Today we play with the RUNECAPE LUCKY BLOCKS!


  • Tyler Noel Snyder plunkett 2 weeks ago

    I wish that lucky blocks bean

  • Nita Nerd 2 weeks ago


  • Gamerplier 2 weeks ago

    Do a Lucky Block Hungergames

  • Robert Colbeth 2 weeks ago


  • Braydon Lott 2 weeks ago

    1 haha Bean stole Andrew boots

  • Luke Echols 2 weeks ago

    Jerome is the best! Also… #Gobacktoroblox!

  • Dakotah Koewphonnoi 2 weeks ago

    The last game was the best🤣🤣

  • Dragon silverlight 2 weeks ago

    this is so funny to watch and listen to the banter

  • Jules Julicher 2 weeks ago

    Jerome get them remade and add a magic spell book and ranged armour

  • Yoyowhatscooken AJ 2 weeks ago

    Do town of salem

  • Sneaky Santa3 2 weeks ago

    hay jerome, great vid, I am started a gaming channel, could you give me a few tips thx 🙂

  • flaming zard 2 weeks ago


  • destructo n 2 weeks ago


  • Reconizt 2 weeks ago

    How much to do my inferno cape?

  • destructo n 2 weeks ago


  • Muzzammil Merchant 2 weeks ago


  • Mckale Green 2 weeks ago


  • Gamer Troop 2 weeks ago

    Yes because kids play callofduty but grownups play minecraft

  • Hey ItzJess 2 weeks ago

    Dang, Jerome da beast

  • Helen Lee 2 weeks ago

    Who thinks that Jerome is the god at pvp because at round 2 he rolled l mean rolled everyone even though they were using the god sword

  • Homster223gaming -roblox 2 weeks ago

    Why does Andrew/Sigils skin all was change when he have armour and when he doesn’t?

  • dragontamer5966 2 weeks ago

    Can I apply to be your new friend

  • Killer Bunny 2 weeks ago

    Man Jerome ur friends cheat so much

  • zubair mustafa 2 weeks ago

    play clash of clan on mobile

  • Hector Nieves 2 weeks ago


  • Caleb Liaw 2 weeks ago

    If COD was for 5 year olds, what does that make you, Ben? An immature minecraft youtuber focusing on younger audiences by holding back your curses?

    Not to mention COD youtubers/streamers have at least 2x the amount of subs you have…

    Sorry I got offended by your statement.

  • MrCrystal - Gaming And More 2 weeks ago

    There’s a GE in Varrock? Pretty sure f2p is just in Edgeville…

  • Tiona Burnett 2 weeks ago

    I have to go to school in an hour so I’m happy I woke up early

  • Purple Tounge 2 weeks ago

    This was possibly the most hilarious Video ever! With Andrew not knowing God Apples were Illegal items to Ben using a God Sword and Blade using a different kind of sword that does more damage, AND JEROME SAID HE NEEDED NEW FRIENDS, AFTER HE SAID THAT ANDREW WAS ALREADY LAUGHING SO HARD. IT JUST TURNED INTO WHEEZING. And Jerome I will gladly take that application for being a new friend XD

  • YoshiGains 2 weeks ago

    Yo I still play runescape and that game is og meet me in deep wildly Jerome
    Old school runescape is better tho
    The ags or armadyl god sword is the best for pking btw

  • Danielius Rimka 2 weeks ago

    MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Ofcoure baca dad

  • matthew byrnes 2 weeks ago

    More mike Myers

  • ManateeLover04 2 weeks ago

    Minions lucky blocks

  • Joshua Moore 2 weeks ago

    Andrew is a “pro player”, he is a pro bench warmer.

  • Bannaz 4 Gamin 2 weeks ago


  • Bannaz 4 Gamin 2 weeks ago


  • Bannaz 4 Gamin 2 weeks ago

    Were do I sine up for friend applications

  • Jay Money 2 weeks ago


  • Exotic -TU 2 weeks ago

    Been playing cod sices 4 years old.bean would lose and now I am 14

  • Cale Deal 2 weeks ago


  • DaBest Waffle 2 weeks ago

    they actually changed the grand exchange today 😀

  • TransAm Gaming 2 weeks ago

    jerome throwing salt all over the place

  • Matteo Calderon 2 weeks ago


  • Mason ppl vids 1 week ago


  • ranjan jena 1 week ago

    Love the ending

  • Shelly Ryans 1 week ago

    been you so mean and take it baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack or i will hunt you … down,……………………. and kill you

  • Christopher J 1 week ago

    I am Christopher person, I am good at gams, I like fud, and I is smart pick me as new friend

  • Thebestdiy 1 week ago

    R.I.P Andrew

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