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  • Alexander Collins 1 month ago


  • Kirb-B-boy 1 month ago

    Get knock back on your stuff when your starting out then just kick them into walls when you want to kill them or off the map over and over like what happened to you

  • sayfmd is my name 1 month ago

    Bostain is at the south outpost in the volcano

  • Kyle Burton 1 month ago

    Ps i cant spell

  • Sergey Khlebutin 1 month ago

    He is at the south outpost in the volcano wall to get to him you have to go into the volcano and you see a nametag named “bostain”

  • Joe Connor 1 month ago

    290th like!!

  • ThaGoldArmorita 1 month ago

    Rippy dippy to me
    Really bad at PVP
    I hate the mining world
    When it’s not PVE

    Pls like i spent 15 minutes of my life on this


  • Ahmed Haroon 1 month ago

    Start another Minecraft survival series

  • Arthur N 1 month ago


  • Owllover6 1 month ago

    OMG chicken bowl

  • GlitchReaper 1 month ago

    In Soviet Minecraftia the Mining World mines you!~ Yakov Smirnov-ism

  • TheWindGamer 1 month ago

    wow. 65 comments. 66 comments now. take that youtube.

  • Alpaca GamingYT 1 month ago


  • ValTheCake 1 month ago

    bostain is in the volcano in the south outpost and the guy after that is in the miningworld lobby

  • SpiralAnimal 384 1 month ago

    Were are the Minecraft anamitons

  • Nutamu 1 month ago

    was anyone else laughing like crazy as he stood on the edge of the volcano…so damn close to finding bostain but not seeing the entrance and missing it?
    He’s in the volcano at south outpost lol!
    And sonny (who you’ll need to find next) is in mining world lobby.

  • Brendan Drenth 1 month ago

    Bostain is in the south outpost in the volcano

  • scarycrazymann 1 month ago

    Jordan, how can you survive on a video that gets 4k views when you have 10 million subscribers?

  • Nathan Irizarry 1 month ago

    sparklez i’m gonna be honest minecraft is a dying game you should try to slowly transition out of it but that’s just my opinion you’re the captain

  • Truin Gamer 1 month ago

    Bostain is in the Volcano and what a lot of people do is pay to win in pvp.

  • Vincent 1 month ago

    In Soviet Russia Minecraft plays you.

  • Andrew Cendro 1 month ago

    we want subnautica.

  • Aaron ho 1 month ago

    I saw you on Parker plays

  • ?taco? 1 month ago

    Minecraft is dying

  • Naabil Hussain 1 month ago

    Humming birds are the shark of the sky

  • Christian Myrvang 1 month ago

    More crate opening?

  • Natureguy 2468 1 month ago

    Have ☝️ day of ⛏ , fighting, crafting, and building.

  • Katie Chatelain 1 month ago

    Bostain is in the volcano on south!!!!

  • Jerrys_sword 1 month ago

    Bostain is in the south outpost in the volcano

  • Wind-up Shroom 1 month ago

    Rippy dippy, indeed

  • Cole Tatro 1 month ago

    I think that the guy your looking for is in a place behind banners that is in the volcano

  • Reginald Chu 1 month ago

    Bostain is in a volcano inside an outpost. sonny is in the mining world lobby.

  • Random things Fun right? 1 month ago

    Record with crainer

  • Anthony Rupp 1 month ago

    This was a boring episode

  • Parker Brantley 1 month ago

    level up strategy:
    Step 1.) Get Good

  • Moon Bounce MC 1 month ago

    Do more parkour maps with X33N

  • KillaZae 1 month ago

    Bostain south outpost in the volcano, sonny in the miningworld lobby

  • Dalex Pet 1 month ago

    i suggest you try to do Arkham Network skyblock2 it’s super fun and interesting

  • Sharks are the hummingbirds of the sea.

  • Cataclysm Gaming 1 month ago

    We need ultra modded survial

  • Bogdan Playz 1 month ago

    наайс, я успел до 30000 просмотров

  • Marco Meijer 1 month ago

    statement detective lie walk represent notion investment gray vast pitch ok.

  • Kyarrala 1 month ago

    Today is the day Jordan I think I’m just as exited as you are to get this car 🚗

  • Davey_Rulez 1 month ago

    W O O P S

  • Theo Ritchie 1 month ago

    just caught up with every skybounds ever

  • xX johnny is my GoD Xx 1 month ago

    You should play super hot

  • Intelletivity 1 month ago

    This series is getting old, like if you agree

  • Reecye 1 month ago

    According to X33N, Sparklez only has a bounty of 137.0980688017579 (correct me if I’m wrong)

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