• Christopher Dang 3 months ago

    Did he said sh*t Scooby snacks

  • Xander fletcher 3 months ago

    Hey guess wot??? Scooby dooby doo where r u stop saying that or he will kill u

  • Max Wilson 3 months ago

    Do little Einsteins

  • AV Jo 3 months ago

    NEW TRAPS for murder
    Cataclysm trap: creates a random natural disaster (cost is 4 stacks and a half)
    Apocalypse trap: a whole bunch of strength zombies (cost is 3 stacks)
    Part’s invisible: all the car parts are unable to be seen for 20 secs (cost is 2 stacks and a half
    NEW TRAP for survivors:
    Trap deletor: deletes all murderer’s trap for 20 secs (cost 2 stacks)
    3 times recall trap: the user is back 15 seconds where they were (cost 2 stacks and a half for 3 of them

  • Katerina Arvaniti 3 months ago

    can you do cristamas thime plz nea trap hello what this dase it gives you 1 car part

  • Hayden Gillenwaters 3 months ago

    Hey we should get a new survivor trap it’s a wood plank where you could just infinitely run through walls through water and you could not be seen from the Killer

  • Emmanuel Santos 3 months ago

    I live in vegas

  • PIP's GAMING_yt 3 months ago

    Scoring do? More like scooby do-do 💩💩💩

  • PIP's GAMING_yt 3 months ago

    Scooby do? More like scooby do-do 💩💩💩

  • Ninja 5000 3 months ago

    I can’t wait until on episode every round all car parts are found

  • Gaming Squirrel 3 months ago

    Super saiyan + switch places with killler = 3 sec round

  • Luxurdo 3 months ago

    Hider Traps:
    *Recycle/Mimic:* Reuses a nearby hider trap.
    *Mug:* When you use it in a corpse, it takes all of the traps that the corpse had
    *Truck Tp:* Tps to the truck
    *Car Part Seeker:* Seeks the Car parts
    *Rewind:* Same as Recall but the killer rewinds
    *Banana:* Makes the killer slip

    Kiler Traps:
    *Virus:* Forces a hider to move.
    *Theft:* Same as theft but to an alive hider
    *Gum:* If a hider stepped into the gum, It stucks the hider there. To escape you have to move around
    */TP THIS CAR PART OUTTA HERE:* Tps the car part somewhere in the map
    *Catastrophe:* Summons a deadly cat that finds the hider

  • YumYumDoughnutGirl Jess 3 months ago

    When Maddie said that she had a crush on Shaggy,Russel watched it and was like WTF u did?!?

  • R XRbarecideRX R 3 months ago

    A new power up for the mudder is a thing that makes the hider do a soft giggle like if you agree

  • ARTURO GONZALEZ 3 months ago

    You guys should do Mickey mouse murder run. That would be cool to see! Like so Ssundee can see.

  • solarflare Keys 3 months ago

    Scooby doo took a poo and shaggy thought it was 🍫 shaggy took a bight and he terns whight and that was the end of shaggy

  • Tauloa Seei 3 months ago

    Why did Thea not use a new skin as a killer.

  • Mr.WaterMelon Melons 3 months ago

    You ruined my childhood

  • Lisali From - TYR - 8B 3 months ago

    I LOVE SCOOBY DOO and this video was the best one!

  • Christopher Vaughan 3 months ago

    I will survive

  • Michelle Davies 3 months ago

    For some reason it makes me so angry when ssundee dies first cos the rest is boring

  • Fred daverson 3 months ago

    My name is freddie

  • Izaan Ansari 3 months ago

    I love this series

  • Matko Nikolic 3 months ago

    Shagy name is samy

  • Laurent Arsa Pandega 3 months ago

    What neo practcally made a minecraft version of friday the 13th the game

  • Connor Hallas 3 months ago

    From left to right : Fred daphne shaggy Velma scooby

  • Laurent Arsa Pandega 3 months ago

    Doki doki literature club theme murder!!!
    PS: if you dont know what it is search it up on steam and play it. Game theorys matpat said that it might be scarier than fnaf. No joke!

  • Guram Kekelia 3 months ago

    Do dragon ball z please next

  • Shummy Buzzy 3 months ago

    Murder weapon: (1)Hook&Chain (Fishing Rod w/ sharpness 3 = 2hearts full armor) – Low dmg, gain haste 1&speed 2, inflict burn.
    (2)Sword (Current, 4 hearts on full armor) – Only speed 1 buff & can break blocks.
    (3)Axe – High dmg(Dia.Axe w/ sharpness X =7 hearts full armor) – gain mining fatigue 2&slowness.
    Universal: Potion of swiftness, water breathing & fire resist.
    Food: Golden Apple (Normal)
    Killer trap: Lightning strike – Stuns, slows & burn at the survivor unless under shelter.
    Fog of Darkness – Blinds, Poison survivor unless five blocks above the ground or below.
    Blood sense – Able to sniff out players when they take damage for 5s.
    Enrage – When near a survivor, gains haste, strength, speed & jump boost.
    Infected Wound – Receives poison, nausea when survivor takes damage.
    Bleed Out – The lower the health of survivor, the slower the speed.
    Survivor: Faith&Willpower – Absorption of extra 2 rows of hearts for 9 secs.
    Doctor! – Instant health for 5 seconds ( 3 drops of instant hp potion )
    Sneaky – Gain speed when not spotted ( weak against infrared vision )
    Glowtrap MkII – Same as the previous model but does not require killer to activate and lets off a firework (So killer might know where is the survivor)
    Milk – “You should know what it does!” *Wink wink*

  • minecrafter2047 3 months ago

    cappie: throw it on animals to turn in them and get more speed

  • Harry Clarke 3 months ago

    No I do not play over watch

  • Kadir Smajovic 3 months ago

    Can you get a trap called recaller it gets killer back to spawn

  • Arctic GalaxyWolf 3 months ago

    Maddie looked so pretty today who agrees? 💕

  • Jia Liang Zhao 3 months ago

    The part trap is good because if you make a part at the truck you can kill them and they will have to get there(hide the part near the truck)

  • rob74424 boni 3 months ago

    maddie got the devils numbers

  • Landon Earls 3 months ago

    You the best!!,!

  • Wei Ding 3 months ago

    Pokemon menter

  • Pickle Rick 3 months ago

    Dude you had recall and didn’t use it

  • Maurice-Mores 3 months ago

    My little dog is called Scooby 😀

  • Nina Frydendahl Brunsgaard Langsøskolen 3 months ago


  • Pi Chip 3 months ago

    Can you do a CLASH ROYAL murder run please

  • Mystic WY477D 3 months ago

    pls do Nba murder run

  • Pro tope 3 months ago

    I thought SSundee said Find the car farts Find the car farts

  • Dvij kotadia 3 months ago

    You could make it so it’s a plane or a train or something else to escape in or make it so last person to get the car working and escape wins

  • My Dream House 3 months ago

    Make a upside down trap it makes the killer upside down

    make a love trap for the killer it makes the killer set in the survavor way

  • Yaseen Ali 3 months ago

    do a he man theme murderer plz like this comment

  • My Dream House 3 months ago

    try mortal combat theme

  • fire leopard vlogs 3 months ago

    NOOOOOOO im almost 13 I still love Scooby-Doo

  • Dannix 3 months ago

    Avatar last air bender version

  • AssassinZ_Playz 3 months ago

    Ssundee do adventure time please and like this chat boyz

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