• Mama From tattletail 4 months ago

    Me scp 096

  • Preston Smith 4 months ago

    I can tell that they’re going to have to fight Cooper, like if you agree

  • OngakuKitsune 4 months ago

    taser looks like claws XD

  • turtlehat 500 4 months ago

    Scp 999 has healing properties

  • Cupid's Hippy Sister 4 months ago

    In the some time future, can you do a role play for the child of light game?

  • EchoZ 4 months ago

    There Is No Such Thing Over Level 5 Clearnance

  • HC Modesitt 4 months ago

    Actually read the docs and lore thoroughly before making a vid.

  • Chance Hamilton 4 months ago

    Do more scp it’s great

  • Anthony Maccentelli 4 months ago

    SCP-998 or SCP-803

  • Frozen Alive 4 months ago

    Has anybody realised that the SCP Foundation in this hasn’t contained Cory nor Uni? Because they would be considered as Humanoid Creatures since Uni is a dog standing on two legs with the intelligence and abilities as a human. While Cory has a camera for a face.

  • Jea Kim 4 months ago

    You should add SCP-096

  • Jea Kim 4 months ago

    Not tone rude but SCP-173 is not the most dangers SCP-682 Class is Keter so is more dangerous, sorry I am a SCP fan.

  • Alpha Cory Co-corpes 4 months ago

    I’m a little upset about how freely scp-173 is moving because the scp can’t move when in direct eye contact even when the scp isn’t looking at the person that is keeping it in its spot.but you guys probably didn’t know that so I’m not that upset
    Keep doing your stuff guys it’s really good!!

  • PickAxe PixelGamer ROBLOX & More! 4 months ago

    At Part 5 Plz Do A SCP-106 Plz!

  • Madison Naden 4 months ago

    *Coopers mask falls off*
    Me: OF DEAR GOD! KILL IT!!!! …Oh wait, he’s the good guy…….

  • Erkhes Batkhuyag 4 months ago

    nooooooooooooooo sgt.coop was my favorite :”(

  • Kevin Parle 4 months ago


  • Classified Czygamer merry chris 4 months ago

    Bruh there is no level 9. It’s only 1 to 5.

  • Bananen LP 4 months ago

    Please make skytonia not to bedrock edition because my parents wont make an Microsoft Account

  • Umi Saptaningtyas 4 months ago


  • michael emory 4 months ago

    I like u to keep on making the scp and creepypastas

  • The Deathly Darkrai 4 months ago

    Scp 999 is the size of a bean bag, no offence, this series is really good:3

  • Conor Weekley 4 months ago

    Do An episode for the plague doctor when he gets zombies

  • zam159zammer 4 months ago

    Who’s been here since fallout?

  • Toadaxel Gengar 4 months ago

    Do scp 939
    It goes with the basement safe room.

  • blackout does stuff 4 months ago

    Cory do scp 1370 he know all languages and is an robot that was formally a piece of art and will only attack animals cameras and yosapians

  • blackout does stuff 4 months ago

    Scp 1370 is also know to do battel with his own clever battel name like robot destroyer not sure why its gust a cool scp

  • John Eberhardt 2 4 months ago

    When will you do another video on Newscape Games?

  • Josiah Wester 4 months ago

    Scp 049 the plague doctor uses surgery to turn his victims into one of him self so there will be more than one

  • Josiah Wester 4 months ago

    Scp 173 one blink and your dead it mainly prefers choking its victims

  • Pat Gowen 4 months ago

    1:40 whoooooo kick his a** tickle monster

  • 8 eyed guy 4 months ago

    Aww poor Niney! ( Niney my nickname for scp 999)

  • jaydeniplier the gamer 4 months ago

    Bring back Cooper he was the best or I’ll unsubscribe and dislike all of ur app vids

  • Proxybot 4 months ago

    The mask from the thumbnail is from roblox

  • XxsavageXx -savage vid savage gameplay 4 months ago

    SCP 106 should be next if you come across it will be the pits

  • FlipTheDough 4 months ago

    theory : scp 173 is actually NOT a villain.

  • Spartan 1231 GHOST 4 months ago

    Statis Report Lost-1 Gain-0 SCP’s That Escaped-643

  • Spartan 1231 GHOST 4 months ago

    Tip SCP 173 Only Moves Win You Look Away Or Blinks!

  • Spartan 1231 GHOST 4 months ago

    tip 2 SCP 049 Is Very Slow In The Real Game!

  • Green Snake 4 months ago

    u know I thought that computer at 5:45 was scp 079

  • Syccentrix 4 months ago

    Thumbnail is a hat from roblox

  • fallout gamer31 4 months ago

    Hey Cory would u mind if u gave me at least 1 or 2 servers to play in Minecraft. Also I really enjoy Minecraft and I just got it like 4 or 3 days ago

  • Star Attak 4 months ago

    I like this

  • Doomchief101 4 months ago

    do SCP 939 706 357 012 017 5711 008 009 016 020 409 860 372 and more of the forgotten scp’s also there is clearance levels only from 1-5 and that’s it

  • N thompstone 4 months ago

    Nooooooooooooooo cooper

  • Kyle Razalan 4 months ago

    The docotr masked scp is one of the friendliest. *turns people to zombies. Kills in one shot. Has a sidekick. Better than the tickle monster OK FINE IM NOT SURE ABOUT THE TICKLE MONSTER PART

  • Kyle Razalan 4 months ago

    Wait wat if tickle monster tickles 173

  • Flowery 4 months ago

    excuse me newscapepro i am kinda upset with the mobile server update (bedrock platform) because me and my friends arent mobile gamers and prefer console or pc but you took our favorite server to play on for pc and we no longer have taken the time in our days to watch your videos that made us upset …. me do watch ashlies videos because they are fire like my mix tape

  • Flowery 4 months ago

    why cant you make it for mobile and pc if your able to

  • Ixmyl Cats 4 months ago

    HAPPY NEW YEAR and yes I know I’m saying this to you twice

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