In SevTech Ages we try to work our way from cave men to astronauts


  • ParrotDragon Timelapse 1 week ago

    i died when xeen was going to dig a hole for the horses and instantly finds coal.

  • Nointro Gaming 1 week ago

    No ”life finds a way” is the slogan for all Jurassic park movies

  • unknown kid 1 week ago

    More of The Deep end please!

  • Ronald Bijsma 1 week ago

    capbear spargrills 20:36

  • EpicDeaconCast 1 week ago


  • Calypso Glines 1 week ago

    Why you still have other chest when you can have normal chest

  • Larcek Giglamesh 1 week ago

    lol, that skeleton in the village seemingly gave away his last will only to go out and die under sunlight xd

  • The Great Oak 1 week ago

    25:40 nvr realized either

  • BananaTassium 1 week ago

    I mean the information about chunks and corners is actually factually correct but the game sometimes glitches. So most of the comments you read were actually right you just got really unlucky.

  • Darran Hawthorne 1 week ago

    This series needs to be posted everyday. SevTech > All other Content. Post SevTech on all your youtube channels everyday. 1hr + vids only 😀

  • Minute Craft 1 week ago

    that awkward moment when the subtitles pick up xeen say “i found the weed” 54:18

  • PrefrostedSundays 1 week ago

    I don’t like how the coal looks in this modpack for whatever reason. It just makes me uncomfortable.

  • Adam Schrad Vlogs 1 week ago

    Deep end Plz

  • Chyna Brady 1 week ago

    25:00 #woosh

  • Nathan Grusenmeyer 1 week ago

    add veinminer :p

  • Noah Nguyen 1 week ago

    You need to make a crafting staition becauas if connect some storage will show on the left or right and applied energistics unlocks at age 4

  • Logan Son 1 week ago

    Try to make plate of metal then make tool

  • Logan Son 1 week ago

    Don’t use fernes for food it will wast the resorces the grill never dies out

  • colombogames 1 week ago

    I don’t understand what X33N did to make Jordan angry at 1:00 min

  • Sergeant Spawner 1 week ago

    That sheep can be asexual.

  • Noah Nguyen 1 week ago

    46:00 chicken: hi i will kill you

  • 1üP 1 week ago

    Shoggoth’s? Time to leave the planet. Or the galaxy. Or the universe.

  • The Illuminati 1 week ago

    The YouTube ADpocalypse is officially over!

  • howard baxter 1 week ago

    Jardon, I approve of your choice to watch Sopranos.

  • Bob Bobson 1 week ago

    All of the abyssalcraft lore is based on HP Lovecraft stories

  • draco hunter 1 week ago

    Omg its shiest not Christ!!!!!!

  • Damian Simpson 1 week ago

    For the fire pit you put actual wood into it not the fire sticks

  • dead pool 1 week ago

    I was starting to think coal in this series was like Mianite season 3, am I right? Like if you agree!

  • Box tube 1 week ago

    Wow jaroojaeeinon five ads 👍.

  • Box tube 1 week ago

    20:51 no

  • AyiyiLoveYou 1 week ago

    is jordan talking about food calories or energy calories? cause one food calorie is equivalent to 1000 energy calories…

    as said by my physics prof

  • Vito Kekin 1 week ago

    You should craft rocks from cobblestone one in your inventory crafting space is 9 rocks

  • Faded Cheeto 1 week ago

    There are bone tools! Which are better then stone

  • Billybob Jack 1 week ago

    U put a bat on the totem u don’t have to walk down the path u can glide remember

  • Ty Rymer 1 week ago

    what’s with jurassic park and fallen kingdom?

  • James 1 week ago

    Talking about Cheesecake made me go make my own, homemade cheesecake with homemade caramel glaze.. I feel fat but it was so good

  • Whsidom 1 week ago

    They should make a totem with the haste carving in the mine.

  • Maximum G 1 week ago

    So when Harry said Diagonally u didn’t get it

  • 5Z Sigurd Faxøe Jørgensen LilleVaerloeseSkole 1 week ago

    GREAT entertaintment man love it😁🔥❤️👍🏼

  • Thecla Smalley 1 week ago

    Slow clap for Jordan……. 👏🏻……….👏🏻……….👏🏻

  • Jdoesbassline 1 week ago

    Never noticed the diagon ally thing

  • Donovan Young 1 week ago

    6:48, wait, a shoggoth?! realy?! good luck sirs

  • Esha Thorat 1 week ago

    Grimauld Place in HP…Grim Old Place

  • theinspector15 1 week ago

    wait it just clicked with me too…………..

  • TooGoodForYourJams 1 week ago

    Jardon it’s greenschist not greenchrist.

  • symott 1 week ago

    Wizardly headcannon accepted. Boom.

  • Julianna The Lioness 1 week ago

    No jordan u have 30 health u have 15 hearts every heart is 2 health… BASIC MINCRAFT KNOWLEDGE

  • GretchenDawntreader 1 week ago

    that’s a fuckton of coal.

  • Caleb 1 week ago

    I used to think that Sparklez was the smartest person ever because he says a lot of intelligent stuff… then today happened

  • hipnyah 1 week ago

    Thank you for the apology sparkles….it means a lot to me…

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