• Defenfiver 2 weeks ago

    Get mulberry wood and saplings you will need them soon they are very rare

  • John Edward D. 2 weeks ago

    Anyone really frustrated that he’s not taking some very informative comments about Totemic into account?

  • alan Van de Glind 2 weeks ago

    GG Iskall made a cheast

  • Squidylich 2 weeks ago

    lol mundane means generic or basic, lacking magical properties. It is an obscure english word, so not suprised it’s new to you

  • TheLearningDroid 2 weeks ago

    Watching you on my birthday LOL

  • Noah Smith 2 weeks ago

    Don’t quite the series

  • TheLearningDroid 2 weeks ago

    BTW Iskal, if you put fences all around your base, and set up, Rabbit, Ocelot, Enderman totems every 11 blocks then you’ll have jump boost to jump the fences, no creepers damaging your fences, and night vision 🙂 totemic is basically a kind of basic short range beacon system

  • Jared Estes 2 weeks ago

    The reason the horse machines can be good is time saving, you wont have to do it yourself. And especially the horse chopping block, will guarantee 4 planks per, where its only 2-3 if you do it yourself. And the faster the horse you attach, the faster it works. Also having them walk on path blocks increase speed as well.

  • Jo-zef Mathieu 2 weeks ago

    you are so amazing love your videos

  • Helm Hammerhand 2 weeks ago

    If you add more drums you can make more music

  • Asonael 2 weeks ago

    The buffalo can be used in place of the horses on the grinder/wood chopper. They work faster from what I’ve seen, and you can use a shovel to make path blocks and they walk faster. Loving the series.

  • CatchPhase 2 weeks ago

    I can’t progress through ages, because I haven’t found any darklands biomes.

  • Emmanuel Barrette élève 2 weeks ago

    Cooking apple is I think a real good food

  • Ken Oakleaf 2 weeks ago

    Use a bunch of drums to make ceremonies easier. Individual instruments are less effective as they are used so more instruments is more effective. Also, shears used on chickens give feathers

  • MrPorkstar 2 weeks ago

    Coffee is a grain you can just eat the coffee beans

  • BenTheMiner / MTA Railfanner 2 weeks ago


  • CaptainKibbles 2 weeks ago

    I want to unsubscribe iskall85 I hate your dog/wolf killings.😤

  • CaptainKibbles 2 weeks ago

    If you got the wolf pelt for free I’d like a full set of wolf armour but you have to kill wolfs

  • Cataroni 2 weeks ago

    I love this series!!!

  • Francisco Roy De Mare 2 weeks ago

    30:07 “Anvil Lavigne” xD

  • GHF 19 2 weeks ago

    Is this the beginning of the crafting table counter?

  • Nomekop 777 2 weeks ago

    26:47-26:58 said the American pioneers, who then proceeded to hunt them nearly to extinction

    I’m not upset or anything. I’m glad they aren’t extinct, I just thought it was kinda funny

  • Scarlet Dreamer 2 weeks ago

    Never have I seen someone so happy to see a crafting table! I am happy for you Iskall!

  • Alexander Smith 2 weeks ago

    Mundane means boring or normal, so yea, a normal sapling

  • James Butler 2 weeks ago

    Mundane means boring or regular. So mundane saplings should just be any.

  • wesley 2 weeks ago

    Hurry up and make the next episode im so excited for age 1!

  • Jace Radunsky 2 weeks ago

    Love this series! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Ella Scanlon 2 weeks ago

    You are the first minecrafter i met that is excited to use a crafting table

  • Andy Du 2 weeks ago

    The grills are better, cause ya don’t need fuel.

  • The Ace 2 weeks ago

    The moment when Iskall spends like five minute searching for mundane saplings XD

  • Gortex 2 weeks ago

    I like this series it keeps things interesting

  • Nicholas Lem 2 weeks ago

    Loved the video !!!

  • Ben Goldberg 2 weeks ago

    If you hit a roadblock playing sevtech, there is a ginormous faq here: https://borg286.github.io/sevtech/

  • Captain Morrow 2 weeks ago

    This modpack is awesome! I’ve never played a pack that makes you appreciate your advancements this much! Love the series Iskall! Cheers!

  • REVOT28 2 weeks ago

    I’m really enjoying this series

  • CrAsYsTaR Svensk Gamer 2 weeks ago

    I bet he will quite when no one watches or he gets bored at it… I’ll bet 2M bitcoins on it.
    Anyone wanna bet agents me??

  • Fanalama 2 weeks ago

    Thumbs up for progression!

  • Krzysiek Oleksy 2 weeks ago

    There are actually wooden crates, which are cheap too, have more inventory space and can be moved with inventory inside

  • _MILETIL_ BLIGHT_ 2 weeks ago

    mundane means normal so yes your stupid

    just an oak sapling will work

    …nevermind you figured it out so your not that stupud

  • Elin Magnusson 2 weeks ago

    hearing your joy of getting to the first age is amazing 😀

  • Karol Dave Tan 2 weeks ago

    Ep10 he is going to quit

  • Mike Hipwell 2 weeks ago

    I really enjoy this series. Like you said it so epic doing the smallest task. I look forward to the next upload. Thank you iskall

  • Connor Carnahan 2 weeks ago

    mundane is not a type of sapling. it is a word that means “normal” or “not magical”

  • Connor Carnahan 2 weeks ago

    you looked up mundane sapling? on a mod’s wiki? try googling “define mundane”

  • Conner Jackson 2 weeks ago

    Awesome! Glad to see you finally hit a new age. Age 0 was a grind to say the least!

  • Oscar Lundberg 2 weeks ago

    How much GB does this modpack take on a computer

  • Fox Razu 2 weeks ago

    Nice well done 😉

  • Grumpy Grobby 2 weeks ago

    Loving this series Iskall! The joy you are having is evident in your voice, and it’s fun to hear. I’m thinking about getting this mod for my daughter and I to play together. o/ Keep having fun, dude!

  • Marciano B. 2 weeks ago

    Mundane means like a oak sapling

  • Solar Horse 2 weeks ago

    Shake that booty!

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