Today we play Modded Battledome!
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  • alanticspy 8 months ago

    i cant believe how many dimondays jerome missed

  • danielle webb 8 months ago


  • Ashungee - Kun 8 months ago

    Hey jerome you should play the new mobs indrustry

  • Typical sspackemon god 8 months ago

    U missed the gems it’s the ores with colored dots

  • Ryan Liem 8 months ago

    Jerome says: Oh, blade accidentally deleted the entire hogwarts map, so thats unfortunate.

    And before Blade deletes this map too

  • Hussein Rima 8 months ago

    What are all the mods u use cause I’m going to start a YouTube channel and it’s based on modded minecraft

  • Carol Sootaga 8 months ago

    tewtiy looks like his minecraft skin like if you agree

  • Carol Sootaga 8 months ago

    jeromeasf i cant go in mixer or beam so can you stream on youtube please

  • bube abajue 8 months ago

    i love these

  • bube abajue 8 months ago

    the should so a full party mode that has fans

  • Anthony Tanza 8 months ago

    This Video would be a Great Drinking Game!

    You could Get a Can of Beer and Every Single Time Jerome misses Diamonds, You have a Drink!

  • Anthony Tanza 8 months ago


    They Have Got To Know By Now That He Is Always Missing The Diamonds!

  • Robin Shelly Gerard 8 months ago

    ★ *Unlimited Robux and tix in Roblox For Free > * ☞ ★

  • Eragonnogare 8 months ago

    Wait… Couldn’t they just transmute out stacks of cobble which turn into iron which has more emc value then put it into the table for more cobble and then repeat??? Infinite EMC!!!

  • Sebo030503 8 months ago

    1 let Ben suffer and do the week in advance please and the diffrent obsidian is ok

  • LBMWookie 14 8 months ago

    I didn’t think their was going to be an new season because of the end

  • LBMWookie 14 8 months ago

    Of season 3

  • Laura Rodeen 8 months ago

    the movie is dark knight rises also I think you can use Cole as fuel for the destruction catalyst

  • Zombie Killer101 8 months ago

    I’m in Florida

  • Jonah Stout 8 months ago


  • Pikachu Frost G 8 months ago

    when the battle starts can break and place blocks? because they can just break through the castle

  • Technoheart 8 months ago

    Do they not realize that they can just watch the video and see where it is….

  • puppet master 8 months ago

    MooseCraft BRACKFOST

  • Lavamoon _ 8 months ago

    word of advice the destruction catalyst can run off of coal too, thats why it was still working or jerome in part one

  • Lavamoon _ 8 months ago

    hres a suggestion go to the nether and mine there netherrack is worth more emc then stone and if you have the right mid installed you get double from nether ores, and as long there is ores in the nether then you can mine there and you will get a bit more of emc

  • Lavamoon _ 8 months ago

    they should pull out a enchanting book from the emc and make the pickaxe of fortune on it so they get more

  • Sheri Collins 8 months ago

    like please

  • ApocalypticChic 8 months ago

    35:10 when Ben asked, “What do I eat then?” did anyone else start yelling, “Bean, Bean, Bean!””

  • GoLucky? 8 months ago

    U look like Mareo.

  • Jana Van der Jagt 8 months ago

    OMG moosecraft and unspeakable are like one of my fav youtubers ever

  • Leo Greening 8 months ago

    Hey Jerome

  • The Black Ninja Shadow 8 months ago

    Anyone else get triggered hen they called it the dark night returns instead of the dark night rises

  • Chris Colangelo 8 months ago


  • osscrowley duck 8 months ago

    What about mich time

  • Trenton Schmidt 8 months ago


  • Dragon slayer 8 months ago


  • Chris Williams 8 months ago

    Don’t like this comment.

  • where’s part 3

  • Јovica Veselinov 8 months ago

    more how to minecraft !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luke Smith 8 months ago

    Jerome it’s my B day tday

  • doom boom 413 8 months ago


  • doom boom 413 8 months ago

    tewty yes

  • Cameron Bichan 8 months ago


  • Connor Williams 8 months ago

    Jerome Ben wasn’t cheating he was just using his resources

  • ktcan yt 8 months ago

    do the NP news

  • Wyatt F4 8 months ago

    I love how Jerome misses half the diamonds

  • Nyoman Dwijaputra 8 months ago

    #blindASF #newchannelname

  • Melynda Alana 8 months ago

    You could go now P r e m i um Acc o u nt completely free the not dangerous as well as does work

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