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  • AutumnSphinx437 1 week ago

    Where is the uncut version on Sparkles 2

  • Jeremy D 1 week ago

    This video is sponsored by the racer set.

  • Soaring Rex 1 week ago

    Where is uncut vid

  • Alec Jung 1 week ago

    Why has it taken like three episodes for you to finish this challenge?

  • TheFancyMudkip 1 week ago

    The guy didn’t get away he died of ‘poison’, you got the kill tho

  • Stephen Small 1 week ago

    Where did subnautica go!?

  • Jonathon Geitz 1 week ago

    Just an fyi… Slay only works on mobs. You have to use rage for players

  • Tony James 1 week ago

    Is this server only for pc?

  • Zaleucus 1 week ago

    Why don’t you reload the chunks instead of logging off and back on?

  • Mr. Skeletor 1 week ago

    I believe the correct term is “rekting”

  • CliffordRam 1 week ago

    *Clears Throat* Wrecking.

  • Kevin Davies 1 week ago


  • Raechh YT 1 week ago

    yay ur finally doing warzone runs

  • Woods5133 1 week ago

    Where’s the uncut

  • Cripwing 1 week ago

    Why do people like the uncut so much jesus christ

  • Miguel Lozano 1 week ago

    Low-key this episode sucked

  • SkullBuster_YGOPH 1 week ago

    @CaptainSparklez please don’t go flailing at the air near the edge of the void when clearly that was not the last spot where the player you were chasing was before he got booped very hard and far and fell. Please. It’s horrible to watch. Thanks.

  • nathan scuro 1 week ago

    I thought it was a 10 digit bounty on xene is what I read lol? Am I the only one? Or was it much less cause I saw 1 billion or so on him I saw 9 digits win a 1 in front of all of them

  • DragonLord Daryl 1 week ago

    Where is the uncut

  • Jan David 1 week ago


  • Thomas Castleberry 1 week ago

    ok so this is random and off topic but captain will you do a video with psychogirl you are mentioned in at least 2 songs I’ve searched for one but haven’t found it and there for concluded that there isn’t one and if you and her did a video together I’d consider my life complete seriously please

  • marksgv 1 week ago

    Jordan swam with the Fishes, then swam with the fishes. Ah well, it was pretty darn cool before that. Roving the wilds of the Warzone looking for prey and taking it. I like he remembered to take off the pumpkin head in battle. X33N”s experience did not go to waste. We haven’t had an episode with so much fighting like that before, very dynamic. I thought the challenge would be difficult with so many big bros, but, man, it’s hard even having X33N helping out. Well, when they weren’t accidentally fighting each other. ” I don’t want to kill you.” That 18 kills he had, must have taken quite awhile. A roving band of hooligans in the Warzone is there? That’s a bit of a challenge, like the Mining World doing it’s thing spiking the difficulty, a wave of enemies all at once.

    That was funny, Jordan getting kicked for flying because the chunks didn’t load. Because, of course. At least he didn’t die from it. And in total, he did pretty well in the combat.

  • Luka's Film 1 week ago

    I just saw some of Sparkelz old song that he made. ;( Nostalgia.. But, I think he should move to a music career!

  • Carlos Alexx Crespín 1 week ago


  • 1 week ago


  • GrandMaster-Carlo 1 week ago

    Fishes is one of the best pvp guys on Dino

  • Phong Pham 1 week ago

    Wow more like getting recked by most people

  • crash bandicoot 1 week ago

    It’s like a guy who gets 10 kills and starts bragging about it then just gets rekt over and over again by the same guy and then accuses him of hacking xD

  • Elexia Rinestone 1 week ago

    YES! You still play minecraft😆

  • JackisaPerson 1 week ago

    Sum in your kit

  • Febrian Rahman Adi 1 week ago

    Where is uncut version boi

  • Quinn Austin 1 week ago

    Where is the uncut vid?

  • Derp Skull 1 week ago

    For anyone wondering Jardon said on twitter there were technical difficulties with the uncut video so it wasn’t viable. He should’ve at least put a pinned comment here explaining lol

    *Edit* Also the link in the description always leads to EP.53 for whatever reason

  • Sheri Fuchser 1 week ago

    How come in the description it says uncut episode, but when i go to the link it takes me to episode #53 not #55. Then when I look at his channel #55 uncut isn’t even uploaded yet. WHERE IS THE UNCUT EPISODE!!!!!!

  • Becca Palmer 1 week ago

    Sparklez!! Where is the uncut!!!!!?? It’s been a day!!

  • XxlolxX R 1 week ago

    Um,why slay

  • Kevin Trujillo 1 week ago


  • Elizabeth Grace Eflin 1 week ago

    Where’s the uncut? I need it!

  • Xiaoli Tran 1 week ago

    when he leaves the franken schematic in the skydrop chest omg

  • D3C0D3R16 1 week ago

    He uncut link sends me to ep 53. Plz put the real uncut version on YouTube plz

  • BBOY King 1 week ago

    Lol slay dose nothing use slam and rage and use a level 15 hoe u can it’s cool ability

  • Not Nathan 1 week ago

    Where is my uncut

  • Jyun-Cyuan Chu 1 week ago

    Use rage or slam in war zone, slay does nothing

  • Meep NoLife 1 week ago

    The link just goes to episode 53

  • Rakha 1 week ago

    witch is a bitch

  • SomeGuyInAHoodie 1 week ago

    I thought the last Skybounds episode was 53

  • spaspantsgaming 1 week ago

    Some items don’t stack because they have a different item code. They’ve been with a player when they died or sometimes stuff from openables don’t stack with others

  • Marcus Nordahl 1 week ago

    the uncut??

  • Kade Graham 1 week ago

    Sparklez you killed the guy with bloodsuck!

  • diokostas 1 week ago

    first of all , slay does damage only on mobs m8 not enemy players.Secondly , i think people are escaping cause they either throw an enderpearl before they fall or just combat longing mid air so u dont get their loot ;).Last but not least, when some items drop of the land jump and get em mid air ;).

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