  • Joshua LP 3 weeks ago

    Really realy really really really really really really loud is Thea

  • Thijmen 3 weeks ago

    When you find a Mesa biome, then you can mine the Terracotta (not the colored ones, only the regular ones) and sell it for pretty much coins! (It sells for 50 coins per block) :D. You easily can mesa biomes with using the /wild command :).

  • Kim Binh 3 weeks ago

    Pls make more

  • Jeremiah Boyd 3 weeks ago

    First rule in Minecraft, find or make a shelter with a roof

  • Sike Rot 3 weeks ago

    thea why do you have to do that again!!!!!!

  • Hey Sunalynn 3 weeks ago

    I cringed, face palmed, and died a little inside when Thea broke the diamond. How many of you guys can agree with me?


    720th comment

  • Willem Ronken 3 weeks ago

    im playing this myself too and yes you can have multiple claims

  • Rohith Randhir 3 weeks ago

    I’m like number 3.9 k

  • Jarod Clifford 3 weeks ago

    Crainer If your reading this…

    If you were a real man you would be able to teach your girlfriend how to mine diamonds!!!!

  • ConnorSinclairCavin 3 weeks ago

    Crainer!!! You dummy! Never break a spawner! Especially one that close to your house!! Just put torches on it!!

  • Butterfly Prism 3 weeks ago

    Wow Thea…. *slow clap* 👏🏻 good job. Because diamond is mined with a stone pickaxe. Yeah….

  • OWCP PLAY GAME 3 weeks ago

    Savage craft bro

  • Smash Puncher 3 weeks ago

    crainer and thea i just gunna tell u one thing IT IS PERNOUNTS POKEMON NOT POKEMONS

  • Felipa Fuentes 3 weeks ago

    Do more do more i like this seris

  • crazy jay 3 weeks ago

    This my minecraft a never seen 😱😱😱

  • Kavya Desai 3 weeks ago

    keep it on pls pls pls its such a good seris

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