• Markus Jonsson 1 week ago

    Did you decide not to do iskalls island?

  • Brian Buczek 1 week ago

    Well Bucket – Creates water if next to a source block. Combine with liquid hopper to automate into a tank for infinite water.
    Insulated Cables – Use these to prevent getting electrocuted when near the wires for your machines.
    Liquid Hopper – Use it out of your Coke Ovens into a pipe or tank. No engines required, and you can turn on/off with a lever if needed. Works on smeltery as well.
    Terracotta – Input clay (block or pieces) into smeltery and drain into a Casting Basin to get Terracotta blocks easier.

  • Maece Bresnahan 1 week ago

    love your videos!

  • Justin Hackbarth 1 week ago

    for more power, remember that you can have 3 water wheels per kinetic dynamo. [thats why you remember them being fatter.

  • Zihan Zhu 1 week ago

    Use starlight for thermoelectric gens. You are suppose to make the water fall onto the waterwheel from the top. You can attach up yo three water mills onto each other.

  • Madam Excelsior 1 week ago

    Hmm, take food items that use 3 inventory slots and make item that uses 5 slots… You know you struggle with inventory management, don’t use food that won’t stack, you fool!

  • FREAKYPLAYERZ 1 week ago

    When is the next download for the world?

  • Aj Kaufman 1 week ago

    This guy cannot sing

  • David Reyna 1 week ago

    Dude put the power nodes on each corner link them in the new building.

  • Jackson Parker 1 week ago

    Is a central power station more efficient then mini power sources near the different machines like iskal has?

  • Philip Hamke 1 week ago

    whatever happened to hermitcraft? there is a diorite hear under your base somewhere from X

  • DiamondCraft52 1 week ago

    In massive engineering Diesel engine

  • KaOz Bub 1 week ago

    You can make blocks conductive to electricity in immersive engeneering now. Just in case you didn’t know.

  • did I miss an episode??!!

  • Journeyman J 1 week ago

    How to fix immersive engineering book crashes: First make sure you have the new Java. Then, in Twitch, go to Settings. On the left, you’ll see a Minecraft section. Once there, look for Launcher Settings. Below that, one of the options will be Launch Method, where you can choose between Native Launcher and Jar Launcher. You have to use the Jar Launcher. That’s the old launcher, but you need to use it for this to work. Below that section, you’ll see a section called Java Version. Select your newer java installation there. Click the Done button. If I remember correctly, you’ll have to start the launcher, then close it, then start it again for it to update to your new settings. Supposedly the reason you have to go through all this is that Minecraft comes bundled with an older version of Java, and will use that every time, even if you update Java for the rest of your system. Hope I remembered everything, and I hope this helps people.

  • Em H 1 week ago

    For terracotta and bricks use the tinkers smelter – cast into blocks or ingots.

  • Stefan Dziewas 1 week ago

    Hej Iskall,
    it is not enougth to just update your java to fix the Immersive Engineering crashes. The standard mine craft client always uses an outdated java version, regardless of which version you install. You have to change to the Jar launcher. You can do that in the twitch app in the general twitch settings in the minecraft section (not in the mod settings). Once you change to the Jar launcher you can also specify below which java version to use, but the default setting always the newest one is fine.

  • Ksheetij Vaity 1 week ago

    20:24 Why are we not surprised?

  • Phoenix Plays Games 1 week ago

    I really love sevtech especially now that your base gets a steam punk feel, but I really miss hermitcraft!

  • Parker Tackett 1 week ago


  • Ethan Onorati 1 week ago

    Iskall if you want steam punk for a base check out ethos modded immersive engineering base

  • sadistic_duck 1 week ago

    good vid

  • Taylor Johnson 1 week ago

    Hello iskall! I’ve been loving the series so far! A couple tips:

    For the Immersive Engineering crashes, you have to change a setting in your Twitch launcher, change it to use the Jar launcher, instead of the native launcher. The Native launcher uses a specific version of java even if you have it updated on your computer. So use the Jar launcher, and set it to Most Recent version

    As far as fluid transferring goes, the Liquid Hopper from Pneumaticcraft is a very good way, pulls liquid out, just like a hopper would with items, except it can be placed to pull out from the sides of blocks as well. Not very expensive to build either, just takes glass and a hopper.

  • RTDM The TDM Minecrafter 1 week ago

    Been a while buildcraft (still hate buildcraft)

  • Ninjadiggs 1 week ago

    For the hearty stew you can use fish because you can use your net things you have, but with fish nets and bait 🙂

  • Morgan Wicks 1 week ago

    This modpack has been the best thing for Iskall viewers since sliced bread

  • Jafet Isai Alas Carbajal 1 week ago

    In hope you see it before you start next episode
    You can use the uncrafting table from twilight for creating nether brick

  • Epic gamer 32 1 week ago

    So cool

  • Journeyman J 1 week ago

    You can make insulated wires that don’t shock you, and look nice too

  • Journeyman J 1 week ago

    Easy Nether Bricks: Mine blocks from a nether fortress and put them in a compacting drawer. You can pull out bricks or blocks.

  • Journeyman J 1 week ago

    Easy Terracotta: Put clay balls in tinker’s smeltery, pour into blocks

  • only one Mc_savage_Pancakes 1 week ago

    People jokingly say they want a factory.Iskall thinks it’s a great idea .😂

  • Solar Horse 1 week ago

    I love sevtech and all but it would be nice to see other stuff as well

  • zetsumeinaito 1 week ago

    Pretty much where I’m at, grinding tons of clay.

  • Solar Horse 1 week ago

    Another factory blah

  • Kyle Franz 1 week ago

    you should pump what from yer river

  • James Miller 1 week ago

    The problem with the Immersive Engineering book is JAVA, but not the way people are thinking. The launcher reverts to a older version of it by default even if you change it. The suggested solution is switching from the Native launcher to the Jar launcher so you can set Always Latest Version under JAVA Version in settings.

  • Vigilante Wannabe 1 week ago

    Can has new world download for ep 35 or 40?

  • MistuhT 1 week ago

    iskall, where are you from? I can’t place your awesome accent 😀

  • Cory Neely 1 week ago

    Domt forget to get the wires you use to be insulated or when you get iron armor you’ll start getting shocked to death

  • Chocchoc does 1 week ago

    You have something that gives you the ability to climb but you still use nerd poles 👌

  • CheeseYT 1 week ago

    This video is my 1000 liked one

  • MR.DIAMOND 1 week ago


  • I'm Clyde I'm a PeaceLover 1 week ago

    1:41 LOL “Hope you Guys Die”

  • Yavuz GM 1 week ago

    try ender hopper for auto collection

  • Louie Fozard 1 week ago

    you need to set the java version in the Minecraft launcher

  • Matthew Kidder 1 week ago

    this is technically episode 35 if you think about it

  • Peter Breedveld 1 week ago

    the best series ever. pls don’t stop it 😉

  • Josh Summerhays 1 week ago

    Duuuude! It’s exciting to get into the automation after grinding so hard at the beginning. Love this series, man.

  • Jo-zef Mathieu 1 week ago

    I love sev tech

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