The Challenge Games begin and we must fight the Rock Monster!


  • Ryan Linnenbaugh 1 month ago

    Dinosaurs could have been purple because nobody knows, we only have their bones

  • LimeClimb 321 1 month ago


  • Thomas Steward 1 month ago

    24:03 “things are going pretty-OH MY GOD NOOOOOO!!!”
    -Pat 2018

  • lincoln kearney 1 month ago

    pat says MAY HE REST IN MY #jenbelike EAT DIRT I died lughing!! when she said that

  • Diana Wilks 1 month ago

    He should of made a big pickaxe as a weapon

  • Emma Kirschenmann 1 month ago

    I subscribed and subscribe

  • khalid thomas 1 month ago


  • Connor Bell 1 month ago

    Go subscribe to VotingEnd for lit content like his!!!!!

  • mememaster 999 1 month ago

    Does anyone remember when Minecraft was a thing. I do.

  • Chloe ! 1 month ago

    There should be a thing for five emeralds where they can take their villagers to a bedrock house so then they won’t die! It will have two sides, one for Pat and one for Jen! You would put the villager in the house first, and if you don’t have enough emeralds at the end, (or whenever) (you have to pay five) you have to kill the villager no matter what!

  • KitKat Gamer 1 month ago

    Who’s late? #LateSquad

  • Emma Kirschenmann 1 month ago

    There should be a pig lucky block with a baby pink as a weapon for the challenge games

  • playz sneaky 1 month ago

    #CloudTheSavageForever Cloud Is Da Bestttttt <3333333333

  • playz sneaky 1 month ago


  • playz sneaky 1 month ago


  • playz sneaky 1 month ago

    JEN is bossy NOT PAT

  • Megan Stewart 1 month ago

    Jen should’ve won because pat was out of the fight up there he would’ve had to jump down to continue fighting and would’ve died from the fall. Should count as a Jen victory.

  • danilo samano 1 month ago


  • REALgaming 1 month ago


  • Mr. Snoflakes 1 month ago

    He. Is ssssoooooo bogus.

  • Gergő Sasi 1 month ago


  • Ericstorm 195 1 month ago

    Pat you need to make a new intro the current one is kinda old

  • Shadow Dasher 1 month ago

    Who else knew that pat was being kind of dumb because in that version axes do more damage but don’t swipe like the swords

  • Kit Kat 1 month ago

    “No I want the diamond sword and your pants. That’s a fair deal.” -Jen 2018

  • Serious_Playz MC 1 month ago

    Plz Change The Intro Im Bored Of it

  • Rafael Sandoval 1 month ago

    My god, the memories.

  • xXGDgoldXx 1 month ago


  • Kit Kat 1 month ago

    Pat cheated. He would’ve died and lost cause he just waited at the top of the arena. He died when he jumped down but he didn’t go back down right away, and then jen died while he was still up there

  • Sandra Valentin 1 month ago


  • Nguyên Khoa Đoàn 1 month ago

    jen is so evil

  • Eaglest05 1 month ago

    Jen gets pig, pat gets pig spawner.

  • Valentina Buenrostro 1 month ago

    Pat and Jen if you didn’t know people actually record at 3am

  • Vanoss Is The BEST! 1 month ago


  • cj spirit 1 month ago

    17:12 I bursted out laughing for 5 minutes literally almost died

  • Sallyanne Stone 1 month ago


  • Pyro Wolf 1 month ago

    Hi guys bfff I can’t believe I’m awake either

  • The Destruction 1 month ago

    Pat did u just say The b word to jen

  • thmm222 1 month ago

    that turned really dark at 8.19

  • Maximus Yobel 1 month ago


  • Brydie McLean 1 month ago

    #rip baby bacon

  • Teo Galvez 1 month ago

    😭😭😭😭Pat and Jen I haven’t watched your videos in a long time like for 2years and your channel is still growing now your 14 million subs you guys the best

  • Joonatan Lehtonen 1 month ago

    24:04 manly scream of fear

  • pinkpurple catlol 1 month ago

    Pat said good morning for the first time 😊😊😊😆😆

  • Sul DaBul 1 month ago

    Challenge games on a budget

  • Super Saiyan Red Rabbit Seraph 1 month ago

    When Jen said the Monster Mash was a chicken wing I picked up a chicken wing lol perfect timing

  • Shaldrick Nelson 1 month ago

    Pat and Jen why not kill pig dan eat meat ?

  • Yahya Toor 1 month ago

    love you pat and jen keep making videos

  • Summa Barton 1 month ago

    9:45 Pat only girls moan 😂

  • NetNoBody DISS FIRE 1 month ago

    6:15 i think its dick he draw LLOLOLOLOL

  • Catherine Gagalang 1 month ago

    Can U Continue Crafting Dead? Please I Want To Continue This Series.

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