The very first survival attempt at a woodland mansion. How will it


  • Teresa Sullivan 10 months ago


  • excitic chicken 10 months ago

    where is the update for Minecraft I didn’t get the update for PS4

  • excitic chicken 10 months ago

    plz help me

  • Unitsi Waya 10 months ago

    I’m stealing that seed

  • Unitsi Waya 10 months ago


  • Miguel Reyes 10 months ago

    It’s already in the game !?!?!??!

  • popcorn11221 10 months ago

    tu54 on ps4 is out for me😂

  • Fallon Tulloch 10 months ago

    secret feature map shows by hotbar now

  • Peta Rickard 10 months ago


  • Peta Rickard 10 months ago

    There’s a witch hut

  • Ethan Smith 10 months ago

    It kicked me outta my game and I haven’t saved it in like 3 hours RIP

  • Peta Rickard 10 months ago

    I found one

  • Cool kid 101 10 months ago

    The seed hi has two LOL

  • Peta Rickard 10 months ago

    The seed is -2861125609002656825

  • Aaron Wells 10 months ago

    do I need to start a new world for the mansion to appear? Xbox one version.

  • Hamoudy Awesome 10 months ago

    Did it come out for Middle East?

  • BlackNight 83Gaming 10 months ago

    me and my sister spowned at a woodland mansion

  • Brant Mcintyre 10 months ago

    can you get the mansions to spawn on a old world?

  • Jolly XD dude Horizon brace 10 months ago

    I see this woodland mansion

  • - X_Itz_Skullz_X - 10 months ago

    who plays ps3? drop ign so we can play together…. 😊😊 i got a mic

  • HazeWulfDemonic 10 months ago

    How do you use your off hand on PS4?¿

  • AGILBERHT Tim 10 months ago

    You will get now Mine^craft P.r.e.m.i.u.m A.c.c.o.u.nt without charge it really is shielded together with operates

  • keith cozy 10 months ago


  • Wyatt Auer 10 months ago

    play with me daddy

  • End Craft25 10 months ago

    TU54 was a great update,but wasn’t all that exiting.I got on my Xbox as soon as I could to play with the new update.I did what probably a lot of people did;hop onto my main survival world,expand the world size to large,tame a llama and a parrot,storm a mansion,get a few totems of undying,and be on my way.The only problem was I did all this in one morning.I have absolutely no cheats enabled,and it still wasn’t that difficult.I just feel a little let down that you get a FREE mansion for hardly a challenge.I also think that the parrots should have a use,like tamed wolves and cats.The llamas however,I am completely cool with.

  • Oliver Is crazy 10 months ago


  • Jake Plays Piano 10 months ago

    Finds mansion at 16:48

  • OaliPlays -Pokémon Brick Bronze And more- 10 months ago

    Does it work in Xbox 360

  • Ernesto Meza 10 months ago

    How do you get the parrots to sit on your shoulder

  • guillermo eng 10 months ago

    How to get :balanced seed on,medium biomes
    Stuff In it:Woodland mansion,Village,sand temple all next to spawn.

  • Fusion 10 months ago


  • The FusionWarrior 10 months ago

    Wololo is from Age of Empires 1.

  • Adrian Samson 10 months ago

    it is not in ps4!!!!!!!!!

  • vegito kacarot 10 months ago

    a iglo

  • assistedbread15 Baker 10 months ago

    i found two

  • Zach Parker Noah Mays fing rock 10 months ago

    Its 4 AM Were I live

  • Megamania 10 months ago


  • Suppergamergirl Krista 10 months ago

    #1 fan

  • People are People 10 months ago

    I spawned next to a floating igloo?
    -1790580414362167770. NOTE: Only works on small biome size.

  • okido sapper 10 months ago

    someone got the frost walker boots on minecraft? need the trophy “Let it go” send me a message if you have the boots PSN: Tr_Fatih_Cx

  • GrahamCracker 10 months ago

    I like parrots better I even named him JeffLit red blue green one

  • carnage gamer 10 months ago

    I don’t have tu54 update for PS4

  • SeanDaSneasel 10 months ago

    i prefer the parrots

  • SuperNut98 10 months ago

    I’m trying to find a seed with at least one Woodland Mansion and a jungle. Why is it so hard? 🙁

  • Michael Granger 10 months ago

    check out my friend itsgamerkid31 channel

  • Crazy Americans 10 months ago

    we’re dual weilding

  • ibxwood20 is a great seed

  • jonathan mukahanana 10 months ago

    c’mon toycat

  • Mehhem B 10 months ago

    10:25 that village dang

  • Grandimations 10 months ago

    When will they fix maps? I
    They’re only functional on Classic sized worlds. (864×864)

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