• MrHatoi 2 weeks ago

    Liquid starlight works even better than water for the thermoelectric generators.

  • MrHatoi 2 weeks ago

    Use a hopper to input to the conveyor belt.

  • MrHatoi 2 weeks ago

    The Industrial Engineering liquid tank multiblock will pump water through the pipes, but I’m not sure if they’re unlocked in this age. You could also try the fluid hoppers.

  • Dael feldman 2 weeks ago

    Make the tool box

  • The Snjuro 2 weeks ago

    Pls make that flying vehicle its very useful and its steampunk theme

  • ManicPandaz 2 weeks ago

    You can only find terracotta in ravines and only in Corailum Infested Swamps. It spawns with slime blocks and green terracotta along the ravine walls. If your swamp doesn’t have a ravine you don’t get the terracotta though.

  • SkeletalEagle 16 2 weeks ago

    Iskall I think the problem with your “steam punk” room is it doesn’t have any color like gold but since that’s hard to find you can use glowstone with a chisel maybe.

  • SkeletalEagle 16 2 weeks ago

    Plus it adds light.

  • ConnorSinclairCavin 2 weeks ago

    1. You can place up to 3 wheels in a row
    2. You want water flowing; over the top, off the end corner, into the bottom corner, along the bottom, away from the leading corner, and into the start corner to create the max power
    3. Stop eating cooked potatoes and cooked buffalo, start making bread and combine meat, potatoes or carrots, and bread to create sandwiches. From there you just need those and berries/pears and you will be golden food wise!
    4. Buildcraft pipes need to be powered in order to work (so like redstone or steam dynamos)
    5. Bonus of concrete; it increases your move speed while on it
    6. The thermodynamic generator will give more if you can place ice/packed ice instead of water, and if you place lava on opposite sides and the coolant on the remaining opposite sides you will max the output

  • Patrick Mac 2 weeks ago

    WAILA has always been a bit buggy with showing power in immersive engineering. Sometimes it says there is no power transferring when it actually is.

  • Minecraft Mechanics 2 weeks ago

    Relay allows multiple connections

  • infinitygamer 33 2 weeks ago

    I believe that you will need a BC
    Redstone engine to power the wooden water pipe

  • Gauwal 2 weeks ago

    Use chisel and bits !!

  • infinitygamer 33 2 weeks ago

    Brass would look amazing in the new room

  • Alterdrak 2 weeks ago

    The desert is usually South-West of your spawn

  • 5000 Pocak 2 weeks ago

    You need a redstone engine to pull out water from the tank

  • FIRED SKULL 2 weeks ago

    Please upload hermitcraft i subbed you only for fun moment in hermitcraft with the bumbo

  • pixelman619 2 weeks ago

    Trying to get power out of a blue side instead of the orange 😓

  • jeff herobrine 2 weeks ago

    I remeber that concrete from fool craft season one

  • Tygo Bosman 2 weeks ago

    U can use an hopper for input

  • Vera Guindos 2 weeks ago

    I will say this again, maybe Iskall reads my mesage: Steampunk theme deserves an industrial factory ish design. This looks like an english cottage… Iskall, you can do better 😛

  • Remy LeBarr 2 weeks ago

    Next to the farm and the buffalo put a pig totem for luck, so you get better drops and more food.

  • Dragonbreak 2 weeks ago

    4:30 – you did it wrong… At this speed it generates around 1-2 RF….

  • Dragonbreak 2 weeks ago

    11:35 – GOSH I HATE YOU… I told you 3 timea that the wooden fluid pipe needs to be powered with an an engine… Here you have some help… http://minecraftbuildcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Wooden_Pipe

  • Arthur Vancolen 2 weeks ago

    You should place all the Immersive engineering outside because it takes a lot of place for everything to setup!

  • Dragonbreak 2 weeks ago

    18:20 – dont hide it in the wall… This generator consumes lava blocks…

  • dankheart 2 weeks ago

    The engineer’s room looks sooooo good. The color pallet is brilliant and I just love how it looks. It may not fit with the rest of the base but it looks amazing, just like the rest of the base. Keep up the great work Iskall <3

  • Engiminer 2 weeks ago

    You should REALLY have a link to the playlist in the description of these videos. I always seem to get to them after waiting for two of them to come out and for some reason every other video just doesn’t show up, meaning I have to go to your channel then click on playlist then click on sevtech, then scroll all the way to the bottom and click the second video from the bottom just because youtube refuses to place the previous video in the recommendation bar. I mean, this is a really tiny gripe, but it would be nice for the playlist to be there.

  • Engiminer 2 weeks ago

    Your waterwheels are entirely inefficient. Three wheels can be placed on one dynamo, as long as the mod hasn’t changed, and the more water moving around the wheel the faster it turns, and the better your power gen.
    “Some of you guys are gonna be like ‘don’t build a factory…'” Me, whose favorite aesthetics are factory and steampunk: “No, please do.”

  • Bjelven 217 2 weeks ago

    For the BC fluid pipes you need a engin to power it

  • kilbil93 2 weeks ago

    I think you need a redstone engine on the wooden extraction pipe with a redstone signal to get it to work😇

  • PinkPenguin 2 weeks ago

    I was telling you about that factory xd

  • Ziram D 2 weeks ago

    Iskall, you might want to look up Hearty Stew for food. It’s a good food source and they stack.

  • Alexander Smith 2 weeks ago

    You should make the hearty stew

  • -The- Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Iskall where is foolcraft mann?

  • Osj00 Gaming animations and more 2 weeks ago

    Hey m8 u need buildcraft engines for pipes to work e.g.: redstone engine

  • Jack Schofield 2 weeks ago

    You can get infinite water by placing a water source next to a well bucket by better wuth mods. dont know if you can use a fluid hopper to pump it from the well bucket to the farmer thing but ya know.

  • Mystical Panda 2 weeks ago

    You could say that Iskall has always taken granite for granted lol

  • onion456 1 week ago

    immersive engineering has treated wood barrels, super cheap & hold 12 buckets each. would have worked to place it on top of the pipe like you did with the BC tank, they will immediately drain into a pipe. good for storing creosote!

  • Kay-Marie Rose 1 week ago

    Your steampunk room lacks color. Steampunk works in uneven shapes, darker/miscolored wood (such as treated wood planks), and copper and gold accents. To add a color pop, a bold blue works wonders.

  • Lefteris Mplanas 1 week ago

    You can extract with the Immersive engineering pipes by having a pump attached

  • Adrian Ripanu 1 week ago


  • Journeyman J 1 week ago

    Easy terracotta: Dump clay balls into the tinker’s smeltery, and pour it into blocks.

  • Senior Avocado 1 week ago

    Also make use of the water wheel and the wind mill to the maetal press

  • Dissa1 1 week ago

    I think it needs to be connected to a machine to get power

  • Solrak Hobbes 1 week ago

    As another aside: liquid starlight is much colder than water which means even more power generatiion, you can also use the four sides. further more if you put 2 wire connectors on any block on opposite sides you can shift rightklick one with the hammer to make a connection THROUGH the block. useful in prettying up and hiding things 😉

  • daniel 1 week ago

    You need wood engine or better to pump things with the wooden pipe, to activate the wooden engine, use a lever

  • Ligands 1 week ago

    You can insulate your power lines so they don’t shock you! Search for ‘insulated’ in JEI 🙂

  • Charlie frommelt 1 week ago

    needs one of those steam engines or redstone powered bellows looking device from BC

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