• JamesGamer TV 1 week ago

    cant wait for season four

  • Sam The Gamer 1 week ago


  • Aiden Cooper 1 week ago


  • Aiden Cooper 1 week ago

    Oh yeah also next season more deaths yay…. hm… am I going to say this every season ends???

  • Lloyd DoesGaming 1 week ago

    You should have just thrown 999 on hoop

  • Nathan Piedmonte 1 week ago

    Am I the only one that knew the foundation would betray him and he would join the serpents hand bc it seemed obvious and it’s unlike Cory to go with such a obvious clich’e but it’s great tho I’ve grown attached to the characters lol

  • Aaron Alexander Jauregui 1 week ago

    Lost silver

  • Logan Tidwell 1 week ago

    I’m surprised Cory wasn’t captured earlier

  • wooghiet 1 week ago

    I though scp 999 was mutated with an other scp?

  • Jahtavious Motley 1 week ago

    New plan they find the 🏝️ with the 🦀

  • wooghiet 1 week ago

    Scp 000?

  • CHANEL PRODUCTION 1 week ago

    what if lara and cory had fallen in love?

  • savitar killer frost 1 week ago

    take that dr otis

  • uganda knuckles 1 week ago

    иσσσσσσσ нσσρєя

  • sonya bunyan 1 week ago

    Plz make a video of scp 3000

  • Bleach Bleach 1 week ago

    The professor is a fucking nazi!

  • Robin Inkling 1 week ago

    Is this the lurker in Cory’s other video

  • ZombieVoid75 1 week ago

    I’ve been waiting so long for this!!!

  • Smashy Barrington 1 week ago

    Can you please start a roleplay of FlowerFell and make it very emotional?

  • SkyJam PH 1 week ago

    I think the one that cory shot is just a Hooper clone and not really Hooper

  • SkyJam PH 1 week ago

    11:21 reaplay button

  • Daffa daffasyah gaming 1 week ago

    Ok this is ending no one again scp fondation video ;( but why i love scp fondation video but is ending;(

  • Isaiah Joseph 1 week ago

    *rise and shine Cory rise and shine not to say a man like you doesnt deserve a rest or that you have been sleeping on the job but you are needed wake up Cory , wake up and smell the ashes.*

  • Bonnie gotdamagic 1 week ago


  • Isaiah Joseph 1 week ago

    Also the dr is so.smart guess what class D survive those test all the time thw minute Cory survives that test *NO HE IS A MONSTER*

  • Mark Ortiz 1 week ago


  • Mark Ortiz 1 week ago

    ifnjsifdvoehrihgidjckvhiorgodfjbgiugjei gkeifgsrpgtev*error Occured* *Refreshing* Ok or JOIN THE DARK SIDE JOIN THE REBELS JOIN THE SCPS AND UNLEASH YOUR SCP SIDE WHERE YOU TURNED INTO A MECHANICAL HUMAN ABLE TO REPLICA CAMERAS AND EXECUTES BY BLINDING AND RAYS! *erro occured * AND……. *Mark Ortiz is banned from Youtube cuz of Overiding the word storage

  • Robin WinWin 1 week ago

    Wow cory voice lol! 8:34

  • Sapphire Phoenix 1 week ago

    Who is scp 4000?

  • Sapphire Phoenix 1 week ago

    Some people might be glad Hooper is dead because he likes odis who is a bad guy.

  • Rhyanna Tanalgo 1 week ago

    I never watched this series because it was creepy…..I regret yhat

  • Sapphire Phoenix 1 week ago

    If Cory has a camera face can’t he record every mission they go on and would a USB be his brain?

  • Sapphire Phoenix 1 week ago

    Everyone want Lara and Cory to get together, like this is weird.Its weird because I’m talking about it.

  • Sapphire Phoenix 1 week ago

    If cory was born with a camera face then how can he be knocked out and like isn’t his head made of metal,iron,steel(I’m not sure what cameras are made out of). Oh yeah if you guys want to know a youtuber who has a similar voice to Unicomics then look up Frizzlandpop

  • Sapphire Phoenix 1 week ago

    Odis: You seem to be the luckiest person alive.

    Me: How can he be the luckiest person when he was born with a camera face, like are you an idiot?Is anyone going to question this like serious.

  • Sapphire Phoenix 1 week ago

    Is the buffet going to be the never ending pizza and the coffee machine.Now I’m curious and if you remember the scp who told Cory this.

  • _Sm;le_ 3 1 week ago

    Already have amino ^^

  • Bakh Bakh 1 week ago

    Scape join Chaos insurgency or serpent hand

  • _Sm;le_ 3 1 week ago

    Ok some australian im a little offended

  • Fishpond 1 week ago

    They hugged 😊😊😊😊

  • Larry White 1 week ago

    That was a good episode do you know when episode four is coming out

  • Made Sakti Geronimo Putra Suanda saktigames 1 week ago

    Called it i know it from the first time i watched this i thought about it hahaha

  • Denver Mojuntou 1 week ago

    8:34 Terminator 2 reference

  • P51 Mustang 1 week ago

    It’s real I knew it Cory Is Now A SCP!!!!!

  • P51 Mustang 1 week ago

    Is that a Comanche I wish it was a Chinook

  • P51 Mustang 1 week ago

    A Comanche a attack helicopter

  • Locatednewt01 47 1 week ago

    Oh this this is pretty cool god job Newscapebro

  • Mikhil Muhunthan 1 week ago

    I hate that german

  • Wolfo Wolf 1 week ago

    CORY JOINING THE (Download Amino For Full Info)

  • Goat Omega 1 week ago

    Uni was a Scp the foundation liked him why not Corry

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