This Minecraft challenge is a new challenge where two players build a


  • Jaxson Eagner 1 week ago

    watch unspeakable gaming

  • Jose Alarcon 1 week ago


  • spooky sk3lly 1 week ago

    the first kill was an ostrich

  • Schuppert Boys 1 week ago

    Theres actualy a mod that can make any bulid a working boat

  • Delsy Martinez 1 week ago

    I love crsonts

  • Jadyn Baldwin 1 week ago

    You are awsome 👍🤘🏻

  • Delsy Martinez 1 week ago

    yesssssssssssss yeeeeeeeees yyyyyyyyyyyyyyes

  • AVERYBOSS13 None 1 week ago

    DREAM CRAFT DREAM CRAFT DREAM CRAFT BRING IT BACK BRING IT BACK!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • johnanthan ruggles 1 week ago


  • Karston Trask 1 week ago

    My sister and her husband have 2 black Newfoundland and they do look like bears and one of the dog’s name is Bear and the other is Keeva

  • Spartan defender 1 week ago

    Why would you dislike!!!!😡😡😲😲

  • Turtimus Primal 1 week ago

    Maybe you can do an airship fight with Archimedes Ships

  • Jake Vicic 1 week ago

    If a T-Rex is a meat eatel and it eats a animal that eats grass and stuff wouldn’t that mean the T-Rex is eating vegetables

  • Dana Mihaela 1 week ago

    D co ok zrubcdyv,

  • Lachlan Stormon 1 week ago

    Ture story

  • Mark Justin Justin 1 week ago

    kraken is a cheater boooooooo **** kraken

  • DODO MAN 1 week ago

    You are the best YouTubed ever I love your Minecraft videos I’m not able to play moded Minecraft.

  • Minecraft king 1 week ago

    It’s a aostrige

  • Gaming with Bayern 1 week ago


  • Craig Briody 1 week ago

    Kracken won

  • Craig Briody 1 week ago

    Do you agree?

  • Kaiser Kerbeus 1 week ago

    Codys boet is like a y wing from star wars and a y wing is a bomer

  • Koala Kekkle 1 week ago

    Why are you so mean to kraken

  • XxShadowFighterxX [MineCrafter] 1 week ago


  • Natallia Sujanti 1 week ago

    booooooooo kraken kid

  • Viren Abrol 1 week ago

    Cody wins

  • R2D2 1 week ago

    Hotel french

  • Richard Moody 1 week ago

    Bring joe back

  • Gardevoir 1 week ago

    *Turret shoots an ostrich*

  • Sidney Daniels 1 week ago


  • Green Panda# 1 week ago

    Your boat is nice

  • Corey Holmes 1 week ago


  • Muhammad Fattah 1 week ago

    At bulding hes lie😂😂😂😂

  • xBearz 1 week ago

    The meme place is IFunny

  • Bartek Weg 1 week ago

    thats the map from his old fishing videos

  • Kaulen Katryniuk 1 week ago


  • Royoboys 2 1 week ago

    Hi I love you guys

  • clark custodio 1 week ago

    Pls submarine

  • Charles Teague 1 week ago


  • Will Sorochty 1 week ago

    I remember he wanted a rematch

  • Julian Carrasco 1 week ago

    Who you’re daddy please 😢😢😢😢

  • Shauna Zepeski 1 week ago

    I LOVE KRAKEN BOAT!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacob Gramling 1 week ago

    Cody is best

  • takenelztime fans page support 1 week ago

    Cody your boat is looks like……

  • Pantig Olive 1 week ago

    Cody is aint your foult youw is everyones foult yow beacuse dude we did not comment yow some turrets ammow yow

  • beautiful I I 1 week ago


  • Ray Sisneros 1 week ago


  • Tiffany Bazan 1 week ago

    Cody’s raft every day

  • FIRE JAX 1 week ago

    At the beginning when you said Reese’s buttercup I was just eating one

  • Sheila Manigault 1 week ago

    I like all of your videos and all of your videos

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