• Simon Schweingruber 1 month ago

    leave her alone, that one cracked me up, strangely enough xD

  • Sean Cannon 1 month ago

    Only 13 min 6 sec cut. Also, one of XEEN’s screams needs edited over the wilhelm scream… if you watched it I suspect you know which scream.

  • Jm Monares 1 month ago

    Hey jordan can you make a new minecraft modded survival plsss

  • blue bily 1 month ago

    We r actually very high

    -x33n 2018

  • huchick 1 month ago

    yo, started playing minecraft again. you turned up in my suggested. watched you years ago.

    i get if you dont answer this, but do you still happily live off youtube? or is it becoming a bit of a stuggle. let me know dude <3

    very few youtubers have continued in minecraft from the early days

  • PianoPerry 1 month ago

    hey Captain can you play some scp secret lab?

  • SakurakoO.O 1 month ago

    The red arow in the thumbnail… That’s not how perspective works… My OCD is killing me right now

  • ゆい714 1 month ago


  • TheOrdinary 1 month ago

    Why the fuck X33N allowed to just Tp to the next stage whenever JORDAN makes it???? Makes it sooooo pointless and makes X33N look like a sad, wimpy loser.
    He should do the parkour LEGIT and not have Jordan carry him through the whole map.

  • Cameron McLeod 1 month ago

    I feel like someone could put together a nature documentary but all the calls/sound from the animals are replaced with x33n and sparkles skreching

  • Drug Lord 1 month ago

    Man im still sad that minecraft is dying

    but i think you should quit too jordan cause most of the famous minecraft youtuber has already quit and you dont seem like having fun playing the game anymore(at least thats what i think)

  • Devan Garcia 1 month ago

    H…h…HAMILTON!!!!!!!!!!! I now love you x33n! Captainsparklez you can go away x33n is better then you now!

  • BattleBoss 2310 1 month ago

    You’re making X33N look bad

  • ThatGuy 1 month ago

    Remember the parkour sparkles made for Crainer in trollcraft? someone needs to make a map for sparkles and stick it in somewhere, with a nice note reminding him of his diabolical creation.

  • Reynolds Rd

  • Lollipop ล้อเลี่ยน in the hobbit 1 month ago

    Oh My God

  • Nagarath16 1 month ago

    At the start when there wasn’t a place to jump on.. Wasn’t there a button on the ground when Jordan went to kill himself?

  • Cosmic Sheep 1 month ago

    This may be an unpopular opinion, but I think you should go back to your roots for a bit. Watching you play this map made me really nostalgic for your old minecraft adventure maps you did, like with Mark and Nick, or when you did the Labyrinth map. (yeah, I’m an OLD ass subscriber lol) You probably won’t see this, but please consider doing some retro minecraft stuff, no mods, no fancy pants stuff, just some good old fashioned adventure maps.

  • Gravity Goat 1 month ago

    90 percent of this video is just them groaning or making weird noises

  • Shae Lindo 1 month ago

    JARDON don’t even start with me. Xeen says Bajoinking once and you flip and glitch all over the place when you says thingamabob anywhosers

  • DarkTakanuva 1 month ago

    Pretty sure you were supposed to jump back to the other stone spike, then to the ice (for the second jump); the whole punching thing and the other platform was a red herring, I believe.

  • Shae Lindo 1 month ago


  • Joey McCrea 1 month ago

    I hate x33n for seeing Hamilton without me. >:(

  • Ryan Wilson 1 month ago

    You already did this map in the past. Just without command blocks.

  • Synthia Hart 1 month ago

    So glad I was not the only one who thought of Hamilton

  • Abigail O'Hara 1 month ago

    Did captain just almost quote teen beach movie?

  • Caz Rubacky 1 month ago

    why does he need to use a web cam wouldn’t it be easier to just use a dslr for recording

  • Halo5698 Halo 1 month ago

    Where’s troll craft season 2

  • Seven Chords 1 month ago

    wow, he didn’t even notice the 3 obvious buttons on the floor after the first checkpoint…

  • Linkle the gamer 1 month ago

    I’ve read Junji Ito, I know what happens when spirals are involved.

  • eddog6666 1 month ago

    That jump is possible. Momentum jump. just jump before the jump and do again. you get a 1/2 block boost.

  • Harry Notter 1 month ago

    Hamilton is my life

  • The Veteran 1 month ago

    Z33n sounds like zisteau

  • Tablet Android 1 month ago

    Can’t you jump in the heads/skulls instead of punching each other?

  • N Allardyce 1 month ago

    Didi X33N make a Buffy reference?

  • kian prosser 1 month ago

    Does anyone remember who “Intuition” is?

  • Harun HFJ 1 month ago

    Where pt 2

  • Kammellion 1 month ago

    So what about part 2 =P ?

  • Randy Poteet 1 month ago

    hi friend

  • eddog6666 1 month ago

    That catus glitch is very hard to do. it is all about the random tick damage tick. it is basically the same as an Bow and Arrow jump glitch. it’s just luck

  • My Northhill 1 month ago

    Oml I hated that spiral map ;-;

  • Hannah, professional Fangirl 1 month ago

    “What did I– BLERGH!”

  • When you jumped in the water on the second level, you passed a stone button

  • Random Vids 1 month ago

    Score (based on who reached checkpoint first)

    CaptainSparklez- 14

    X33N- 3

  • Luke Collinz 1 month ago

    I like how xeen says he’s bad at parkour when he doesn’t make something and sparklez says the map is broken and it glitched

  • Austin Yi 1 month ago

    For the first cactus jumps. You need to run into the cactus without jumping and then jump. The first hit is the bottom cactus and then when you jump the next hit is the second cactus.

  • Luke Barham 1 month ago

    On the cactus parkour you go from the corner!!!!!!

  • McHaven07 1 month ago

    Show of hands who knew what that “Where do we go from here?” tune was from

  • The Legendary Shovel 1 month ago

    U probs remember James from odd1sout at vid con right

  • Crying Bananas 1 month ago

    I stopped watching at cactus jumping because it was way too repetitive

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