• NewScapePro 3 weeks ago

    SCP-1529 can be cold hearted, but there’s definitely a warm glow to him that I can’t let go of.

  • that1Ginger 3 weeks ago

    Well that was awkward

  • Fireblood Earthborn 3 weeks ago

    Two bros CHILLIN in the hot tub but not together case their not gay.

  • kadin the pizza sniper 3 weeks ago

    040 also in the roleplay maybe you should ask lara out

  • Maddix Boys 3 weeks ago

    Cory x Laura

  • hazmat unit 3 weeks ago

    Why do they never use class d thats kind of there job

  • Birk AlkjærAsgårdsvej 3 weeks ago

    The New Couple #Clara Thats the Ship Name :3 for cory and Lara :3333

  • Owl Warrior 3 weeks ago

    THAT WAS SO SWEET!!! There snow bad time for puns!

  • Israel Montanez 3 weeks ago

    wheres the shippers 😉

  • GummyBearBoys79 3 weeks ago

    Did anyone else notice that the link to the scp file is wrong the video is about scp-1529 but the link goes to scp-1592

  • Nacho Man 3 weeks ago

    Probably the most interesting episode ever

  • Nacho Man 3 weeks ago

    I think hooper is affected by an scp or maybe not

  • GummyBearBoys79 3 weeks ago

    Maybe a scp has them in a dream world stuck

  • Jian1602 On Roblox! 3 weeks ago

    Hypothermia : Death Due to cold

  • Stieger_fx 1 3 weeks ago


  • Robert Voss 3 weeks ago

    [Cory] hay Tirana… [Tirana] yes Cory? [Cory] remember to.. stay “frosty” [Tirana] ugh not “cool” Cory [Cory] i guess that was “cold” of me [whooper] cut the chatter

  • Mary Weir 3 weeks ago


  • krazy watcher812 3 weeks ago

    He kind of looks like ticci toby. With the goggles

  • Titan Legends 3 weeks ago

    One of the best episodes and this scp is scp 096’s replacement while he’s ate creepypasta

  • Chha Pann 3 weeks ago

    The bathing scene was so weird

  • Jjgarza 08 3 weeks ago

    Hooper always has his helmet on! Can we just have a little peek at his face?

  • Nacho Man 3 weeks ago

    guys, u know the dr that made cory go on the mission alone, that is the guy we see at the end…I think

  • FurryChibi God 3 weeks ago

    I think LT likes Cory OOOooOooOoOooOooOooOo!~

  • pokeprogamer16 blastoise241 3 weeks ago

    Pls i want to

  • Luna Star 3 weeks ago

    The ending was so sweet (;v;)

  • pokeprogamer16 blastoise241 3 weeks ago

    Cory:hey triana
    Triana:yes cory
    Cory:remember to….stay frosty

  • Creative Sharon 3 weeks ago

    Who thinks that people will now ship Trianna and Cory together cause she came and saved him from Duni and Cory had a vision that she was cheering for him when he got promoted to Alpha Strike?

    Also when Cory was hoping to be with the girl in season 2 episode 6 Trianna said that she doubt it would happen

  • Kadyn 2324 3 weeks ago

    That ending was indeed BEAutiful

  • radioactive carman 3 weeks ago

    10:03 BOI HAHAHAHA

  • Mr. Meme 3 weeks ago

    how old is laura? her hair color makes me feel like she is old but mabye its dyed

  • Souf 206 3 weeks ago

    Soo do you guys know a certain person somebody cool? In the mobile task force? Has a mask and hates 682? Dr.cool? Answer me

  • Voltz Gaming 3 weeks ago

    i would just love to see scp-495

  • Lucky 3 weeks ago

    What if Cory,
    if he was a SCP, could have the ability to be immune to SCP, so the SCPs That will likely kill him won’t.

  • Lucky 3 weeks ago

    Or maybe the ability too attract other SCPs to him.

  • Floognoodle 3 weeks ago

    I don’t think Triana has too long left.

  • Dana Burrow 3 weeks ago

    If you stop makeing these I will die😵

  • David Webb 3 weeks ago

    im actually researching the first person to reach mt everests summit.

  • LESTER HILDEBRAN 3 weeks ago

    do scp 2852

  • CONTG Connor 3 weeks ago

    I expected the SCP standing by the doorway stalking them at the end, would’ve been great

  • Isaiah Evans 3 weeks ago


  • Soldier_ TF2 3 weeks ago

    cory opening your mouth is creepy i don’t like it can you not do it again plz

  • TreeTheEnderHyena 3 weeks ago

    People are happy… yeahhhh someone’s gonna die soon….

  • Boomjack2003 Army 3 weeks ago

    Cory face when lt says with bait lol

  • newgametv .p9 3 weeks ago

    I keep wathcing this video cuz of puns xD

  • Derpy15 Doopy 3 weeks ago

    Hold up, did Cory break the fourth wall? At 7:00 it seemed like he broke the fourth wall…

  • suphanna phanthawee 3 weeks ago

    SCP 029

  • Derpy15 Doopy 3 weeks ago

    Is Cory having an awesome week? All the endings have been nice endings recently

  • Kaisar ahza Adhynata 3 weeks ago


  • Hayden Shaw 3 weeks ago

    Is it me or does anyone else realize that Cory hasn’t even taken a single scratch through this entire series

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