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  • Crow Hex 2 weeks ago

    1.13 and 1.14 are put together now.

  • Gecko Dansie 2 weeks ago

    Q&A: When do u think Shields will be coming to console (PS3)

  • louis campeau 2 weeks ago


  • hepi catto 2 weeks ago

    I just wish we had Minecraft Alpha back 🙁

  • Skul_man2k 2 weeks ago

    i had heard that 1.13 was delayed so that 1.14 could be finished as well and then released together as 1.13 to make a more major update

  • Mr.NoLife 2 weeks ago

    qna why do you like minecraft: bedrock edition

  • TH3 R3AL WITH3RED BONNI3 2 weeks ago

    Will ps3 and Xbox 360 have update aquatic?

  • xerox3333 2 weeks ago

    You did pretty well holding your breath for the whole 17 minutes while speaking in this video

  • Jessica Clark 2 weeks ago

    Yes Toycat, come to New Zealand. We have a beautiful country (except Auckland, don’t go to Auckland) and as an added bonus there aren’t any animals here that want to kill you. Unlike Aussie, where everything wants to kill you. 🙂

  • Styliani Pafiti 2 weeks ago

    When will we be able to have anything in our second hand

  • Devin Desolation 2 weeks ago


  • Reliq Champi 2 weeks ago

    This is officially a nightmare for me, I’m a Minecraft Server Owner and when new Versions come out, people will probably ditch the previous version and play the new one which means they’ll lose the ability to play my Server, oh god!

  • sagraeswg 2 weeks ago

    Can you show more pictures?

  • Christopher Dibbs 2 weeks ago

    I’m an Aussie too.

    And we don’t hate New Zealanders. We just know that we’re better, because we invented Pavlova an Lamingtons.

  • TheClun939 2 weeks ago

    So are there gonna be red dragons?

  • Zippy DaFish 2 weeks ago

    Don’t cross the red line ToyCat use the red line in your thumbnail

  • Gosia Mahoney 2 weeks ago

    great fun fact xD

  • Gnarly-Cola 2 weeks ago

    Well tbh I’m watching this on a Monday and it does kind of look like you were saying red dragons are coming to Minecraft. Fortunately for me, I’ve seen more than enough of your vids to know it’s probably a Q&A. A lot of them come off as clickbaity imo. Still a fan just some feedback.

  • Guyluyhi0615 2 weeks ago

    Ho Toycat please tell us what happend to Lion Maker : ( i miss him

  • KillinItParkour 2 weeks ago


  • Jake Langmeyer 2 weeks ago

    Console still doesn’t have cooldowns! Lucky.

  • Thomas Charlton 2 weeks ago

    At the speed, you mumble.

  • Aaron Roth 2 weeks ago


  • TapsOG 63 2 weeks ago

    my cosin died on sunday so I came here to cheer up 🙂
    thanks ibxtoycat

  • Nathan Cole 2 weeks ago

    You know what you’re doing, I’m sorry people have a problem with the way you’re doing things. I play pc mc and still enjoy your content 🙂 Those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind.

  • Carrie Ca. Chuer Omnium 2 weeks ago

    My guy… Just out of a simple curiosity, have you ever had a female companion for any length of time?
    Also, just a tip.. if you want to make more $$, talk more slowly. Thx

  • Chippy CTR31 2 weeks ago

    I’m Australian -_-

  • Craig Plummer 2 weeks ago

    Yeah oath australia edit : i dont hate newzelenders we love each oather

  • Dostow Gaming 2 weeks ago

    What about dragons with there colour based on biomes but can only be unlocked by killing end dragon that would be great and add more excitement

  • Bulma Plus Vegeta 2 weeks ago


  • RAVAGE656 2 weeks ago

    Extremely dark forest biome, like twilight forest’s dark forest.

  • R/C ADVENTURES HQ 2 weeks ago

    Of course I get a minecraft commercial

  • R/C ADVENTURES HQ 2 weeks ago

    Hardcore mode is also on mobile edition

  • Paul F 2 weeks ago

    Do you think we’d ever get a Harry Potter Mash up pack? I’d gladly pay any amount to get that on Xbone. Also haters gonna hate, you do you.

  • Gabriele Di Carlo 2 weeks ago

    In Italy we say “Mamma” for mom or mum or mam… so many ways to say “mother”

  • Nerf Infinity 2 weeks ago

    I made a minecraft battle royale. let me know if you want to play it.

  • Ryan Sonic 2 weeks ago

    I don’t think I’ve heard any other people from Wales call mothers ‘Mam’, unless they’re speaking in Welsh. Might just be where I’m from, though.

  • LuckIsImpossible 2 weeks ago

    The biggest update was when they added hunger bars and sprinting.

  • IRDOR13 2 weeks ago

    Spectator mode was confirmed for 1.3

  • DeadWalker318 // 2 weeks ago

    Toycat will you consider playing/livestreaming Terraria at some point? There’s a big update that just came out for Xbox one that added a lot of new things.

  • Chris Gameing 2 weeks ago

    QnA do you know when Mojang will add more new mini games??

  • Dark Wolf 2 weeks ago

    What accent do you have? And what nationality are you?

  • geek TV 2 weeks ago


  • nyeetn yooten 2 weeks ago

    I personally want 1.13 to be a mid-summer update. It would give them lots of time to perfect it, in addition to that, I like summer updates because more people will be playing.

  • Luke Lee 2 weeks ago

    Can you give a full overview of what the 1.13 update contains?

  • ThatEmeraldPro 2 weeks ago

    Do we have any updates on graphics packs? They were supposed to release in Fall 2017 and its now February 2018 and no word of why graphics packs are not out.

  • Batakanta 2 weeks ago

    Are you serious I saw so many videos that looked like this:
    1.9 Dragon Update We gut rad dragoons
    1.10 Red draguns cumming
    *later again*
    1.11 Red dregons
    *and again later*
    1.12 Finally red dragonz
    And now this…

  • Jace PkmFan 2 weeks ago

    Have you ever been to Japan? And if so is it nice. Thank you for making content.

  • Qna Why do you have gravel as your path in the desert if you hate it so much?

  • sam clarke 2 weeks ago

    why dont you call it “the aquatic update” rather than “the update aquatic”

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