• NewScapePro 1 week ago

    Well that answered a few questions…

  • Tracey KKatS 1 week ago

    What if evil uni is a clone of uni?.

  • Moran Corey Silk 1 week ago

    It just a tree 🌲

  • Moran Corey Silk 1 week ago

    It a scp-5000 doc give you

  • CoolBlasterTron 0-0 1 week ago

    What is SCP – 682 were to touch that tree?

  • datboi800-shadey 1 week ago

    so cute when bricky is holding amop

  • Arstotzkaball 1 week ago

    I have an idea… Let for example: 11 year olds play a kid, eh?

  • William Durham 1 week ago

    Why do I get the feeling that bricky is going to go thaumiel class on Cory’s ass?

  • RareMinigunpro227 Lopez 1 week ago

    **sees thing at start* *

  • Megan ODonnell 1 week ago

    Cory… I liked the old you. You didn’t do as much role plays. Even when you did, you showed yourself. I’m sorry to say, but I’m unsubscribing. I love you and this channel, I just think the both of need re-evaluation. I know I’m getting really deep, I just want you to show yourself in your videos like when you did when you played Murder. I’ll be back next month. I hope you show yourself soon.

    Signed – Megan

  • SimpleCraftHD 1 week ago

    Please SCP 513 … i just ask when you not do it then yeah sad me but i live with that

  • Leviewit 1 week ago

    Man, I really wish I could.. but I’m not 18. ;-;

  • The happy Group 1 week ago


  • TheBlueSoulOfIntegrity 1 week ago

    Cory: I look good in green
    Me: *screams because of an Undertale reference*

  • TheBlueSoulOfIntegrity 1 week ago

    I’m sad because I prefered Cooper since he was nicer to Cory then hooper was and now I learn he was a clone ;-;

  • BoxyGames 1 week ago

    Well well well it seems The Scientist made fun of Scotland (i live there i am not born there) cause he was complaining a bit of how scottish people say to fries chips and to chips crisps

  • Sumi Chan 1 week ago

    Uhm… Why is it that the whole bottle of soda gets cloned when the actual liquid wasn’t touched by the tree….???? o.o

  • SCP-079 1 week ago

    That SCP…

  • Amy Carnall 1 week ago

    I NEED 500

  • chu liao 1 week ago

    I thought this is the scp that responds to music

  • Ryon Hatcher 1 week ago

    I bet Cory has the ability to see scp’s through formal vision which might be the reason why the intro of this new season shows all the other SCP in thermal vision. This might prove to be a really good Advantage for Cory when facing other scps. Just imagine if they deal with something like SCP 1385 they’ll just use Cory’s thermal vision ability to track it down and then contain or kill it.

  • huey ling ching 1 week ago

    Come on I’m 9

  • kitty h 1 week ago

    The seed eater kinda looks like him

  • SkullCandyTheDeathWolf ToxicWolvesPack 1 week ago

    AWW… I hope this channel will still be here in like 5 years– Then I’d LOVE to be a puppeteer! :D….

  • Honkai Master 1 week ago

    Wow cloning hooper sounds pretty sad the way he just walked away 😞

  • just a regler gamer 1 week ago

    Anyone noticed the undertale to reference. I look good in green. He wore chara’s outfit.

  • SCP 173 1 week ago

    I am not dead

  • Silver_ Night73 1 week ago

    Ricky is probably going to rebel one day

  • Phantom 123 1 week ago

    isnt te crab scp-098

  • DerpyDerp Derp Derp 1 week ago

    I don’t get it?

  • dragon10734 1 week ago


  • amanigoodman enter it 1 week ago

    The protoype

  • Lindsey Johnson 1 week ago

    Ughh thx for excluding most of us

  • amanigoodman enter it 1 week ago

    It can cure any deaises isn’t that scp 500 -1 or 49

  • dragon10734 1 week ago

    A tree that clones anything bit touchs. Welp…… here is a buckload of money and clones! Takeover of the world! Screw rules!

  • foxer 12 1 week ago

    Yes you do look good green

  • Jake Nguyen 1 week ago

    Can there be scp 076 and 076-1?

  • Wolfclaw Painhowler Deathsign 1 week ago

    i love the new uniforms

  • Kim Mccullough 1 week ago

    Well now that I’m 18 I guess I can join but I don’t have a computer

  • The J Boy Gaming 1 week ago

    answer me this y is scp 001 that thing and not the gate guardian because every time I search scp 001 it is the guardian not that thing?

  • Sapphire Rose 1 week ago

    Great, the keter..

  • Super Game154 1 week ago

    You are a king

  • Ebop 1 week ago

    *wait so every ones a clone!?!?!*

  • Student Stuffs2 1 week ago

    Is there space for puppets… Can we BE controlled

  • djsklex 123 1 week ago

    WHY!!! WHY18+

  • IPLAY ROBLOX 1 week ago

    Dangit i wanted to join but im only 10 and my minecraft is at xbox and also i dont got a gamming computer

  • IPLAY ROBLOX 1 week ago

    2:45 I KNEW IT

  • IPLAY ROBLOX 1 week ago

    Can i clone potato chips to

  • Ironic *Unknown* 1 week ago

    HI! how about SCP-970 for the next ‘half’ ep?

  • Alexzander Chong 1 week ago

    Scp 301 pls

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