Welcome to the Negative Challenge. In this series I have to complete


  • Stampy unless I’m mistake nether mobs spawn rates are not affected by light because everything is on fire already.

  • I’m Gay 1 month ago

    I’m flapping to you👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Guna R-K 1 month ago

    Stampy did not see the netherwart on the cliff.

  • Eli Bergman 1 month ago

    look Stampy. you have refused to look at the comments so far so this is my last complaint. Potatoes arent vegetables or fruit.

  • Starpilot3000 1 month ago

    Why does it say the game is Minecraft: Story Mode?

  • oh, hey 1 month ago


  • Vinodp Persaud 1 month ago

    If use axe on endermen it won’t teleport

  • Toby Brundin 1 month ago

    At one point stampy called the totem of undying a untotem of dying

  • Sperculez Sperculez 1 month ago

    Hey stamps, instead of chasing an enderman have him chase you by looking at him.

  • Lizzy 1 month ago

    5:44 did anyone catch the wither skeleton that walked by behind the fence?

  • You tuber Sister Prangle 1 month ago

    Love the description

  • Vampire_ Rulz 1 month ago

    Maybe it’s because your following it during day?

  • Logan Baker 1 month ago

    Hey Stampy long time i have not seen your videos. I have been watching since 2016 maybe even 2015 anyways i been watching for a long time i love your videos keep it up!

  • Hey stampy maybe you Can play more terraria

  • Lego Tube 1 month ago


  • Annoyed Baller 1 month ago

    Oh hi I remember 2015

  • Caoimhe Loves you tube 1 month ago

    I’m way better at Minecraft

  • NICHOLAS CHEN 1 month ago

    Who is hit the target and the other people in your world?

  • Madison Garver 1 month ago

    I think the plan you made is good but I have never found 2 fortress in one nether.

  • Dog Lover238 1 month ago

    Wait i just realized that this is episode 13 and it’s the negative challenge

  • DragonPixelsMC 1 month ago

    it looks so nice when its inverted when the colors are inverted

  • Peyton Pennington 1 month ago

    you can enchant it with enchanted books and anvils.

  • Naomi Gold 1 month ago

    hey stamps, enderman don’t teleport, if you watch the game theorist video on it, it turns out they just run REALLY fast xD

  • TheRedstoneEnderman 1 month ago

    You can get diamond tools in end city chests. So you’re not stuck with iron “meh” tools.

    Edit: Unfortunately, you have to kill the ender dragon which you can do after the “get defeated by the ender dragon” challenge

  • jannet solis 1 month ago

    In my world they don’t drop a blaze rod

  • dan zhu 1 month ago

    I wish stampy did squid

  • ThePhoenixKey 24 1 month ago

    Arblo abuses purple monkeys hanging onto pizza 🙁

  • CommanderX824 1 month ago

    Hey stampy upload your lovely world so we can download it

  • Adam Smith 1 month ago

    hey go to the endcity
    once you complete the lose a battle against Ender dragon

  • The Slime Diamond 1 month ago

    I watched it on my phone and inverted the screen coloura

  • Chavapa 1942 1 month ago


  • Sarah Parry 1 month ago

    PLEASE PLAY Terraria again don’t give it up defeat Duke Rishton PLEASE

  • Hiba Masoud 1 month ago

    I watched your videos for about four years,and I still love them.I hope you do more series in the future!

  • Eplayer 3003 1 month ago

    You can also Trade for a diamond sword;)

  • Caca Master123 1 month ago

    Stampy does this mean that grumpy cat is happy

  • VROOM TUBER YT44 1 month ago

    Nice video stampy

  • Mad Tomato 1 month ago

    Stop playing Minecraft

  • Kasen Holt 1 month ago

    So now does he only need to lose 6 levels?

  • Kasen Holt 1 month ago

    He wouldn’t die so much if he packed a bow.

  • Grace Smith 1 month ago

    Give up and find another

  • Adalis Fernandez 1 month ago

    I noticed he got the skull

  • LittleEinsteinFan 37294910329 1 month ago

    It’s nice to watch this with the new dark theme on YouTube!

  • blastomite gamer Charlie Williams 1 month ago


  • Lightning Pizza 1 month ago

    There might be a other part of the nether fortress and you can’t see it

  • Xie Jerry 1 month ago

    High contrast mode is bad for your eyes I think. But good job

  • Laurence Cartlidge 1 month ago

    I made a never portal 4times and go lost and lost 43 diamonds

  • Katie Isabelle 1 month ago

    That noise at 12:34 tho

  • Kara Persello 1 month ago

    You should do a teaming up challenge in battle mode.

  • Sumopandaman 1 month ago

    THE VIDEO CAN’T END NEUTRAL IT HAS TO END NEGATIVELY!!!! Wait I guess it did end negatively because it ended neutrally.. that confusing.. 🙂

  • suleman izyan 1 month ago

    I love vids so much

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